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  1. I feel this. I had a heater crack on me. It shorted out and blew the emergency 10a fuse I had on my inkbird. Didn't trip the gfci nor any power strips. I was of course out of town so came home to a tank at 62 degrees. I had thought running 2 heaters (both connected to the inkbird) I was good. Lots of dead SPS said otherwise.
  2. Where are you located? I have a small chunk of GSP you can have. I can also probably shave my rock and give you a little kenya tree as well as a green sinularia. I am in SE PDX in Lents.
  3. Better catch them before you find them in your sump!
  4. Thanks Holly for the amazing corals and your time yesterday and letting me grab a few more then I reserved. The frags look fantastic.
  5. I usually pick up a tube at tap plastics but I am in SE Portland.
  6. interested in the doser and the gyre. I have never used one though. Do I need to get a controller too? Would this be too much for a 40b?
  7. Homebrew Exchange are good guys. I thought they only had 5lbs though and usually only a couple on hand?
  8. The Airgas on 82nd in portland filled my 5lb yesterday... though I am not going to back after 12 years. They tacked on a $14 hazmat charge. Brought my 5lb fill to over $40 but my 20lb was only $25 2 weeks ago. https://www.centralwelding.com/ said they can fill and I think they said $16 for a 5lb and $26 for a 20lb. They are in PDX but have gas.
  9. Hey all, I am setting up a mini fridge for a kegerator. I am in need of a temp controller for it. I thought i would see if anyone has an inkbird or similar in PDX before I try out ebay.
  10. I have a kenya tree, gsp, and green sinularia ready. The leathers are healed and baseball to softball size the GSP is silver dollar size.
  11. This is what I was thinking. I have been dreaming about a 200+ for years and swore I would get one when I bought a house. But, the house I bought is only 800 sf. Its no big deal for 1/3rd of my house to be reef tank right?
  12. I have a med/large sinularia I can frag or give you. I don't need any more gsp or xenia. I also have a large Kenya I need to get rid of. I actually signed on to make a post about these. I am in se pdx in lents if you are interested.
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