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  1. cjmdh

    Is this Bryopsis?

    I used fluconozole to rid my tank of it over a year ago and to date it has not returned. Now that I say that it will pop back up.... 😐
  2. cjmdh

    True Facts: Bobbit Worm and Polychaete Pals

    "Filter kale chip crumbs and quinoa....." 🤣
  3. cjmdh

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I ordered the 1/2" ones from https://saltyunderground.com/ of the nine that I received only half were actually 1/2" the rest were about 1/4" or a bit bigger. Not sure why they didn't do anything in my tank.
  4. cjmdh

    40G Breeder Frag Tank setup

    PM’d you.
  5. cjmdh

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I put 9 in my 50 gallon over a month ago and not one aptasia has disappeared. I even saw several of them about a week after putting them one night, but alas they either weren't happy or something ate them. Not sure what would have eaten them though with two clowns, lawnmower blenny, blue damsel, and a tomini tang, along with 1 or 2 hermit crabs and a crap ton of snails.
  6. cjmdh

    RIP Bucket - "best cat ever"

    So sorry for your loss!
  7. cjmdh

    Planned power outage

    I miss our Nest. Ours saved us quite a bit of money. Paid for itself in about 4 months. Our new system has a proprietary one wire communication system that isn't compatible with Nest.
  8. You can use a regular USB cable as long as it doesn’t have an amplifier.
  9. cjmdh

    Automotive Gurus

    Like @albertareef said you should just be checking resistance to verify that the pickup coils are OK.
  10. cjmdh

    Automotive Gurus

    I found this with regards to testing the distributor. That is a chunk of change to drop just as a test. Pick a part in Tualatin might be cheaper? https://www.yotatech.com/forums/f2/no-start-condition-ignition-coil-test-info-3vze-89-95-a-10543/
  11. cjmdh

    Automotive Gurus

    A buddy of mine has a Lincoln MKVIII that would periodically die and not start. Swore up and down that it was the fuel pump. So I offered to help him, so we drop the exhaust and the fuel tank put new pump in and put it all back together and it still doesn’t work. Did a little troubleshooting of my own and found it didn’t have spark and the old fuel pump was just fine. To save him some cash we dropped the tank again and put old pump back in. Ran down to the parts store and for $26 a new crankshaft position sensor was procured and after it was installed the Lincoln fired right up.
  12. cjmdh

    Automotive Gurus

    Crankshaft position sensor?
  13. cjmdh

    Hair algae

    Troll Snail!
  14. This algae popped up a while back and i trimmed it off and covered it with superglue but it has come back. It is only on this small rock with some zoas on it and as you can see Benny the Blenny likes to perch on it but not eat it. The bristle worms love it too. It feels like plastic and crunches when you pull it off.
  15. cjmdh

    Identification Help Please

    I used those terms in my original google search and got nothing! I just searched cladophoropsis and looked at the images and found this(top two pics which looks exactly like the stuff I had): https://www.marinelifephotography.com/marine/seaweeds/cladophora-catenata.htm It was only on one little rock and I chucked it.
  16. cjmdh

    Identification Help Please

    It’s not bryopsis. It’s like plastic, very stiff and snaps when you break it. Kind of looked like palm trees. I wasn’t taking any chances of it spreading so I tossed the rock it was on. The zoas had already migrated to othe rocks making the decision easier.
  17. cjmdh

    Grow Out Ricordea?

    This one has split about 6 or 7 times. I gave the first one that hopped off the original plug away. One or two of the splits didn’t make it. I’ve got two plugs now, one with two on it, and another with one.
  18. cjmdh

    Grow Out Ricordea?

    Does anyonelses growout ricordea look as bounce-ish as this one?
  19. cjmdh

    Grow Out Ricordea?

    I just put 3 on plugs this morning. Don’t know if they will all look as bubbly.
  20. cjmdh

    May Picture of the Month - Anemone

    I give up!
  21. I have two plugs with zoas, one of which has a camo shroom in the middle, 1 plug that has a single shroom and 1 plug with fade to green star polyps on it. In Salem, but I work in Tualatin so I can meet you there too. Mark
  22. @Taylorhardy1 has the zoa plug without the shroom, @ChrisQ has the other zoa plug with the shroom. Still have the standalone shroom and star polyps for the taking. PM me with how you guys want to arrange pickup.
  23. OK, they are both the same kind but don't look like it in the pictures.
  24. cjmdh

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the Love!