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  1. gavination

    Not so spongy?

    Poor guy! Sorry to hear about your lost fish! Consider them officially stabbed. Repeatedly. Even after injection. We'll see if vinegar does the trick. Thanks for the help!
  2. gavination

    Not so spongy?

    Hey all, so I was originally thinking these were sponges, then tentacles started showing up. Do I need to promptly stab then with needles of burning rage? [emoji1] Thanks! Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  3. gavination

    Checking in from Maple Valley

    Welcome! I was actually looking at Barrier Reef yesterday online and thinking I needed to make it a point to stop in next Seattle trip! Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  4. gavination

    Brand spankin new

    Thanks all for the warm welcome! I'll keep an eye on the calendar for sure! Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  5. gavination

    2016 Bob Moore Frag Swap in Tukwila (Seattle)

    Oh man, that would be awesome! Thanks man! I'll buy you some beers or make you some cookies hah. I had hoped to get some of the frags that matts215 had for sale in the classifieds as a relatively inexpensive way to get started, but looks like he's sold out. Undata, setosa, forest fire digi, frogspawn, and birds nest were all on my list haha. Actually I would've taken a frag of all his Montis. Not to mention $10-20 with local pickup! Oh well, I'm sure more will pop up! If you guys need a body at the booth, I don't know much, but I'll be up in Seattle Thursday night at the start of my weekend through the event, so I can show up early if you need help setting up or a body to take up space during the swap for an hour or two.
  6. gavination

    Brand spankin new

    Jeff has been awesome already! Such a nice guy! Having the moderator approve all my posts sure makes real time edits hard haha. Can't wait until I reach my fifth post! Like this one? (Assuming this works!)
  7. gavination

    Brand spankin new

    I'll have to do that as soon as I figure it how Paratore! Em, I realized that pretty quick! I was looking at modding it into a rimless tank, although there fear of it exploding deters me a little. But after that, adding a Kessil or Hydra 26 HD plus an MP10. Puts this hobby on par with chef knives! All of it is overkill for a nano, but I'm sure an upgrade will be in the works at and point. I already want more than will fit in this tiny tank!
  8. gavination

    2016 Bob Moore Frag Swap in Tukwila (Seattle)

    I'm new to the group and the hobby, but I'm up in Seattle quite often so I was planning on going and checking it out. Too bad I don't know if my tank will be ready. I was hoping to get some interesting Montis!
  9. gavination

    Brand spankin new

    Howdy! I've always wanted a saltwater reef tank from my undergrad days after taking invert zoology and things only got worse after the first time I wandered into C&C shortly after they opened. Besides, I already have a bunch of expensive hobbies like hand-crafted chef knives, alpine climbing, skiing, orchids, why not another? Recently, things got rolling when a friend gave me a 14g biocube about a month back that he was no longer using. It's currently empty and cycling, but it's close! While waiting, I've been reading all manner of articles and posts; planning and plotting what I wanted to put in the tank (Montis and frogspawn and birds nest, oh my). During that time, I stumbled upon this group and figured I'd join and say hello. Looking forward to testing my patience while this thing finishes cycling! Cheers. Gavin.