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  1. BabelFish

    Any gamers on here playing PUBG

    I LOVE CLASH ROYALE! I am into Fortnite atm, don't have a console. Look up "The Goblin Gang" in game. I'm the GM of this hella awesome clan in clash
  2. BabelFish

    Gyre xf250 x2

    Is 1 too much for a 65g 36x18x24
  3. Easy soft corals and fish. I want 24 hr light programmability on the unit (or attached/controller etc.). I want all the colors. Need it for 65g 36" tank. $100 max budget.
  4. BabelFish

    New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    Great camera work, and informative build thread, keep us posted!
  5. BabelFish

    Gealth LED fullspec 90w

    I'm so behind on brands of Fixtures i had to google Ocean Revive. Whats good these days
  6. BabelFish

    Can dried coralline algae reactivate?

    short answer, yes. long answer... awaits.
  7. With a 72" face, I'm pulling out the Variable Speed Rotary Polisher, I have a Dual Action. If you use a straight rotary be careful on burn in. Take a tip from a guy with a detailer background. If you use a disc sander of any sort and are worried about leaving hot spot type of scratches, the kind that Clark and others mention; then error on the side of larger disc with lighter pressure as opposed to smaller disc with heavier pressure. good luck Freddyk! Cant wait to see it.
  8. BabelFish

    Fluval Cycle Works!

    I originally thought this thread was spam and someone replied with an ad! haha. I love instant cycle type products. They are not for every use case, but the ones they do fall into, work as advertised. My first real stab at this hobby a friend talked me out of these type of products and sent me home with a bucket full of his sand and water. Boy ohh boy what an instant cycle! lol
  9. Funny you say that Jorge, my Coris' have always been chumps, pussycats even!
  10. Can you say how "excellent" a deal it was? Up here in Seattle, a stand like that doesn't even appear often. I'm not sure if shops up here sell second hand stands like this. Either way, it looks sharp! Ohh yeah, your tank look hella nice too, and is growing!
  11. BabelFish

    Hitchhiker pests?

    This is soo cool! I was gonna post something like this exact thing! I wish you well, my friend; Hitchhiker ocean rocks are my favorite. Good luck.
  12. BabelFish

    My 120

    interesting photo filter! looks like a sunbleached copy of a 70's issue of Reef Magazine
  13. BabelFish

    92g Oregon Reef

    It Does! I see your Plumbing skills are far superior to mine. I learned (along with Google) something new just looking at how you repurposed those predrilled floor holes. Thanks!
  14. BabelFish

    First batch of new fish for new tank :)

    Great looking Anthia family! I hope to tame a Pair someday.
  15. BabelFish

    Some End of the Year pics.

    I've always been of fan of the front panel having that scraped look, with the coralline. Nice work and better weather is on its way now