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  1. Reef Room Wall Prep Advice / Experience

    Just like a bathroom with a shower any gloss or semi-gloss interior enamel paint should do well at repelling moisture. Hopefully your reef room doesn't get that steamy! If you are really worried about moisture you can use a moisture resistant primer.
  2. Frogs...

    I still wouldn’t lick one! 😄😄😬😬
  3. Thanks Ron!

  4. Soo my 75gal broke...

    Yep definitely tempered.
  5. any electricians in the house ?

    Nope, use them quite a bit at work for 208v applications. Just need a good heatsink for the higher current stuff.
  6. any electricians in the house ?

    Yes, the contacts arcing over time will cause them to get pitted and also cause carbon build up. This increases the resistance across the contacts causing them to get hot. At some point the damage is too much and they either weld shut or just make enough contact to burn them up. A larger capacity contact or a 4 pole contact with two poles tied together to effectively make a two pole should solve the issue. You can also go solid state as long as you get the appropriate heatsink to go along with it.
  7. any electricians in the house ?

    What kind of contactor? What's it for? AC DC? What's the control voltage?
  8. Golden Basket Auction - Flower Anemone

    That’s what these kind of auctions are all about! Congratulations on your down to the wire win.
  9. Golden Basket Auction - Flower Anemone

    I see how you are!
  10. Apex Eb8 Bar

    Payment sent. Thanks Ron!
  11. Apex Eb8 Bar

    I’ll take it.
  12. getting clown to eat..

    I was trying to think of live blackworms too. Supposedly "the thing" to get fish to eat.
  13. sump

    Yes, it's big.
  14. sump

    I have it. Have not set it up yet though. A few things that I have noticed so far: 1) the only way to access the drain entry compartment is to disconnect all of your plumbing or get creative with a tube and vacuum. 2) there are no heater mounts. 3) the return area is a little small. 4) the level marks or on the partitions in the sump not on the front where they would be so much easier to see and read. #1 being my biggest concern the others can be overcome easily. My return pump is a Jabeo DCT-8000 for a size comparison.
  15. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Too bad they are not the bio luminescent type! Just shake that thang and make'em light up!
  16. Micro bubbles and cloudy on top

    Have you tested ammonia?
  17. Micro bubbles and cloudy on top

    Increase your flow if you can? Do you see micro bubbles coming out of your return lines?
  18. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Tank looks great! Yeah sounds like the sock mod is a PITA. Glad I could help getting you up and running. It was a tad nerve racking but it worked out.
  19. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    You can chop them up if you like. I’m done with them. I’ve got 3 new ones and a bunch of used clean ones.