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  1. I think I have a bigger Sicce kicking around in the garage somewhere.
  2. Test your nitrate, if it’s zero then that’s most likely cyano. Especially with the oxygen bubbles in it. Fun fact, cyano is actually not an algae, but a photosynthetic bacteria. These guys are also thought to be responsible for the early oxygenation of our atmosphere.
  3. Saw another thread where the guy was saying he just mixes it up with twice as much water as it calls for and has no issues.
  4. Man, you guys are making it hard to stay away.
  5. I just saw a thread on R2R, a guy was suggesting dosing alk straight into the ATO line off a tee, seems like a smart solution. That or just dose into the ATO instead.
  6. Anybody have a trick way of keeping their dosing tubes from clogging up? I seem to run into this problem with the tubing submerged and with an air gap. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Put the emergency pipe just below the surface of the sump water level.
  8. xmas_one


    This is a great deal, surprisingly it hasn’t been swooped up! I think I paid 600 for mine years ago.
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