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  1. xmas_one

    SPS Issues

    Not supposed to mix RSCP for more than an hour or two. Check out their online manual.
  2. xmas_one

    SPS Issues

    If you’re buying sps frags from a shop that has them in a frag tank with t5s three feet off the water and you’re throwing them in your tank right under leds that are pinging 350 at the coral, that’s gonna be a problem. I think that might be more of your problem than a rusty clamp. Just a thought.
  3. xmas_one

    SPS Issues

    Why are your nitrates so high? Do you have a crazy high fish loading? Is your testing accurate? I would strongly advise against carbon dosing on a tank that new and small in volume, been there done that. Do you have a build thread, can you post a picture of your tank and sump?
  4. 80+ heads on this, shoot me an offer.
  5. 50+ heads on this thing, shoot me an offer!
  6. Take a look at it an hour after your lights go off.
  7. I ran the 4 bulb over a frag setup years ago, awesome lights.
  8. Trying to resist, must not add to hoard.
  9. Located in Albany, open to trades.
  10. Located in Albany, open to trades too.
  11. Basically, there is no correct answer. I could put a Chinese black box of green leds above your tank and increase your perceived PAR to 2000(the meter is dumb and will read 532nm green as PAR), but this would do zero for plants or corals and look ugly as hell. PUR is phontsynthetically useable radiation, there’s no PUR meter, because it’s different for everything. My point is you can not use a PAR meter to dictate your lighting choices. “My corals aren’t doing good, PAR meter says I need moar PAR.” Not a good way of doing things. Water quality/stability in my opinion is a much more worthwhile obsession. Take a look at guys tanks online that are obsessed about lighting, that should tell you a bit about how important reef lighting is.
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