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  1. xmas_one


    Come and get it in Albany. $0.00 OBO
  2. xmas_one

    ATO Pump Suggestion

    I’m cheap, try an aqualifter. If one doesn’t work, two in series will for sure.
  3. xmas_one

    Thanks xmas_one

    Hey, can I borrow your truck? haha, just kidding
  4. xmas_one

    Mechanical sump options

    I would not be concerned about bubbles.
  5. xmas_one

    Majestic Angel in gangland

    Put the Achilles in the hole (sump) for a few weeks and then reintroduce, then he’ll be the “fish”.
  6. xmas_one

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Radium 250w, best heaters available.
  7. xmas_one

    CNC TFT AUCTION ! #2 Rainbow Acan

    Dang, that was a killer piece!
  8. xmas_one

    Free Washer and Dryer - Members Only

    Close enough for me, deal.
  9. If you are not a member, get with it and get a free working washer and dryer from a member of the best club on the left coast!
  10. xmas_one

    WTB: pump for water changes

    Harbor Freight
  11. xmas_one

    WTB Refractometer

    Looking for a refractometer in or close to Albany. I lost mine in a move and I need to make water to move my tank! Thanks in advance
  12. xmas_one

    WTB Refractometer

    Thanks guys! I’m gonna grab Ryan’s. Thanks Nick for the offer, I appreciate it!
  13. xmas_one

    ROCK(Albany, corvallis, salem)

    Sounds good
  14. xmas_one

    ROCK(Albany, corvallis, salem)

    I have some rock too in Albany.
  15. xmas_one


    That’s a badass pit.
  16. xmas_one

    Wanted anenomes.

    I think there was a guy in Keizer that has nems from time to time.
  17. xmas_one

    Can rapid growth cause color fade?

    Alk and Ca too high, nutes too low.
  18. xmas_one


    I’m pretty sure with the classic there is nothing you cannot do without the display. A while back my Apex went sideways on me and I couldn’t find the stupid display. I was able to fix it without.
  19. xmas_one

    Looking for a ~40g for my daughter

    Someone was giving away a 55g acrylic a minute ago.
  20. xmas_one

    Free 55 gallon acrylic tank

    These make great frag tanks. Cut it down to 6” tall with a circular saw.
  21. xmas_one

    GFO Impact on pH

    I’ve noticed the same thing. If I remember right, the iron acts as a nucleation point for calcium carbonate precipitation. You would also see a drop in Ca and Alk. I also had carbonate build up on everything in my sump when I was running GFO, also my substrate was clumping. This is why I don’t like running GFO, it’s real easy to run too much and get your parameters swinging. Best to address why you have a nutrient problem rather than using a bandaid (GFO).
  22. xmas_one

    WTB ph probe

    Check out the lab grade ones from BRS.
  23. xmas_one

    Opae ula vase

    Jack, that looks like an ideal setup. I bet your shrimp are super happy.
  24. xmas_one

    CNC Auction #6 Rainbow Acan 1

  25. xmas_one

    Custom tank on FB

    http://www.scaquariums.com/product-p/sca-112gpnp.htm looks like an SCA