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  1. Snail eggs?

    Looks like nerite eggs. I've had them in freshwater and they lay eggs like it's going out of style.
  2. ritz eclipse

  3. Rainbows are taking ova my sump!

    trip out man
  4. ReeFi LED info

    I agree, Daniel's lights are a a deal and a half. Planning on running ReeFi on my next build.
  5. Can't raise magnesium

    Maybe your test kits or your testing methods are bad. Have you tried taking a bag of the salt that you think is bad to CNC and have them mix up a small batch and test to rule out the salt?
  6. Reefscaping 101

    This is great article on reefscaping I wanted to share. https://www.fish-etc.com/aquascaping-main/on-the-rocks-how-to-build-a-saltwater-reefscape
  7. Can't raise magnesium

    Too weird, I gotta know. Either something weird with your water or you got a bad batch of salt. Please keep us posted!
  8. So....how hot did everyone's tank get this week?

    I got up to 85.7 on Thursday. It gets super hot in my garage, but my clip on fan kept it from getting too ridiculously hot.
  9. Can't raise magnesium

    Did you use calibration solution, or did you calibrate to zero using freshwater?
  10. Can't raise magnesium

    How did you calibrate your refractometer? http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-12/rhf/index.php#11
  11. Can't raise magnesium

    Sounds like you might not have enough salt in your mix. What is your specific gravity and what are you using to test it?
  12. Stylaster 312 gallon SPS reef

    Whoa, that's nice. Gives new meaning to "reef tank".
  13. WTB Spare RO Canister Replacement

    I got one you can have. Do you need the lid? The one I have has a hole drilled in the lid where the air release was.
  14. WTB Styrene "egg crate"

    White or black, closer to Albany the better. Thanks!
  15. WTB Styrene "egg crate"

    Thanks guys!
  16. How to successfully keep SPS Corals!

    Stability Promotes Success
  17. Complete 75 gal reef for sale $1,500

    I'm interested in the lights when you decide to part it out.
  18. WTB Yellow Tang.

    One gallon per inch, it's all good.
  19. Please Read - Helping Mike Foote

    I have a one gallon container of that fancy BRS carbon I can donate.
  20. Free RBTAs

    I'll take one if you're able to shake one loose.
  21. RBTAs FS Cheap!

    I'm pretty far from you, Albany OR.
  22. RBTAs FS Cheap!

    Can you ship?
  23. Chiller help

    I think that's a peltier style chiller, if the fan is not working it might automatically shut off. I'd like to tear into it if you plan on throwing it away, let me know. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoelectric_cooling
  24. Ecoplus 1/4 HP Chiller - $150

    That's a screaming good deal for a 1/4hp chiller. I've paid almost double that for a used 1/10hp.