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  1. 125# + Live rock

    Must sell live rock in preparation for moving cross country. Zero pests rock started off as reef saver rock has been in an established system for 4 years. Rock has purple coralline encrusting it. A few corals on rocks and any remaining cleanup crew can go with the rock no charge( mushroom and frog spawn... may be a few other small softies) 300.00 that’s less than 3.00/# Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 120 Gallon Complete

    Need to sell in preparation for moving cross country Hand built stand 120g aquarium Mp40q Ai sol lights Neptune apex Life reef refugium and sump Life reef skimmer ATO Wireless AI controller Pumps More to list 1800 OBO https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170930/d1673d12bf277e54f900eb26e8b8df1a Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    Hello all, Im new to the forum, so I thought I would start a build thread for the 120 I am working on now. I am upgrading from a 60 Cube to a 120 with a custom built aquarium stand. Other than some live rock that I am moving from my 60G, I am going to start this tank completely from scratch. Post will be image heavy and include images of trim used and the general build of the stand for now. Sorry Photos, will most likely, be out of order...
  4. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    So wanted to get some opinions. Looking to move to the northeast in the spring time... do I shut the tank down now, maybe sell everything off including the hand made stand. I can rebuild the stand to fit better in whatever the new house situation is right now I'm paying to run an aquarium with nothing really in it, I hate to invest in livestock, corals etc only to have to give them away in a year. I'm not confident in survivability driving cross country (5+ days)
  5. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    It's been a while since I updated this thread. Have had some good and some bad since then... One of my clowns that I have had for nearly 8 years died and vanished while on holiday. Aquarium live stock remaining, single snowflake clown (need to find him a partner now), one kole tang, and cleanup crew along with a great leather and frogspawn. On a good note, I finished making my shaker style doors and they are now mounted. I only need to get them painted to finish the stand... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    Diatoms starting to die off and what shows up next.... Bryposis. Great any suggestion? Seems sea hare , high mg for weeks are potential treatments Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    DrTim's doing well so far... 4 days in NH3= 0 NO2= 0 NO3= ~5ppm
  8. New Nem!

    Super Nice...
  9. 60 Gallon cube w/ live rock foamed into back wall. Small area for mp10 on lower right back wall. Lower vents on overflow were siliconed closed. All can be reversed with some work.return splits to dual locline outlets removable glass top. Proflex Sump with spare media socks, and mechanical filter. Sump has a has bulkhead for internal or external return pump. Plumbing to connect overflow and returns lines. Bubble Magnus NAC3 skimmer Black/brown stand. 40# of dry aragonite sand (new) Bucket of rubble rock (if you want it) 300.00 great deal in my opinion. Willing to trade for a Maxspect Gyre 150
  10. FS or T: 60 Gallon Cube Setup (Glass)

    This has been sold. Please close.
  11. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    Out of curiosity... for those that liked this stand. What would you pay for a stand like this or something very similar... (with doors)
  12. why cant I keep it alive?

    Sorry to hear about your Blenny. I had one for a hair algae problem a while back, was able to get him to eat pellet food... Moved a couple of hours cross town and he did not do well with the move, got stressed and then fell victim to a larger hermit. I've never had issue with floating bags in the past. but have since moved on to use the drip method using the AccliMate from http://www.reefgently.com/ I would agree with others, to make sure your blenny will eat pellet food or other. some are stubborn and wont causing them to slowly starve after the food source is gone.
  13. FS or T: 60 Gallon Cube Setup (Glass)

    Ron, update... might be able to meet up in Beaverton, OR. instead of Kelso, which would be a lot closer for you.
  14. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    Trusting in Science and several reviews... Dosed the tank with DrTim's One & Only last night along with a clown. Also added this little guy.
  15. FS or T: 60 Gallon Cube Setup (Glass)

    Ron, Kelso, Wa would be the mid point between Maple Valley and Albany. If you are seriously interested and want to meet 1/2 way, send me a pm.
  16. FS or T: 60 Gallon Cube Setup (Glass)

    Could always meet 1/2 way maybe. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. FS or T: 60 Gallon Cube Setup (Glass)

    Reduced to 250.00 or make me an offer you feel is fair.
  18. Is ecotech worth the cost?

    Not sure how soon you need a skimmer, but the LifeReef Skimmers are amazing... and it will be custom made to fit your needs. His website is not the greatest... http://lifereef.com/retail.html#vs2series
  19. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    Finished up the water Sunday evening. The whole system is running roughly 130 Gallons. Let the cycle begin, ran out of phosphate re-agent, for my Hanna checker. So I'll need to wait for that to arrive to check phosphate levels. Will get some more photos posted when the dust settles, the levels drop and I can some live stock moved over.
  20. Hello All, Thought I would say hello. I just came across this forum today. I have been living in the PNW for about 7 years now and didn't know about this group :( I am on my 2 1/2 tank now:/ I started with a 12G nano cube. moved up to a 60G Cube and in the process of transitioning to a 120 Gallon display with, what I would call, a beatific hand made aquarium stand. Short of a few incident here and there, I have managed to keep one of my false perculas for 7 years now. Anyway, glad found this place. I signed up for he family membership, still need to figure out how I can get the most out of that membership. Cheers, Jason
  21. Making water.... will it ever end! LOL

  22. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    by the end of tonight Water will be 100% complete, I have ~115 gallons in now, which is enough to circulate the water through the sump, barely.... Another 10-15 gallons and I'll have the water at the correct level in the sump to run the skimmer, media reactors, as well as flowing through the fuge. I should have been done with water yesterday, but spent the day at the zoo/aquarium with my 7 month old daughter. She couldn't be bothered about the zoo, but she loved the aquarium! By tomorrow, I will hopefully have called AI to try and solve the LED issues and performs some water tests. Sometime early next week, finish cleaning up and routing cables.
  23. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    Nothing in this hobby that is good happens fast... I have certainly made my 10x trips to buy a new fitting, change this, change that... just sucks when equipment that has been working decides to stop workingrandomly. I do want get the sol to hydra52 updates, just not yet... not to mention they are sold out.
  24. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    And this kicks, just keep on coming. My AI wireless adapter for my Sol seems to have died. :( I guess I will be spending Monday morning on a support call with AI. I don't even see the wireless adapter on their site, so I wonder if they even make it any more. Until then, I should have 100% of my water finished today and circulating by this evening, which means come Sunday, I can hopefully get the 60G cleaned up with some proper images posted to sell / trade it away.
  25. 120 Gallon Build: Maple Valley

    New AI classic rail with high legs showed up today 85 gallons in and still making water... Then comes the what the *** moment, while test fitting my AI Sol Blues, one of the figures, all of the blue let's seem to have ceased to work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk