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  1. Look forward to meeting you. What size tank are you setting up?
  2. Sean

    Thinking about adding a Wrasse. Inputs?

    I am down in Springfield and have a few wrasses left in stock right now and have more coming in on Monday.
  3. Sean

    Pit Boss Competition BBQ pellets

    Let me do a little research on them and I will let you know.
  4. Sean

    Pit Boss Competition BBQ pellets

    What are the ingredients in the pellets?
  5. Sean

    Welcome our newest sponsor!

    Welcome to the site.
  6. I have some but am down in Springfield. If anyone is headed up to Portland and wants to swing by and pick some up I will be happy to help.
  7. Yes I have fish and inverts in stock now along with some gorgonians. I am hoping to finish up the 3rd and 4th saltwater fish systems this weekend and then I will get started on the coral system. I hurt my shoulder a couple of weeks back so it has kept me from carrying tanks around, but I think I am good to go now and am anxious to get the rest of these tanks set up. Thanks, Sean
  8. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.
  9. Sean

    New store in springfield

    The name is The Fish Store
  10. Looking to buy live rock. Doesn't need to be pretty I just need to seed some bacteria to help start some aquariums
  11. Yes I have a video. I just need to get it downloaded off my camera and then I will post the link.
  12. I am hoping to get some time to put up the video sometime this week so that those people who couldn't make it can still watch it.
  13. Sean

    May 2016 Frag Swap

    I am going to be up for the event and don't have much to trade right now, but will be looking for things to buy. If anyone has any nice pulsing xenia I would love to get some. Also looking for Acropora millepora and Montipora capricornis (free of nudibranchs or course). I might be talked into other stuff as well. I do have a lot of freshwater fish I could trade if anyone has any non saltwater tanks they are looking to add new fish to and I have some amazing Bettas.
  14. I live down in Cottage Grove, but am up in the Eugene/Springfield area daily. Looking for some pulsing Xenia that pulses rapidly. Let me know how much you have and what you are wanting for it.