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  1. @ReefJunkie I dont need the brass but I think I want to hang out with you some weekend! 😁
  2. I am looking to buy a tank to make in to a sump for my 40 breeder. My stand is 29 inches by 24. Does anyone have something that will work before a spend a bunch at TAP plastics to make one?
  3. Just about. There seems to be a price for just the swap with the actual CO2 being super cheap. Like less than a dollar per pound or something. Also, maybe its just my luck but I have exchanged a ton and never been charged the recert fee. However, I don't make a point to announce the tank is out of date. I can't remember a clerk ever looking at the date either.
  4. upgrade to the 20lb. I have 5, 10, and 20 lb tanks. The 5 is like $17 and the 20 is like $25 at airgas. I have never had an issue swapping either at the SE, NE or vancouver airgas. I would watch CL for a 20 and keep the 5 in case you run out on a weekend. I see 20s on CL for $50-100. Sometimes with regulators. There is always a few people getting out of brewing and letting them go cheap.
  5. [language filter]! I just made one this weekend and it looks 1/4 as good. GLWS!
  6. I mean... I knew it was risky but I have crushed like 20ish. They are taking over
  7. So I should stop trying to crush the ones that are taking over my other rocks?
  8. BeardUp

    kenya tree

    Awesome! I will pm you
  9. I have some green palys on a rock branch. I dont remember the name but they are very green under the light. This group is under my nem after it split so they are looking a bit darker right now. Located in SE PDX in Lents.
  10. I need to get rid of one or 2 of mine. Sorry for the potato pictures. I am not sure how to get them off the rock but 3 is too many for my 30g tank. Each is about the size of a fist. They are under Marsaqua lights so I am sure they will look better under about any other light.
  11. Lately my mushrooms are swelling up on the tips and kind of stretching. This one keeps moving and leaving babies so I assumed s/he was happy but, as it moves farther down the rock, its bubbling up more and appears to be stretching to the light. Is it ok? Do I need to try to move it closer to the light? Also, some of the babies are super neon green but as they get larger they get more brown. Is it the lights?
  12. BeardUp

    kenya tree

    Here is the lil guy. Hopefully this will help bring someone decide they need him. Otherwise.... Jeff might be getting him this weekend.
  13. That's awesome of you. What is needed to enter the drawing?
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