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  1. Hello all, I have been having some fun while the store has been closed with several orders coming in and also getting some much needed projects done. The first reef tank is plumbed and we will be able to start adding water today. The other excitement is we got a big saltwater order in with some unique fish and inverts. Below is a list. Yellow Watchman $15 Talbots Damsels $7 Bicolor Dottyback $12 Pistol Shrimp Naso Tang $35 Sailfin Tang $36 Blue Spotted Toby Puffer $24 Dwarf Lion $24 Ember Blenny $15 Blochii Tang $24 Christmas Wrasse $20 Vlamingi Tang $45 Orange Shoulder Tang $40 Sea Hare $18 Black Spine Urchin $21 Red Striped Trochus $2.50 Orange Tuxedo Urchin $18 Strawberry conch $14 Sally lightfoot crab $8 Electric Blue Hermit Crab $7 Sebae Anemone $24 Money Cowrie $3 Sand Star $8 Rainsford Goby $12 Orange Stripe Cardinal $12 Blue Tuxedo Urchin $18 Bangaii Cardinal $12 Exquisite fairy wrasse $26 Clown Tang $32 Checkerboard Wrasse $32 Female Squamipinnis Anthias $20 Falco Hawk $15 Clarkii Clown $14 Mandarin $18 Red Star $14 Nemo $12 Sexy Shrimp $7 Anemone Shrimp $7 Saron Shrimp $7 Valentini Puffer $21 Chocolate Chip Star $22 Maroon Clownfish $14 Green Feather Dusters $12 Pink and White Feather Dusters $10 Star Polyps $33 Blue Striped Toby Puffer $24 Blue Coral Banded Shrimp $14 Koran Angelfish $24 6 line Wrasse $15 Dog Face Puffer $39 Skunk Cleaner shrimp $30 Yellow Belly Damsel $7 Talbots Damsels $8 Lawnmower Blenny $10 Red Stripe Goby $11 Orange Spot Goby $14 Red Stripe Sleeper Goby $15 Red Coris Wrasse $12 Spotted Mandarin $12 Aurora Goby + shrimp pair $30 Tangaroa goby $15 Twin Spot Goby $14
  2. Want updates????

    I was hoping to go down to LA to cherry pick some stuff this week, but the weather wasn't the greatest so now I have an order coming in on Friday. We are closed for the holidays, but will be open again on Monday 1/2.
  3. Want updates????

    I was hoping to go down to LA to cherry pick some stuff this week, but the weather wasn't the greatest so now I have an order coming in on Friday. We are closed for the holidays, but will be open again on Monday 1/2.
  4. Buy 2 get 1 Free Sale

    Hello all, A couple of announcements. First we will not be open until 2:30 tomorrow 10/28 because I have to work my real job for a little while. Second and more exciting announcement is that Sunday and Monday we will have a Buy 2 get 1 Free Sale on all of our fish. Come in and take advantage of this great sale. Diagonally across from the downtown Springfield Post Office.
  5. Free Fish Food

    If you have been thinking of coming in now is a great time. We have a new brand of fish food that I brought it just because of my fishes reaction to the marine food. I was able to get some good sized samples so you should be able to get a few feedings out of it to try it out. The only catch is that you must purchase at least $10 of something from the store to receive a sample. This is just because I have a very limited amount of the samples so I want to make sure my customers get an opportunity to get the samples. The brand of food is Sera. It is a German Fish Food manufacturer that has been around for over 40 years and has highly specialized foods. I would highly recommend coming in to get a chance to try it.
  6. New order in on Monday

    IMG_0800 by Sean Furney, on Flickr
  7. New order in on Monday

    Springfield Oregon at 807 A St. It is diagonally across from the downtown post office.
  8. I have no idea how I ended up posting in this thread as I thought I had clicked on a different one. What I believe are Carpenter's flasher wrasses are exquisite. I am tempted to bring one of them home for my tank. I will try to get some video of them tomorrow.
  9. These wrasses are amazing. If you are looking for a fairy wrasse or a flasher wrasse you should really stop by. They are quite amazing. We also got some really nice sailfin and naso tangs in, some pistol shrimps that I have gotten paired up with yellow watchman gobies, some sea hares for those of you experiencing algae issues, and much more.
  10. New order in on Monday

    We have a lot of new fish and inverts coming in on Monday. This includes 8 different wrasses, including what should be some stunning fairy wrasses. We have 3 different varieties of pistol shrimp coming in and so much more. Come check it out. Tuesday or Wednesday I should also have some remarkable new marine food from Sera. They are a German company and when the rep was in the store he demoed this food and the fish loved it. I have never seen fish go after a food like this. We will post a video of the fish feeding when we get it.
  11. Thanks to everyone that voted. The charity that will receive the donation from the month of September is the Returning Veterans Project. Here is a link to their website https://www.returningveterans.org/ Please continue to come in on Wednesdays to support these great charities. We still have one Wednesday left and I would love to exceed last months donation. We will also have new fish and invertebrates in on Monday so there will be lots of great new things for you to choose from.
  12. Sorry couldn't figure out how to post links from my phone. Here are the links to the charities pages. http://fisherhouse.org/about/ https://www.returningveterans.org/ https://americanheroadventures.org/
  13. Hello all, We just posted a poll on our Facebook page with 3 worthy charities that we would be happy to donate the funds from Warrior Wednesday to. We will keep the poll open until 10/15 so please visit our page and vote. Don't forget to share the post with your friends so we can get lots of votes. http://www.facebook.com/eugenefishstore Don't forget to come in on Wednesdays to support the cause. So far for this month we are more than half way to our donation total for last month. Thanks, Sean The Fish Store
  14. Fish Videos

    Thank you. I think Fairy Wrasses are my new obsession. They are just so pretty.
  15. Fish Videos

    Yes I still have the Sea Hare and the one Camel Shrimp left. I will put them aside for you.