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  1. What are your other hobbies?

    Film photography, I have an M3, IIIf, R2M, two Bessa Ls, an F100, Yashica MAT124G, and a Rollei 2.8F. Shooting barebow recurve. I also like messing with cars, I’m in the middle of SASing an 86 Toyota.
  2. Nitrates!

    I would suggest not carbon dosing. Remove half of that chaeto weekly. Also API are probably the worst test kits you can use.
  3. Freshwater peeps?

    Been keeping planted tanks since about 1979, co2 tanks since 1989. Right now I only have a 20g, 5.5g and several emmersed setups. I find it very similar to reefkeeping, SPS (stability promotes success), as is life.
  4. Nice ricordea in stock

  5. Bear with me... I've been drinking.

    Ahh, I couldn’t find that thread, look up Borneman Surge Device.
  6. Bear with me... I've been drinking.

    There was a lengthy build thread on nanoreef about this. I think the guy on there was using the “tipping bucket” method to generate the waves. I’ll edit this post with a link if I can find it.
  7. Clear pvc cement

  8. Music calms the savage beast

  9. Happy Birthday to Miles and Sasquatch!

    Happy Birthday! Try to get into some trouble !
  10. warpaint scoly - green ring

  11. warpaint scoly - green ring

    Here’s an update under very different lighting.
  12. Well....crap! What a good day!

    Such nice dimensions, it’s a big tank, but not ridiculous.