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  1. Thank you for the answer, I read that. Just thought you are doing anything else for maintenance. That's amazing. What is your water parametrs are? Did you ever dose bacterias treatment, as example Microbacter 7, FM Bakto Blend, FM Bakto Therapy or similar? I'm keeping my 90G Reef with no WC for more then two years, last 8months try to keep sps's. But I'm dosing vinegar to keep low level of PO4 and NO3. How often do you do the filter socks changes? Your fishes are amazing too. How do you keep tangs, UV sterilaser or Ozonaizer, or any other secret? Thank you! Хорошего рифа!
  2. Absolutely amazing Reef! My congratulations. What is a maintenance of this Reef please? Хорошего рифа!
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