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  1. If @Electrokate does not take it you are next in line.
  2. Usually Monday and Tuesday. Will for sure on be there Monday next week.
  3. Yes still have the sump.
  4. 30.5x16x16 not pretty but may be of use to someone. Pick up in Salem or I am in Tualatin once or twice a week.
  5. 2 are ATI and the other 3 I am not sure as there are no markings on them. I am pretty sure they are used, they were in a package deal that I bought.
  6. Additions to the list: $40 - 55w UV sterilizer with pump. Free - 36" T5 bulbs. 5 of them. $10ea - 48" T5 bulbs - All new - 4 actinic, 4 Blue +, 4 Coral + $50 - LED grow lamp. Was going to use on the Triton sump fuge. Free - DI canisters.
  7. Yes the 120 is still available. Did not get a text though.
  8. The red-ish wood stand is gone. Did not plan on using it and it was pretty rough. The grey/black stand was promised to @Ron if he will release that, then stand can go with the tank.
  9. That it the 120g.
  10. Filtered pics of zoas and Goni.
  11. It is the 48x24x25
  12. Should have mentioned the equipment currently supporting the 40B will only go after the livestock is gone. Ato reservoir, ATO, Curve 5, and Apex
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