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  1. I thought this was pretty slick how he used magnetic coupling through the glass like an MP.
  2. Tank is 12” wide and 15” front to back. PM me if you have something that might work. Thanks
  3. Cross draw holster for your refractometer.
  4. Spectracide Stump Remover is KNO3.
  5. Gotta follow the directions with this “enhanced” salt.
  6. This would be awesome up high over a big frag tank.
  7. I read the heck out of his articles back in the day on wetwebmedia. He was a great writer, reading his articles felt like BSing with an old buddy. I never met him, but I felt like I knew him. RIP Bob.
  8. Best pieces you will find are from Tom Barr. I’m not entirely sure he is still selling, but it is worth looking into. Locally I’ve seen manzanita up near the entrance to the PCT along HWY 20. I’m planning on setting up a 48x24x16 soon, let me know if you find a source or can confirm that Tom is still selling.
  9. Is it on carpet? Sometimes when the front is lower than the back it’s because the back is sitting on the tack strip they put down usually right close to the wall.
  10. 4 would work for low light stuff, 6 for mixed. I’d go with the 6. https://www.atinorthamerica.com/lighting/sunpower/
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