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  1. xmas_one

    Golden basket overload

    Sounds like a plan, thanks.
  2. xmas_one

    Golden basket overload

    Boo, I liked it better with the flood. If I have to go hunting through sponsor threads and normal threads I’m not going to do it and not going to see it.
  3. ATI also made a 10x39w Powermodule, would be nice on your tank.
  4. xmas_one

    Golden Basket Auction - Sunbelt Favia

    Awesome, thanks Rudy. PM sent.
  5. xmas_one

    ATO container

    That’s pretty small for an ATO, what size tank is this for?
  6. xmas_one

    Golden Basket Auction - Sunbelt Favia

  7. xmas_one

    Golden Basket Reef Dream Frags

  8. xmas_one

    Back in the game: 125 Reef (re)build!

    Very nice, one of my favorite tanks in the club!
  9. xmas_one

    What salt do you use

    Instant Ocean at 1.024. However, I do see the merits in running “hot” salts with the extra alk and ca on nanos where you are not controlling levels with dosing.
  10. xmas_one

    Titration test for KH

    Thanks for the bump, I hadn’t seen any of these threads back then.
  11. xmas_one

    200 gallon starfire tank/stand/sump/pump/misc

    That’s a heck of a deal, awesome dimensions.
  12. xmas_one

    Evergrow IT2080 LED

  13. xmas_one

    For Sale: Metal Halide bulbs

    USPS parcel select. Probably be like $8. I can PayPal you $20 to cover the hassle of shippping.
  14. xmas_one

    For Sale: Metal Halide bulbs

    I have a 175w setup, can you ship to Albany?
  15. xmas_one

    100 micron mesh filter socks.

    I’ll put 5 on the shipping and buy 5 bags.
  16. xmas_one

    Opae ula vase

    Looking good! You guys are inspiring me to start a bigger setup for mine, maybe a UNS cube with a led light and a bubbler.
  17. xmas_one

    Why is the reef tank not depleting calcium?

    Maybe your test kit is fubar, maybe something else. I would suggest just firing up the reactor and monitoring alk. The calcium will be there if the reactor is keeping the alk consistent. 30g is kind of small for a reactor, have you considered dosing two part with a doser?
  18. Looking for a quiet return pump, 500-700 gph.
  19. xmas_one

    What do you do?

    I’m a civil engineer that specializes in water and wastewater. The bulk of my time is spent engineering water and wastewater treatment plants and distribution/collection systems for <10,000 population cities throughout the state of Oregon. I also do master planning and funding assistance for the same projects that I design.
  20. xmas_one

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas!
  21. xmas_one

    Please help identify

    My buddy watched one eat a hermit crab shell and all.
  22. xmas_one

    Please help identify

    Looks like a ball nem.