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  1. I just gotta say, “are you sure you want to use GFO”? I have been there and done that, GFO does work, but I think there are better ways to keep phosphates in check.
  2. Here’s a bad comparison between blue and violet led flashlights on the same mushroom. The violet is the one that’s also “lighting up” the water.
  3. You should be able to find that at HD/Ace/Lowes.
  4. Curious to note the flow coming off of it was quite a bit more than with the cage, if I had to guess something short of double the flow.
  5. Haven’t had an mp40 fail like this until this morning:
  6. Nice, I’ve been flirting with running a reactor for years. I even have all the junk to make it go. Soon!
  7. Thanks, I’ll keep you guys posted!
  8. Picked up a cheapo 1m 24w strip of reds/blues off eBay, wrapped around a 1/2” aluminum tube and crammed it all in an old eheim heater. I’ll throw it in my tank tonight and see if it will grow some chaeto.
  9. What’s the IP rating on these? I’d be real interested if I was able to submerge it in one of the chambers on my AIO.
  10. That look like crazing on an old tank. Are you 100% sure that wasn’t there before the glow stick incident?
  11. Here’s the key phrase: ”mock-up before I glued“
  12. https://troutsnotes.com/uroctonus-mordax/ northwest forest scorpion aka U. mordax
  13. These flashlights are also super fun to light up scorpions at night in the desert. They glow really bright, and they are everywhere!
  14. I have a big frogspawn colony and a bigger hammer colony if you are interested. They are both about 8” across, the hammer is more round though.
  15. That’s pretty good customer service, I’m impressed. To be fair, I’ve had my share of issues with my apex, more often than not it’s related to net connection issues with my router, usually just resetting the connection gets me going again.
  16. When’s trash day in your neighborhood?
  17. For what it’s worth, I’ve ran standard aquarium airline (clear vinyl) for co2 on planted tanks since the early 90s, zero issues. I run straight co2 on my welding rig, same tubing, no worries.
  18. My best luck has been with chaeto too. Feed your fish the same amount everyday, and once every two weeks toss half of the blob of chaeto. ATS works, just kind of a PITA to harvest.
  19. Royal blue ones are pretty cool too, exciting different pigments.
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