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  1. xmas_one

    What reef stuff did you get for Christmas?

    I gifted myself a nice rainbow acan from CF&C.
  2. M70 is a magnetic ballast specification for 70w bulbs. M80 is a magnetic ballast for 250w bulbs. Exactly what does it say on your ballasts?
  3. xmas_one

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!

    Happy Birthday!
  4. xmas_one


    This was near Tombstone Pass on 20 yesterday.
  5. xmas_one

    4th annual anniversary sale!

    That's an insane deal on those bounces. I gotta grab one. Congrats on the anniversary!
  6. xmas_one


    I've had good luck with the Via Aqua Titaniums.
  7. xmas_one

    Drilled my hole to big

    The holes you drilled in your tank should be the same size as the two holes in the outside overflow box. If the holes you drilled are a little bigger than the bulkhead it's not a big deal as long as the gaskets are making a seal. The seal is not made between the "neck" of the bulkhead and inside of the hole you drilled. The seal is made on the flat surfaces of the tank, gaskets, and the overflow boxes. Hope this helps.
  8. xmas_one

    Bulkhead dicussion

    Potato vs potato. Only problem with putting the flange on the dry side is that your threads are on the wet side and will get crusty.
  9. xmas_one

    Looking for some plumbing advice

    Go with one inch. I've done a herbie in 3/4 and it was not ideal. http://gmacreef.com/herbie-overflow-reef-tank-plumbing-method-basics/
  10. xmas_one

    Portland area LFS?

    I don't make it up to Portland very often. I am on vacation with my family in the gorge, and I'm looking to make a quick stop at a shop in the Portland area. I'm limited on time, so I'll only be able to see one shop. I was wondering if you guys could recommend a shop to check out. Thanks
  11. xmas_one

    Drilled my hole to big

    Wait a minute. You drilled 3" holes and they were supposed to be 2-7/8"? I don't think an eighth of an inch is going be an issue. Can you post a picture or two?
  12. xmas_one

    Portland area LFS?

    Thanks guys, I went to Cuttlefish and got a nice SPS pack from Jorge. Very nice shop, I'll be back.
  13. xmas_one

    Portland area LFS?

    Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it!
  14. xmas_one

    My Tonga Trip

    Thanks for sharing, looks like you had a great trip!
  15. xmas_one

    WTB 15 gallon (2x)

    I think dollar a gallon is still going on at petco too.
  16. xmas_one

    Salt mix preferences?

    Regular old Instant Ocean. It's very consistent. I dose 2-part, so I have no need for elevated level salt mixes.
  17. xmas_one

    Views on Test Kits

    I use Red Sea kits for Ca and alk, I had the same problem. I recently picked up a new toy that takes a great deal of the guesswork out of titration testing. https://sraquaristik.com/product/speed-test/Pretty expensive, but man it works great.
  18. xmas_one

    AI prime

    There's a black HD on nano-reef right now for $200 shipped, with the mounting arm.
  19. xmas_one

    Sea Side Aquatics Bubble Magnus Warranty - BEWARE!

    Did you try taking it back to the store you bought it from?
  20. xmas_one

    Drilling an established tank for a sump?

    If you decide to drill it make sure the panel you are drilling IS NOT tempered.
  21. xmas_one

    Wtt 24" t5 bulbs

    I have a frag plug covered in bam-bams if you are interested.
  22. xmas_one

    Matteo's College Upgrade

    Nice setup, keep an eye on that flame angel though. I had one that was cool at first and then turned into a terror overnight.
  23. Last time I was getting a zap with my hand in the sump it turned out to be an old Rio 2500 I was using in the garage as a return on a frag setup. Should be real easy to track down.
  24. xmas_one

    Apex and your wireless router

    Netgear, not "Better"