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  1. SCA - Tanks and PNP Systems

    I have no affiliation to SCA, I have bought from him in the past and currently run one of their 66g. I am considering their 150g for my next build. I wanted to share, because these are very nice tanks for the price. http://www.scaquariums.com/SCA-150-Gallon-Starfire-Tank-p/sca-150g.htm
  2. Torch dying ?

    It might be expelling zooxanthellae, aka “pooping”. Have you seen any brown stringy stuff? Sometimes happens if the lighting has been changed.
  3. SCA - Tanks and PNP Systems

    Deal of the day on the 150g is on, $800 shipped! http://www.scaquariums.com/dealoftheday.asp
  4. “dreading having to do a maintenance day” and nanos don’t mix well. You might want to look into some form of nutrient export or get more regular with the water changes.
  5. Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    Look good man, check on that scrubber I think it’s only good for smaller tanks. I just fired up a blob of chaeto in my sump, maybe consider that instead of a scrubber. That center section of the trigger sump would probably work good for a chaeto spot.
  6. Lighting

    I’d be willing to bet a pinky that it isn’t your lighting. Tell us a little more about your tank and water parameters.
  7. Who do you root for, Maxspect or Apex?

    To be fair, my experience with gyres is limited to the first generation, maybe the new ones are better, I don’t know.
  8. Opae ula vase

    I have mine in a 1/2 gallon mason jar. I just top off with ro/di. I tried clado, Java ferns, and other brackish tolerant plants, none of them lasted for me. Only the green algae growing on the substrate has lasted.
  9. Opae ula vase

    If the lid is keeping evaporation down, it is also limiting gas exchange. This means the difference in keeping them alive for a year or two vs. keeping them going for up to twenty years. I’ve had mine for six years.
  10. Who do you root for, Maxspect or Apex?

    I can’t speak to Neptune WAVs, but Gyres are garbage. You might as well get Jebao and replace them every year when they fail. Get a couple MP40s and call it a day.
  11. WTB Skimmer (20-40 ish gallon range)

    Yeah, I’m open to that. You got PM.
  12. WTB Skimmer (20-40 ish gallon range)

    I have an SCA 301 buried in the garage, let me know if you are interested and I’ll dig it out.
  13. Opae ula vase

    You should keep the lid off for gas exchange. Those sealed vases (ecosphere) are basically a death chamber for Opaes.
  14. Anyone near Albany have some clean chaeto I could get a hunk of?
  15. 48" Giesemann Aurora

    How old, condition, pics?
  16. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    I got another way to put a hole in that pipe. Make a ceramic plug that closely fits the ID of the pipe. The top of the plug is cut on a 45. Place thermite in the void created by the angle cut in the top of the plug. Wrap the thermite section in foil so it stays put for the ride down. You’ll have a length of magnesium wire in the thermite to ignite it with wires and a power source up top. Lower the whole thing down into the pipe and let it rip. Probably want to do a test run on a section of similar pipe to get the mass of thermite and ceramic plug geometry right.
  17. Happy Birthday Bicyclebill !!!!

    Happy birthday, I think I met you once!
  18. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    I like it, reminds me of my old frag setup, “da grouch”.
  19. Good afternoon

    Welcome to PNWMAS Carla, your tanks look great!
  20. Blue led strip

    I had the xtra bright reefbrites (the black ones), I was not impressed by the brightness. Seemed on par (pun intended) with a t5ho.
  21. Ocean Revive hanging cable help'

    You can get those little crimpies at a bicycle shop too, that one on 1st street downtown Albany would have them.
  22. RO/DI Problems

    Are you running a carbon block? Also what is the chlorine residual of the raw water? Chlorine and chloramines will tear up a membrane in a hurry.
  23. 1000 gallon system!

    Get the 40b and call it a day. You fix that leak in the acrylic and another one springs up, no bueno.
  24. MP10 wet side not staying put!

    That's about double what they can do, 3/8" or 10mm is about the limit.