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  1. BeardUp

    WTB: 120g to 180g budget tank

    Thanks, I would prefer glass but I will keep you in mind! Heck of a deal there.
  2. BeardUp

    WTB: 120g to 180g budget tank

    Thanks! I will PM him and see what he has.
  3. I finally bought a house and its time to upgrade from my home made 30 gallon tank. I am looking to move in to the 120g+ range so I dont have to reinforce my floor yet. Does anyone have a tank sitting around they dont want to look at anymore? I am looking to stay around a few hundred dollars.
  4. BeardUp

    ideas for february meeting

    I like the aquascaping, and signs of a tank crash or hardware failure. I also like the lighting topic, I keep adjusting the height and intensity but never really know what I am doing till I see issues.
  5. BeardUp

    Anyone know what these are?

    Every sponge that has popped up in my tank eventually disappeared. I would not worry unless it gets real big or you start to notice issues with your corals. Just let it clean your water and die off once it has done its job.
  6. BeardUp

    Help with Kenya tree and xenia

    I have had them do that before and I would not really worry. If they fail to stand up, I would remove them though. They are super resilient though. I have a Kenya tree that just appeared in the last couple of months. I have not had any in 2+ years and not added anything new in almost as long. It does seem they like their water a little dirty. Dont worry, if your Kenya dies you can have mine, Its stinging another coral.
  7. BeardUp

    Starter coral pack

    I have a green sinularia she can have and a 3 inch(?) kenya tree as well.
  8. BeardUp

    Any one know what this is

    I agree with Miles. Looks like a nudi to me but I am no expert.
  9. BeardUp

    What happens when tanks get natural light from windows?

    What about indirect light? I was fighting hair algae really bad, till I took the tank down to move. Its been up a few weeks and starting to see it again. I would hate to have the blinds drawn all the time.
  10. BeardUp

    Red slime finally gone!

    I was having the same problem with cyano, after a move and 75% new water, the slime is gone but the skimmer was blowing the lid off. I had turned it off, but will let it run its course!
  11. BeardUp

    Liverock for sale

    I might be interested.