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  1. I run my waste into our irrigation well. The brine or rejected water from the RO membrane has all the crap in it that wouldn't pass through the membrane. Probably not the best to drink.
  2. You can find some Yooperlite rocks too. https://www.businessinsider.com/scientists-discovered-why-these-fluorescent-yooperlite-rocks-glow-2018-9
  3. Yeah I caught it as it was traipsing across my frag rack. 😡
  4. Caught this guy roaming the tank last night. $30 or best offer. Pick up in Salem.
  5. Thanks for the offer! In the family room where the tank/s are going to reside we decided to match the wood floors we put in the front of the house instead of carpet. Not sure when it will happen though. Have a fence to fix too. The list keeps growing!
  6. @youcallmennyNot yet. Have to get the carpet/floors done before I put the tank up, and that has been delayed due to other wonderful house projects.
  7. cjmdh

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    When I get the 150 set up this may be on the to buy list.
  8. cjmdh

    Ocean Swipe 360!

    Pretty fancy, with a pretty fancy price tag too!
  9. cjmdh


    I built this one: http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2332822 Been running it for 2+ years and haven't had any issues.
  10. Didn't ignore it just didn't see it. 😉
  11. My wife was a building inspector in Texas and she says that you might have two options depending on the inspector. 1. Conduit all the way either in the bottom or the top. (the most code compliant) May or may not pass depending on what the inspector will accept for the wire being protected. 2. Put a nipple on the conduit you have, drill a hole to fit the nipple in a 2x6 to run horizontally so i looks like the nipple is threaded into it, mount your panel to one side or the other, run the wires to the top and in with a clamp in the panel, then completely box the wire in with 2 x what-ever so that it is "protected".
  12. cjmdh

    Water tests today

    I've always just did a one time dose to get to target as long as the jump wasn't too big, then adjusted my dosing pumps to compensate for the increased consumption.
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