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  1. I am in the inverse place. My pistol shrimp left his mate of a few years about 6 months ago. Everytime I pop in to CNC they are out of them. My poor goby just moves from rock cave to rock cave now looking all sad. I have a green sinularia that could use a new home if you would like. Pic of said goby chowing down on my new leopard wrasse and of sinularia.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. I will be in Banks picking up a new tank on Saturday and would love a frag of this. I lost my blue diji when I moved 6 months ago and loved that guy. I have a kenya tree frag and green leather I forget the name of if you want.
  4. If any of this is still available, I am interested.
  5. How is your goni doing now? The green one I got in the group buy was doing great, but then sucked in like yours. I did a water change and moved them off the sand and up a few inches and he has recovered nicely. If no one else needs him, I can place him next to my green and see if he will bounce back.
  6. I might be interested in the tank when its empty.
  7. I have a small Kenya frag I just cut off of the rock 2 days ago. It should be attached to the rubble in a week or so. You can have it if you take my blue damsel.
  8. @Ron The one that wont pair, will it work as a stand alone on my 10g? Can I still set a schedule? Does it just mean it wont connect to another light for the schedule? sorry for the basic questions, I have not used an AI Prime before.
  9. I would say your plan is pretty good. I dont vacuum my sand so its pretty gross when I disturb it. I dont want to start or restart a tank with that much trash in it. I would get a bad of sand and more dry rock. I could see a mini cycle while the new rock get set up with the bacteria but I think this will be the least impact. I have moved with out changing sand and with new sand. I had pretty intense hair algae and cyano on the move with old sand.its still kicking around and coming in waves and am about to use some chemi.
  10. I dont see him really bother anyone but, have lost a few fish established fish since I got him but one was a very old clown I got from someone that got her from someone..... The wrasse went right in to the sand after a hour or so drip so he did not really have any time to get bullied. He did the first night I put him in, but he did not make it even 40 hours so I did not expect to see him for a few more days.
  11. I think he is the reason for a few fish now so.... Anyone want a free damsel? Gotta catch it.
  12. Here is the little bastard. He had a chunk about 3x that size when I spotted him. I think he has dragged the body in to his cave. There has been a crab and snail party at the entrance all day.
  13. Thanks, I only got the dang damsel because the now ex thought it was so cute and I cant seem to get him out. The only fish in the tank are a clown, damsel and the diamond goby so I am assuming it was the damsel.
  14. Picked up a new leppard wrasse at CNC on Sunday. I went to check on the tank and see if he was out of the sand yet and caught my goby with a mouth full of leppard! Not sure if it was the clown or damsel that killed it. But they both might be going soon!
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