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  1. cjmdh

    any electricians on here?

    My wife was a building inspector in Texas and she says that you might have two options depending on the inspector. 1. Conduit all the way either in the bottom or the top. (the most code compliant) May or may not pass depending on what the inspector will accept for the wire being protected. 2. Put a nipple on the conduit you have, drill a hole to fit the nipple in a 2x6 to run horizontally so i looks like the nipple is threaded into it, mount your panel to one side or the other, run the wires to the top and in with a clamp in the panel, then completely box the wire in with 2 x what-ever so that it is "protected".
  2. cjmdh

    Water tests today

    I've always just did a one time dose to get to target as long as the jump wasn't too big, then adjusted my dosing pumps to compensate for the increased consumption.
  3. cjmdh

    Feeding plate coral

    Reminds me of:
  4. cjmdh

    PNWMAS Mailing Address?

  5. cjmdh

    PNWMAS Mailing Address?

    Does PNWMAS have a mailing address? Thanks!
  6. cjmdh


    Nice! My neighbor had this same setup in Texas. Helped him install the gas line (had rural 200 gallon propane tank) and the ABT switch. Where we lived we had probably 8-10 3+ hour power outages a year (which power company denied). When it’s 90 degrees at 2230 and the power goes out for a few hours your house gets hot quick. His was the only house of 30 with the lights on and AC. It got to be so bad one of the techie neighbors setup a power monitor that logged every power bump, outage, dip, etc and use the data to fight the power company. After that we only had 2 or 3 a year.
  7. cjmdh

    Prime AI bad luck

    For future reference RO/DI is ideal for rinsing electronic type stuff that may have taken an unexpected dip in the tank. It is pretty much non-conductive and will readily consume all of the ions from the saltwater. You can also use the spray electronics cleaner like that from CRC.
  8. Nothing a little Febreeze couldn't take care of.
  9. cjmdh

    Is this Bryopsis?

    I used fluconozole to rid my tank of it over a year ago and to date it has not returned. Now that I say that it will pop back up.... 😐
  10. cjmdh

    True Facts: Bobbit Worm and Polychaete Pals

    "Filter kale chip crumbs and quinoa....." 🤣
  11. cjmdh

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I ordered the 1/2" ones from https://saltyunderground.com/ of the nine that I received only half were actually 1/2" the rest were about 1/4" or a bit bigger. Not sure why they didn't do anything in my tank.
  12. cjmdh

    40G Breeder Frag Tank setup

    PM’d you.
  13. cjmdh

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I put 9 in my 50 gallon over a month ago and not one aptasia has disappeared. I even saw several of them about a week after putting them one night, but alas they either weren't happy or something ate them. Not sure what would have eaten them though with two clowns, lawnmower blenny, blue damsel, and a tomini tang, along with 1 or 2 hermit crabs and a crap ton of snails.
  14. cjmdh

    RIP Bucket - "best cat ever"

    So sorry for your loss!
  15. cjmdh

    Planned power outage

    I miss our Nest. Ours saved us quite a bit of money. Paid for itself in about 4 months. Our new system has a proprietary one wire communication system that isn't compatible with Nest.