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  1. Great deals here, John at AA makes the cleanest acrylic tanks in the business, hands down.
  2. Setting up Calcium Reactor - PH

    It should definitely be higher in the reactor if the co2 is not running. Calcium carbonate is a basic compound.
  3. WTB: 24" T5

    Ha, it's 18" wide.
  4. WTB: 24" T5

    I have an 8x24w Powermodule if you are interested. I may be open to a trade depending on what leds you have. PM for details.
  5. Busted Skimmer Pump - Need Suggestions

    Your may need a new impeller as well if it was run for any length of time with that busted shaft. The ID of the impeller will get all chewed up and it won't spin smoothly.
  6. WTR: Any light system for SPS

    I have a 8x24w Powermodule if you are interested. Also, if you could get your hands on a D120 or other "chinese black box", that should keep a tank that size doing fine until you get your normal lights back. Your might be wise to get a PAR meter and at least attempt to to match lighting intensity when you make the swap.
  7. Foam during new tank start up

    I would be more worried about the PVC that has jb weld on it. Depending on the location, I would not trust jb weld to seal PVC, especially if you have nice flooring in your house.
  8. Hello!

    Welcome to PNWMAS, this is one of the finest clubs around. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and generous folks here.
  9. Calcium reactor fitting

    Also, a needle valve on the effluent will clog up pretty fast. IMO, the best choice for metering CaRx effluent is a peristaltic pump.
  10. Calcium reactor fitting

    Brass is a no go on a reef. Especially on a calcium reactor with depressed pH.
  11. Do you glue plumbing under bulkhead?

    Is this the drain to the sump? If you're dead set on using a hard line (pvc pipe) for your drain, you can place a union on it to allow for removal of the sump. I usually put a barbed fitting on mine and then run a soft (clear or black vinyl tubing) drain line to the sump.
  12. How many gallons?

    That's a CFL pentagon, they came in several sizes: https://www.ageofaquariums.biz/product/corner-pentagon-acrylic-aquarium/
  13. Suggestion - add location to classified titles

    I agree, 9/10 that's the first question in the thread.
  14. I like sticks

    What's for sale Tom?
  15. New to Saltwater, starting 90 gal

    Do you currently have your live rock in saltwater with a pump running in it? The rock looks dried out in the photo you posted.
  16. 125 setup

    Looks like a 120g, are the dimensions 4x2x2'?
  17. Joined the Ocean Revive Club... Finally!

    Nice retro! Isn't Ocean Revive a sponsor of the club? Would be awesome if we could work out a deal for supporting members.
  18. Best way to scrape sps off bare bottom?

    If the razor blade or credit card doesn't work, you might try squirting some water under it if you can get under it with a needle/syringe. I worked with telescope optics years ago and compressed air or the syringe trick was a good way to separate glass that got stuck to a polishing lap or another piece of glass apart.
  19. Red Sea E-170 lower sump

    I don't know about a turf scrubber, but I grew chaeto like crazy with just a 23w CFL in a clamp on socket/reflector from HD or Lowes.
  20. Cutting holes in glass

    Did you use water?
  21. Spring cleaning sale!

    Dimensions of sump and location?
  22. 5lbs CO bottle cost

  23. WTB - 24 inch ATI

    I have an old style (no leds) 8x24w Powermodule I could let go for the right price. Pm me for pics if you are interested.
  24. Drilling

    If possible, drill starting from the inside. This way if you do get a tiny clamshell in the glass at the end of the hole it will be on the nut side instead of the gasket side.
  25. Drilling

    Don't drill that tank! 55g is a weird tank in that it is one of the only standard sized tanks that has tempered glass on all 5 panels. Edit: Best to test it before you drill: