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  1. Gyre 150/250 IceCap Interface Module

    For use with apex correct? If so I’ll take it.
  2. I am in Germany so it was not so early for me. 😄
  3. Graduated cylinder/ beaker

    Even better Idea. I was thinking the same thing but pouring the difference out of the beaker/cylinder. Much easier with the syringe and less chance of screwing it up.
  4. CNC Auction #1 : Game over Mushroom

    Paypal you the $ or wait for invoice? I am out of town until after the 1st of April. I will pick it up some time after that. Mark
  5. Graduated cylinder/ beaker

    This is a great idea. I think the amount of water clinging to a frag plug and specimen would be negligible. I agree with @albertareef that finding a either a cylinder or beaker with fine enough graduations will be the kicker.
  6. FS: Water Blaster HY7000 and ATO Resevoir

    I'll take the reservoir. I can paypal you the $$. I am out of town until after the first of the month though. Mark
  7. CNC Auction #1 : Game over Mushroom

    @CuttleFishandCoral pm’d you my email addy. Thanks!
  8. Going Sockless

    Been sockless for about a year now. I’ve cleaned the sump once. I don’t test nitrates but everyone in the tank seems very happy. Minimal algae growth on the glass none anywhere else. Haven’t replaced my chaeto since the fluconazol killed my last batch right before I went sockless.
  9. Apex Tablet Mount?

    Thanks! I like the Velcro idea just not sure about location. @shaywood’s gives a little more flexibility in mounting.
  10. Apex Tablet Mount?

    I got a 7" Fire Tablet as the display for my Apex. What are those of you who use tablets for displays using to mount them? Mark H.
  11. Bayer asprin

    Think you might be referring to Bayer insecticide used to dip corals.
  12. Thanks Optimusprime!

    Exactly!! Too bad more people can't see life this way.
  13. Gotta love kids

    pH drop due to the acidity?