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  1. What are your other hobbies?

    Film photography, I have an M3, IIIf, R2M, two Bessa Ls, an F100, Yashica MAT124G, and a Rollei 2.8F. Shooting barebow recurve. I also like messing with cars, I’m in the middle of SASing an 86 Toyota.
  2. smart fish

  3. Nitrates!

    I would suggest not carbon dosing. Remove half of that chaeto weekly. Also API are probably the worst test kits you can use.
  4. Freshwater peeps?

    Been keeping planted tanks since about 1979, co2 tanks since 1989. Right now I only have a 20g, 5.5g and several emmersed setups. I find it very similar to reefkeeping, SPS (stability promotes success), as is life.
  5. Nice ricordea in stock

  6. Bear with me... I've been drinking.

    Ahh, I couldn’t find that thread, look up Borneman Surge Device.
  7. Bear with me... I've been drinking.

    There was a lengthy build thread on nanoreef about this. I think the guy on there was using the “tipping bucket” method to generate the waves. I’ll edit this post with a link if I can find it.
  8. Clear pvc cement

  9. Music calms the savage beast

    One of my favorite albums, I was 15 when this came out. Please post some of your favorite music in this thread.
  10. Music calms the savage beast

  11. Happy Birthday to Miles and Sasquatch!

    Happy Birthday! Try to get into some trouble !
  12. warpaint scoly - green ring

    My warpaint is developing an iridescent green ring. Thought I'd share, apologies in advance for the potato pic.
  13. warpaint scoly - green ring

  14. warpaint scoly - green ring

    Here’s an update under very different lighting.
  15. Well....crap! What a good day!

    Such nice dimensions, it’s a big tank, but not ridiculous.
  16. Tunze Fan Club: Top Picks We Know You'll ❤

    I shut it off to do a water change and it wouldn’t turn back on afterwards. I opened it up and the plastic covering the impeller was all cracked with rust all over the impeller magnet. I’m convinced this is why I had recently lost a bunch of SPS. Only place I could get a replacement was from the Tunze USA rep, it actually cost more than what I got it for, but he gave me a deal. I probably have about 2 years of use on it, I bought it secondhand and it and box and everything looked brand new. The guy said he only used it for a couple months.
  17. Tunze Fan Club: Top Picks We Know You'll ❤

    I signed out of the Tunze fan club when I had to drop $70 for a replacement impeller for my 1073.050.
  18. Music calms the savage beast

    Ok, last one. This is a masterpiece.
  19. Music calms the savage beast

    Ok, I got one more. This is another top five for me:
  20. Music calms the savage beast

    Ok last one
  21. Music calms the savage beast

    My brothers dragged me to a show when I was like 10
  22. Music calms the savage beast

    That’s badass, I like it.