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  1. I’d suggest looking at Spectrapure before you pull the trigger on that Aquaticlife.
  2. Not my tank, thought someone might be interested: https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/hsh/d/rimless-90-gallon-reef-aquarium/6887189824.html
  3. I’m enjoying the juxtaposition of using an Airbus 380 as a canvas for environmental marketing.
  4. That fab work looks super nice! Can’t wait to see the tank!
  5. Thank you to all of our Veterans, and most importantly, to those who paid the ultimate price, thank you.
  6. Does anyone have confirmation of specific zoas/palys that have that “super-death” juice?
  7. xmas_one

    Chiller Sizing?

    If you only need to drop a couple degrees, look into fans. I ran two clip on fans on a ~100 gallon system in a hot garage (peaking at 90+ degrees) last summer and was able to keep it under 84 degrees no problem. Helps if you have an Apex to control the fans.
  8. Is that the infamous TLF “tank-crasher” nori clip?
  9. Try putting it somewhere more permanent. I’ve seen euphyllia look shrunk up and crappy like that just because once they start to open up the flow will make it wiggle and it stay small. Wedge it in some of your live rock and see if that helps.
  10. Try shooting through polarized sunglasses.
  11. Yeah, tear it down and ditch those lenses. That’s the hot ticket for black boxes too.
  12. I doubt that pipe needs to be clear. Probably get the same effect with a piece of 4” abs.
  13. @Ron had a Rubbermaid tub for super cheap a while back.
  14. Wow, even the frag plug looks awesome!
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