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  1. I vote on lack of cleaning which lead to lack of flow and build up of temp.
  2. Good news. It was the rock flower. I think he was trying to cross that mushroom and was reacting to the sting of that guy. I am just guessing, but he has attached to the rock and is moving away form the mushroom now. Hopefully lesson learned. http://imgur.com/a/XbRBnFo
  3. Thanks. Should I point a powerhead at him and see if he can get away from the crab? I was afraid those were crab legs.
  4. I just walked by the tank an noticed this inflated thing. It was not there 2 hours ago when I wiped the glass. I can not find my rock flower that was on the opposite side of the tank when I cleaned the glass. Could this be him? Is he dying? [language filter] is he doing?
  5. If you do make it up I would take a frag of OG.
  6. No, I am still looking. I have seen a couple tanks around 300 gal on FB. You might want to check there. I am not ready to go up that that volume.
  7. I was pretty quick to shut off the return pump so I am not sure how much made it in, but it was a mostly full beer in the chamber right before the return. So far no visible negative impact. I thought I lost my rock flower but it appears to have just decided to move to the other side of the rock.
  8. I had been eyeing those. Congrats
  9. True, but budget for the hobby is what I am looking for. After the down and moving in I am totally fine with a used Marineland or something VS a 750xxl or something. Just think of how much beer I can spill in that!
  10. Update! Everything appears to be alive so far. The lights dont kick on till noon but I see most of my fish (goby has a cave on the back side of the rocks he loves) and the nems and lps appear to be fine! My cyano appears less too though, I am not sure if that is due to the water change or the blasting I was doing on the rocks already. Thank you all for your help and suggestions! The beer was a Hop Valley Alphadelic but I cant find the bottling date on the can, but Winco only stocks the freshest I am sure.
  11. Thanks, I am making new water now, I did not even think about how bad that looks when I posted it. :X
  12. its a 10g sump with about 8-10 lbs of rock in the middle chamber. Do you think the hops and junk will poison the corals? I have turned up the skimmer
  13. I was blasting the rocks with a turkey baster when my foster dog knocked my beer in my sump. How F ed am i? I dont have any carbon on hand but I do have 10g of RO water ready and have turned off the return pump and started heating water to make 5-10g of new water. Is there anything else I can do to save my LPS dom with a few SPS 29g tank?
  14. I love the bonsai racks they have, I might have to set up another small tank for one.
  15. I think I had a Damsel that needed some of that.
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