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  1. Corals: Where to Begin?

    Sounds great! We live in Central WA but I'm hoping once cherry harvest is done we can make a trip down to Portland to take my daughter to the zoo and get away! I'm not sure where you are located?
  2. Corals: Where to Begin?

    Also, thanks for the offer of a couple starter Frags. We are farmers, and so when cherry harvest is over I was hoping to take my daughter down to the Portland zoo as a little family break. Maybe we could stop by and bring some cherries as a thank you!
  3. Corals: Where to Begin?

    Thanks! I bought a coral dip yesterday and a reef test kit. I was also thinking of taking some water into my LFS so I could compare their results to mine and make sure I was testing correctly. I was looking at candy cane and hammer coral, so I'm glad I'm on the right track. I need something easy and not too expensive.
  4. Corals: Where to Begin?

    Thank you! I went to a local store and bought a reef test kit yesterday. I was looking at mostly softies since they appeared to be the most forgiving. I'm not set on a specific look though, because I didn't know what was reasonable with my current skill level. Haha. My current setup is what I purchased from Matty for my daughter's birthday. 30 gallon IM tank and stand. Nanobox mini light. Ghost skimmer, rotating spin nozzle and additional wavemaker.
  5. Corals: Where to Begin?

    In March I set up our tank, cycled and slowly added fish. Everything seems pretty stable and ready for corals. Opinions on where to start? Helpful resources? Any advice you wish you would have known starting out? Thanks in advance! I appreciate all the help I've received here! You all are awesome!
  6. Membership

    Thank you!!
  7. Membership

    Can someone point me in the direction of where I can pay for a family membership?
  8. Should it be this hard?

    I PM you.
  9. Looking to buy IM Nuvo 60

    Dang, I saw one on Craigslist a few weeks ago, but I can't find it now. If I come across it again, I'll send the link your way!
  10. WTB Tank and Equipment

    Thanks to Matty, I found my tank! Incredibly thankful and excited to get the tank cycling. This post can be taken down.
  11. A big THANK YOU

    Thank you! That is so generous! We are planning on taking her to the Portland zoo in about a month for a late bday thing, so maybe we could swing by on our way back home! She will be so excited to watch her tank grow!
  12. A big THANK YOU

    I have been struggling to find a tank and equipment in our price range for a long time. Found avenues, they fell thru. I registered for PNWMAS yesterday and have been amazed by the help and encouragement here! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much!
  13. Shout out to Matty

    How awesome and generous!
  14. WTB Tank and Equipment

    Thanks! Crossing my fingers and checking Craigslist daily! Haha
  15. Should it be this hard?

    I am from Central, WA. I was hoping to get a tank before my daughter's birthday, so I've been open to driving, so long as it's a time I can get help with my kiddo. Crossing my fingers! Thanks for the heads up!