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  1. That would be great! I'm happy to tank sit any time.
  2. The bleaching in Australia is very sad and hard to see happen in real time.... My favorite spot was Misool in southern Raj Ampat. A close second was the outer islands off New Guinea.
  3. Hi Holly, this is Todd. I will definitely post pics!
  4. Agreed! Your current setup looks amazing of course. I love my 300g peninsula that divides two rooms BUT if I had the option to do an even longer in-wall tank that extended in to garage... The one thing I miss about having an wall tank is the extra depth you get by placing rock-work against the back side. My next house will have an in-wall tank with the backside a dedicated fish room.
  5. I started my first reef tank in 1998, had a 45 hex, 10g and 20 long. Consolidated to the 20 long and ran that until a sea apple crashed the whole tank in 2003. Was out of hobby until 2010. Currently I have a 300g acrylic made by James running a mixed reef. I'm also an avid diver/underwater photographer and my wife and I dive a new tropical reef every year. This causes a moral dilemma for me when purchasing wild fish. I no longer purchase wild coral, only aquacultered.
  6. Also looking forward to bringing a little algae to determine once and for all what species has been driving me nuts the last year!
  7. Looking forward to it. This has long been my go-to, now with Cuttlefish.
  8. It looks like the innovative marine one would work for your cube. Possibly would need to modify the top bracket for the sterilizer.
  9. Taken while diving in Indonesia (Misool), not my best job centering!
  10. I'm in your boat right now too. Been running GFO but the $$$ adds up fast! I'm debating running an ATS v. dosing Lanthanum Chloride... What size is your fuge? I'm going to initially try just hanging a simple grow bulb over my sump and float a mesh screen. It will only grow algae on one side, but its simple.
  11. A UV sterilizer will not only help with water clarity but it will kill free floating algae spores, among other things, depending on what UV wattage you have and the flow rate. Most hobbiests use too small a unit with too high of flow. aquaUV has a flow chart for each unit to show you what it will kill at each flow rate. Will a UV fix an algae issue by itself? No. But it will help. Its a very easy component to add to the system and is low maintenance. I have an auqaUV 114w on my setup and run about 700gph through it. Its plumbed to feed the output directly in to my skimmer to skim off the now dead organic matter. I change both bulbs yearly because they lose effectiveness.
  12. 300g custom acrylic from James 72x36x27, 6 Kessil a360, 2 Stream 3s, C2C beananimal low profile overflow. 100g sump, Vectra M1 -> 114w aquauv -> SRO 5000ext w/ VarioS-6S. -> Vectra L1 return. SpectraP 

    Current Tank Info: 300g deep dimension mixed reef

  13. Thanks for the reminder! I just bought backup heaters last week (6) and two days ago 2 of my heaters went out. I don't have a backup return pump.... Going to order now!
  14. I'm very jealous of your setup! I have two 100 gallon mixing/RO tanks in my garage. If I built a fish room attached to my tank, I would do everything possible to have those tanks in the fish room. Makes life easier especially if you want to install an automatic water change system.
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