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  1. On a mission

    Welcome to PNWMAS, this is a great club with great folks. Some of the best club meetings I've ever been to as well.
  2. cichlid forums/ groups

    I have good luck selling fish to LFSs. Usually, they will give you a better deal if you take store credit instead of cash.
  3. Hello from Pacific Island Aquatics!

    Awesome, this is great news!
  4. Where can I buy these, locally?

    Might be easier to just cut those connectors off and then wirenut the wires back together. Wrap it afterward with some electrical tape to keep it from corroding.
  5. Vodka dosing.

    I did it for a while years ago. The tank was small so ideally I should have just been doing water changes for nutrient removal. Can you tell us about your system and what you want to achieve with carbon dosing?
  6. Anyone selling a nuvo setup?

    I think I saw a 10g on nano-reef recently.
  7. Water flow wizard

    The wizard says, "you need more flow".
  8. warpaint scoly - green ring

    My warpaint is developing an iridescent green ring. Thought I'd share, apologies in advance for the potato pic.
  9. Turquoise mushrooms

    Do you have a rock with a few small ones on it?
  10. Turquoise mushrooms

    I think the first sentence sealed the fate of this sales thread.
  11. SCA - Tanks and PNP Systems

    I have no affiliation to SCA, I have bought from him in the past and currently run one of their 66g. I am considering their 150g for my next build. I wanted to share, because these are very nice tanks for the price. http://www.scaquariums.com/SCA-150-Gallon-Starfire-Tank-p/sca-150g.htm
  12. Sick Montipora

    One thing you do not want to do is "drop phosphate to zero". Stable, high phosphate levels are much better than going from 0.1 to zero every time you put in fresh phosgard. You may want to use half as much phosgard and swap it out twice as often. It could be a million other things too, but from your description that's what I would fix first.
  13. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Put me on the list. I'd be happy to help out.
  14. Gimme a shout when you are ready, I'm in Albany and would not mind kicking a few frags your way.
  15. Snail eggs?

    Looks like nerite eggs. I've had them in freshwater and they lay eggs like it's going out of style.
  16. ritz eclipse

  17. Rainbows are taking ova my sump!

    trip out man
  18. ReeFi LED info

    I agree, Daniel's lights are a a deal and a half. Planning on running ReeFi on my next build.
  19. Can't raise magnesium

    Maybe your test kits or your testing methods are bad. Have you tried taking a bag of the salt that you think is bad to CNC and have them mix up a small batch and test to rule out the salt?
  20. Reefscaping 101

    This is great article on reefscaping I wanted to share. https://www.fish-etc.com/aquascaping-main/on-the-rocks-how-to-build-a-saltwater-reefscape
  21. Can't raise magnesium

    Too weird, I gotta know. Either something weird with your water or you got a bad batch of salt. Please keep us posted!
  22. So....how hot did everyone's tank get this week?

    I got up to 85.7 on Thursday. It gets super hot in my garage, but my clip on fan kept it from getting too ridiculously hot.
  23. Can't raise magnesium

    Did you use calibration solution, or did you calibrate to zero using freshwater?