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  1. Ocean Revive hanging cable help'

    You can get those little crimpies at a bicycle shop too, that one on 1st street downtown Albany would have them.
  2. RO/DI Problems

    Are you running a carbon block? Also what is the chlorine residual of the raw water? Chlorine and chloramines will tear up a membrane in a hurry.
  3. 1000 gallon system!

    Get the 40b and call it a day. You fix that leak in the acrylic and another one springs up, no bueno.
  4. MP10 wet side not staying put!

    That's about double what they can do, 3/8" or 10mm is about the limit.
  5. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Is this a riddle, or a real project? Maybe if you could tell us what he is trying to do it would be easier to come up with a solution. I don't see any way to cut holes in a 4" steel pipe 13' deep from the inside. How big do the holes need to be? Super sketchy, but the only way I can think you would be able to do this would be to lower a cutting torch into the pipe, you would have to rig it up so the blowback wouldn't burn the torch or the lines, only way I can think of other than a hand grenade, lol.
  6. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Sounds like it needs to be removed. What is he trying to do?
  7. 55G Acrylic DT, and 20G Long Sump Build

    Save up some coin and get yourself a proper overflow and a return pump.
  8. The operator at the water/wastewater plant said he has seen the tubing last anywhere from 9 months to three years, this is running 24/7.
  9. Brand New 75 gallon tanks - 75 bucks

    I talked to a guy at the Corvallis one and he said they were only doing it for 40g and smaller.
  10. Current marine reef led light 36”

    Anybody know this guy, I drove up from Albany and can't get ahold of him.
  11. I don't usually take pictures of my food, but BBQ is an exception. This was a Costco seasoned tri-tip. I quartered it for the slicer.
  12. Current marine reef led light 36”

    It's not letting me pm you. If you can do it for 60 I'll take it.
  13. WTB XL-XXL Live or Dry rock

    There was guy active on here a few months back from Gresham that had big chunks of dry rock. His user name was an airplane resigistrqtion number, N0571 or something like that.
  14. 2017 POTM Winners

    For real, he is killing it with the photos!
  15. 93 gallon acrylic cube FREE!!!

    Cut that sucker down to 6" tall, bam! frag tank.
  16. 200 gallon deep dimension

    I've seen some nice builds from these guys: http://www.oceansbydesign.com
  17. BBQ thread, what's on the grill?

    TJ tritip, I have the new thermometer and pulled it @ 130, I think I will pull at 125 next time. It was really good. Thanks spectra for the thermometer suggestion, makes a world of difference from the crummy analog one I've been using.
  18. Need some replacement lighting help.

    Pick up a black box, hard to beat for the price.
  19. Tank (Large) on "Silent Floor" Joists

    I wouldn't trust it without at least scabbing it and pier or jack supports. Those joists are not engineered for the type of loading you are planning on putting on it. Code calls for 40 psf, with the 300g, you are getting close to 200psf.
  20. 200 gallon deep dimension

    Steel stand?
  21. 200 gallon deep dimension

    This will go quick.
  22. Looking for 35 inch ai rail kit

    That picture was from a thread on RC. The guy in that thread said it was from Europe something something. Should be fairly easy to make though. Maybe @pdxmonkeyboy could help ya?
  23. Looking for 35 inch ai rail kit

    Are you looking to hang it, or fab something that screws onto the side plates of the ATI? I can see a slick solution made of acrylic that bolts onto the ATI side plates. I guess it depends on how high you want the lights.
  24. They make adjustable ones too, also you can swap out hose diameter for smaller flow rates.