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  1. TaylorW

    Large snail

    Oh they're great if you have a larger tank, I had them in my 55 and had tons of frags on the sand bed so I grew frustrated with them. Maybe in a larger tank it wouldn't have been so noticable, I would probably still have them if I didn't have all those frags lol. Anyway I hope you found someone to take them.
  2. I am selling off all my freshwater critters, I have LOTS and I mean LOTS of gorgeous Multi colored Show Guppies and show Guppy Endler Crosses for sale. I'd say mostly males and probably every female is pregnant, the males have long flowing tail fins similar to a male Betta and their colors care indescribable and must be seen to appreciate (my camera on my phone takes terrible pictures unfortunately) they are a mixture of blues, orange, black, green. I originally had the show Guppies in same tank with a handful of male endlers separated by a cheapo tank devider (bad idea I know lol) anywhoo some sneaky male endlers made their way to the show Guppies side and impregnated a few female Guppies. The results were what I call some beautiful mistakes lol, I got rid of the endlers and just kept all the show Guppies and crosses together and so the pure breeds are in the same tank currently as the mixes,so obviously no guarantee on the purebreds being pregnant by another purebred. I paid an arm and a leg for the original ten show Guppies, obviously I'm not charging that much for these guys! I'm thinking a trio (male and two females) $4 or three males $5 but I'd prefer to trade for Coral, bubble tips or whatever you have! If you take ALL of them I'd give you a great deal! I also have some rare blue and white Japanese Trap Door Snails $5 each, some pretty Mystery snails 75 cents-$1 each (AKA Apple snails) all colors, lots of Ramshorn Snails including rarer blue Ramshorn Snails and common reds. Free Ramshorn Snails with Guppies purchase! All plant safe, also have live aquarium plants, mostly dwarf water lettuce (floating plants) and Cabomba, and Elodea I'll try to post pictures later if I can take any decent ones, I'm thinking a short video might be best
  3. TaylorW

    Large snail

    Looks like a big turbo 😁 I had two giant ones a couple years ago I got from someone on here, I ended up giving them away because they kept knocking over all my corals. I call them bulldozers lol, they are really neat but glue down your corals lol
  4. TaylorW


    Pm'd I'll come take some stuff off your hands on Saturday! I'll make the time
  5. TaylorW

    Looking For Blue Tang

    Sorry I just saw your response, I've already found a skimmer but thank you I appreciate it!
  6. TaylorW

    Looking For Blue Tang

    I'm looking for a Blue Tang, figured I'd check here first before buying one from fish store. Last year I sold my blue tang thinking I would permanently downsize tanks but that didn't last long. I'm located in the forest Grove area so prefer not to drive a crazy distance, let me know what you have, location price etc. Also looking for CHEAP mushrooms and mushroom rocks, green star polyps or any cheap corals for my nephew's tank, for me looking for rock flower anemones, maxi mini carpet anemones 😕
  7. TaylorW

    Looking for 48" fluorescent fixture

    I believe I have exactly what you need, I have a single bulb 48 inch, came from a previous freshwater 55 gallon I had text or message me 971-470-5742 my name is Taylor
  8. TaylorW

    free anenome

    Pmd Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  9. I'm looking for a couple cheaper led fixtures if anyone has any! Pm me with what you have, price and location. Thanks! Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  10. TaylorW

    Out of hobby equipment sale

    I'll come buy the rock, Kent salt, DIY auto top off and maybe other stuff Friday afternoon if it's still available then! Unfortunately that's the soonest I could make it out there and happens to also be payday lol. But I will for sure take it, I actually posted an ad looking for rock so it would work out perfectly if it's still available Friday. Sent from my BLU R1 HD using Tapatalk
  11. I'll take some lol, I'll pm you.
  12. Oh my gosh that's be awesome!! Ugh I work all weekend Saturday and Sunday (graveyard) though, I'll pm you and I can just come to you!!
  13. I'm looking for a green bubble tip anemone or two, other colors as well. Also looking for a large bubble tip anemone any color, 6 inches plus, and live rock, dry rock is fine. Really looking for cheap rock $1-$1.50 pound if possible! Thanks everyone!