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  1. (SEATTLE) WTB 36x18 Stand

    Hey, thanks. I peeked at those and was NOT impressed Come to think of it, I think I have been talked into doing the 2x4 wood screw diy job. Edit: Plus, I'll get a custom stand height, because stand height, is EVERYTHING
  2. (SEATTLE) WTB 36x18 Stand

    still in search of
  3. July Picture of the Month - Sand Bed

    did you use the iphone underwater?
  4. WTB RODI (or Rent me your unit)

    Found! Thanks nanoreefer17
  5. alright! they found a home that's real good. I applaud the OP on wanting them to stay together.
  6. Why no Region/State listed in Classified titles?

    maybe a sticky that says put location in title.... /panting
  7. Every forum I have lived on that had a WTB/FS board does things a little different. But one thing all of the good ones have is some order to it. Example: FS: (Portland), or FS: (Seattle will ship) And also, why dont people list their location in FS threads (AT LEAST!) , is this forum that close knit ? Is this Cheers (with a reeftank)... anyways.... .02
  8. (SEATTLE) WTB 36x18 Stand

    Need a stand for 65g/40g/30g 36"x18" Mike,
  9. Hello from Seattle

    Hey Thanks Wrasse, Clown, Blenny and Lemonpeel Angel. And this Guy His name was Bob. RIP
  10. Hello from Seattle

    Hi. Here is my first real tank a 20L in 2002 Mike,
  11. WTB RODI (or Rent me your unit)

    Awesome, I will be in that area. PM sent
  12. WTB RODI (or Rent me your unit)

    Fantastic, will monitor the situation
  13. Hi There Im new here, I live in Federal Way, WA. I was hoping someone in the local community could help me out and lend me a RODI unit so I can get setup. I could rent or buy your second hand unit. Thanks