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  1. wifesaidgetahobby

    water changes

    I am running a rodi unit and my tds meter is showing zero. My guess is probably over feeding, I do tend to let my fish have seconds!!
  2. wifesaidgetahobby

    water changes

    I have a 40 gallon tank that is a wonderful shade of green, I am doing weekly water changes of around 10 gallons. My question is can the water change be causing the green hair algae? By this I mean changing to much water? Tank has a ball of cheato, 30 pounds of rock, 3 hydor gen three pumps on wave maker, hang on filter, 4 fish,three giant snails and some pulsating zinnia. Oh my light is a radion xr30 w pro.
  3. wifesaidgetahobby

    Here are a couple of pics i took tonight

    We do a lot of gopro filming and my only suggestion is to rinse the case after submerging it in saltwater.
  4. wifesaidgetahobby

    Rodi question and algae

    The system I have is the filter guys ocean reef plus one and using the filters that came with it. I do have the 100 gpd upgrade filter and my pressure was around 75 to 80. The city I use to live in was Spokane, Washington but I currently live in Meridian, Idaho. $ 199.00 - OCEAN REEF + 1 FIVE STAGE 75 GPD RO/DI All systems are made to order with clear 10" canister housings Stage One NSF rated 5 micron poly sediment filter Stage Two 5 Micron Matrikx NSF rated CTO Workhorse carbon block Stage Three 0.6 Micron Matrikx NSF rated chlorine guzzler carbon block RO membrane 75 GPD Dow Filmtec Stage Five refillable cartridge with color-changing DI resin 100 PSI pressure gauge Auto shut-off (Requires Float Valve or Switch To Work) Membrane flush valve Dual TDS meter Quick connect fittings Self Piercing Saddle Valve Water Supply Connection Drain Connection Filter wrench to make cartridge replacement easy RO BYPASS VALVE $12 DUAL DI SYSTEM - E-MAIL FOR PRICING ADD ONS: 100 GPD FILMTEC MEMBRANE OPTIONAL - $5
  5. wifesaidgetahobby

    Rodi question and algae

    Ok thank you, was trying to cover all grounds and it was something I was curious about
  6. wifesaidgetahobby

    Rodi question and algae

    So my question is this, is it possible to have a zero tds on a 5 stage Rodi system and still cause an algae problem? I ask this because I was told that when the tds starts to go up it is time to change your filters. I have had an off and on algae problem in my 90 gallon tank mostly seen the algae after a water change. In November of last year we had a wind storm in Spokane, Washington which took out our power for 2 weeks in 14 degree weather, well as you can imagine we lost the tank. In December we moved to Boise, Idaho and when I was taking down the Rodi unit I noticed the line from membrane to the ionize cartridge had algae buildup. I believed I had a bad tds meter but when I installed it on a friends 1 month old system the readings were zero, watched the meter go from 174 to zero. The filters in the Rodi unit are about a year old. Water in Spokane is roughly 175 tds out of the tap.
  7. wifesaidgetahobby

    My IM 25G Lagoon Reef

    I really like how the top of the stand looks. I would love to have the patients to build something like that.
  8. wifesaidgetahobby

    New to forum, made many mistakes in the hobby.

    I actually found the forum by looking at tank designs. when we lost the 90 it was a chance for us to redesign the tank and make it look the way we originally had envisioned. In mid November we had a wind storm that damaged so many trees and power lines that at the peak of damage we had 200,000 people with out power. The storm damage took 2 to 3 weeks to clean up and we were out of power for 10 days. the temp at the time was running 12 to 15 degrees overnight and highs of 20 during the day. The company my son and I work for is a contractor for the city of Spokane Valley and were working 16 hour shifts for a couple of weeks clearing roads and removing downed trees. The battery back up lasted for two days, but with all generators sold out and rental places cleaned out we just could not find any alternative power source. Here is a news clip of some of the damage. http://www.khq.com/story/30549224/windstorm-2015-aftermath-photos
  9. wifesaidgetahobby

    New to forum, made many mistakes in the hobby.

    I think I figured the photo thing out! 20160201_080728 by wickednick911, on Flickr
  10. Hello my name is Nick, I do this hobby with my son and have a 90 gallon tank that we lost in November to a wind storm in Spokane Washington. We also have a 29 gallon nano that we just started the beginning of January. As soon as I figure out how to add a picture I will upload one.