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  1. xmas_one

    Sps grow out contest?

    Why not just weigh them?
  2. xmas_one

    pH 8.6 to high?

    I wouldn’t even worry about it. You’re going to do more harm than good trying to chase an “ideal” number. Pay more attention to your alk and keeping it stable.
  3. xmas_one

    Anyone? Beuller... Beuller...

    I’ve zapped them with a 1.2W 445nm, it worked pretty good. Makes a satisfying sizzle sound.
  4. xmas_one

    OBD Custom 5ft 80g Tank/Stand

    I’m liking all that footprint and my elbows wouldn’t even get wet!
  5. xmas_one

    OBD Custom 5ft 80g Tank/Stand

    Bare bottom SPS with a 6 bulb ATI. Awesome dimensions!
  6. xmas_one

    T5 lighting.

    Try 3 blue pluses and one coral plus.
  7. xmas_one

    Where to buy Python type tubing?

    I’ve had good luck with “Lee” brand tubing.
  8. xmas_one

    My first torch...Too much flow or OK?

    Nice, Euphylia are so cool, one of my favorite LPS.
  9. xmas_one

    Salt Creep Removal

    Razor blade works for me.
  10. xmas_one

    Chaeto/Macro share

    Anybody near Albany have a clump of chaeto? Can trade zoas for it.
  11. xmas_one

    Zoa packs up for grabs. $100 each

    Super good deals here!
  12. xmas_one

    New to reefing -- Recently set up a Reefer XL 425

    Super impressed that this is your first build! Welcone to PNWMAS!
  13. xmas_one

    Uranium bounce split!

    Nice, that’s awesome!
  14. xmas_one

    who knows telescope

    Yep, that’s a Newtonian Reflector. Basically you fiddle with the three screws in the center of that smaller diagonal mirror (secondary) and the three screws on the bottom of the big mirror (primary) until everything looks concentric in the collimating eyepiece. There’s a ton of videos on YouTube that can walk you through it.
  15. xmas_one

    who knows telescope

    Is it a reflector?
  16. xmas_one

    53.4lbs of Pukani

    Measuring tape for scale, GLWS!
  17. xmas_one

    Need a tank with overflow asap

    get a 20 long and drill a hole in it.
  18. xmas_one

    High end TRIFECTA zoa pack

  19. xmas_one

    WTB Kessil

    I have a a150 ocean blue with gooseneck if you are interested PM.
  20. xmas_one

    Automotive Gurus

    Make sure your O2 sensor isn’t shorted out before you crawl further down the rabbit hole.
  21. xmas_one

    Waterbox Aquariums

    Looks like another hecho en chino outfit. Where are these tanks built?
  22. xmas_one

    Free cleaning out the garage

    The halides. If they are super heavy they are probably m80s. Does it say anything anywhere in them?
  23. xmas_one

    Free cleaning out the garage

    Are those M80 ballasts?
  24. xmas_one

    CNC Auction#4 : Red Speckle Zoanthids

    Finally got the time to frag these out last night. I figure most of the people that contacted me are in the Portland metro area. I think the best way to get them to you guys is to bring them all to one place and have that person hold them for the others. Anyone up there want to help out with this? Thanks for your patience!