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  1. Looks like a war coral favia on the bottom.
  2. Ive got a 20 long. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/topic/44149-20-gallon-long-custom-light/
  3. What are they favia? Maze brain? I should get in on this... but sweepers...
  4. There is no chance ill get there. Im in keizer. But work in tigard. But id be willing to drop it off somewhere. I dont see it going anywhere quickly
  5. Thank you. Its just taking up space here. Its not the greatest or newest. But it is capable or growing corals. This is my last picture of my tank from 3 years ago before i switched to my current light. I kept zoas, eyphillas, montis, Btas.
  6. Hi guys, I dont think this is worth much, but it was my first light, works over a 24" to 30" tank. Id be willing to donate it to the teachers or the club
  7. I was at petco keizer and can confirm $1/gal there. But i dont know for how long. I bet a phone would give you an answer
  8. @Exodus was selling an IM 10 for $50 the wife told me no
  9. Im up in keizer, but I work in the metro so i hit up upscales in tualatin, in addition to all things and premium. Fair price is pretty objective. Ive noticed the more your in a shop talking to the "guys" the better insight of shipments and maybe the better prices you get.
  10. Fluval Marine/reef LED - Free to tanks for teachers? $20 for led light and power cord, no hanging kit. It does have expanding legs that sat on the rim if a 20 long. So 24-30" T5s are gone.
  11. Ac20 with IceProbe. The control cover case is broken, it still slips over of board, but doesnt stay in place $40 - make me an offer
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