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  1. Spectras 100

    So what Christmas present do you have for me. I'll be around Christmas day... "shitters full"
  2. Spectras 100

    [language filter] I forgot to go inside and check this out again
  3. PNWMAS December Meeting!

    Goodness! I'm in the driveway... be there in a few minutes
  4. PNWMAS December Meeting!

    Do I need to know a secret handshake? This will be my first meeting. And I'm dragging the old lady down... she love the pizza and beer too. She tolerates the fish
  5. PNWMAS December Meeting!

    I'm going to head over soon. Need to order my pizza
  6. Spectras 100

    Where are we partying at your house? I need a drink and games and away from home
  7. Anybody free this afternoon?

    Did you get it all figured out? Personally it seems super simple to me. But, plan your attack. Everyone has there idea of how to pipe a tank... I'm a k.i.s.s. person. 1 return. 1 full siphon drain. 1 overflow drain
  8. chaeto near oregon city

    I have cheato in Salem area. Willing to give it to you. But won't be able to meet up until next weekend.maybe 2 chunks baseball size
  9. RTF's Oct update

    The bubble algea is growing better than anything else. Still 3 heads of sukura. And up 3 heads of the bastard zoa. Like 8 bubbles. My frag tank grows algea grew... not frags.
  10. 4 Sukura and 2 Blonde Hair [language filter]. So no massive growth but the bubble algea is growing nicely! Good luck my fellow reefers
  11. Not much to report. 4 heads sakura. 1 head for the hitchhiker. The plug us growing algea fantastic. The 4th head is under the single head on the left.
  12. Spectra is a scammer! I have cheeto. Lol. In salem. But i visit spectra often...
  13. Sakura Growout-Paratore

    You're playing within the spirit of the rules with the best frag... kick these guys' [language filter]'... I mean good luck. I'm already over the "rules"
  14. I just updated my original post. But where is this "official photo thread"