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  1. xmas_one

    Salt mix preferences?

    Regular old Instant Ocean. It's very consistent. I dose 2-part, so I have no need for elevated level salt mixes.
  2. xmas_one

    Views on Test Kits

    I use Red Sea kits for Ca and alk, I had the same problem. I recently picked up a new toy that takes a great deal of the guesswork out of titration testing. https://sraquaristik.com/product/speed-test/Pretty expensive, but man it works great.
  3. xmas_one

    AI prime

    There's a black HD on nano-reef right now for $200 shipped, with the mounting arm.
  4. xmas_one

    Sea Side Aquatics Bubble Magnus Warranty - BEWARE!

    Did you try taking it back to the store you bought it from?
  5. xmas_one

    Drilling an established tank for a sump?

    If you decide to drill it make sure the panel you are drilling IS NOT tempered.
  6. xmas_one

    Wtt 24" t5 bulbs

    I have a frag plug covered in bam-bams if you are interested.
  7. xmas_one

    Matteo's College Upgrade

    Nice setup, keep an eye on that flame angel though. I had one that was cool at first and then turned into a terror overnight.
  8. Last time I was getting a zap with my hand in the sump it turned out to be an old Rio 2500 I was using in the garage as a return on a frag setup. Should be real easy to track down.
  9. xmas_one

    Apex and your wireless router

    Netgear, not "Better"
  10. xmas_one

    Apex and your wireless router

    I used a Better WN3000RP from Walmart, it works great, $40.