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  1. Size 11 save yourself and be protected as they always say 80.00 cash great deal!!
  2. StayPuff

    Any motorcycle riders 2XL

    They are the black ones
  3. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/62477/i/icon-citadel-mesh-pants?SITEID=Google+SEARCH+NON-BRAND+Product+Level+Ads+-+Google+Shopping+Campaign+Brands&P_ID=1738962569&adpos=1o1&creative=93111300293&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=CjwKEAjwsMu5BRD7t57R1P2HwBgSJABrtj-RtghJDGdWDjBj74fm357dM0FmK8GCN_35VcRLQhrB7BoCyJjw_wcB This is what i have when i got the bike just like the tank i found out about my move as i said im downsizing everything i have will get new when i get to Florida so i have a 2XL This cost me 170 bucks and still have the tags on it. This is mesh ride in the summer with ease has pads to. Icon citadel is a great riding pants gear and keep while your at it. Brand new never worn 100. cash
  4. BUMP Price drop to 50.00 bucks that is almost 200.00 off see the change in your place with this you will i know i did.
  5. If you dont have one of these around your place your missing out. This will take the moist out the air and i have never had water on the windows or mold in my place. Works perfect selling for 65.00 here is a little about this You'll be able to keep your room cool, comfortable, and humidity-free with this stylish 60 pint (28.4 litre) portable dehumidifier. This unit can efficiently remove moisture from areas up to 3,600 square feet in size. The model features easy-to-use electronic controls and adjustable humidity settings as well as two quiet fan settings. The Energy Star rating means it's one of the most efficient models on the market and will help cut down on electricity usage. It has a low environmental impact due to the R134A refrigerant and can operate in temperatures as low as 5ºC (41°F). The noise levels are minimized with this appliance and the drain hose is ideal for direct draining. The dehumidifier also comes with an automatic restart unit as well as an auto de-icing system to keep the coils free of ice. Cleaning the appliance and moving it to another room are as easy as can be due to the removable air filter and rolling castors. Features: 60 U.S. pint (28.4 litre) capacity per 24 hours For areas up to 3,600 sq. ft. depending on conditions Environmentally friendly R134A refrigerant Electronic controls 2 Fan speeds (High - Low) Auto Restart feature Low temperature feature allows the system to continue to operate until temperature reaches 5ºC Auto de-icer prevents ice build-up on coils Direct drain feature for continuous operation Removable air filter is easy to clean Castors for easy portability Send me a Pm if your interested I can send pics if needed or you can google and see what it looks like this thing will do 3500sq ft of your house i can tell you that and help keep it moist free mold free. If you dont have a tank it dont matter you take showers i have not been sick at all since having this but im moving in less than 4 weeks now and no moist where im going this is a great deal they sell for 170 to 220 65.00 cash takes it I dont have the hose for it it fills up and i just empty it and you would be so surprised as to see how much water floats around your place good to keep them off the walls and windows. I drain this about once a week run it every other day or winter time maybe every day for 1 to 2 hours is it
  6. For you i will make it 240 cash bottom line Actually anyone i will make it for 240 heck this is like giving it away for free but then again it helps me on my trip in couple months So folks 240 bucks!!!!!!!!!! Grab this smoking deal I wont go no lower than this no matter what . So hey now how tempted are ya? You ready hehehe Someone will for sure get them self one heck of a deal might as well be you
  7. Yea my plan was to go out with a bunch of folks on meldren bar on the weekends tons of people out there with these. But where im going and downsizing no need . This will make a nice for a nice car/truck for someone and im sure would enjoy it like i would of only you get brand new for half off
  8. Just for the heck of it i will drop this down to $275 cash
  9. This is the SLASH 2.4ghz 30+MPH Titan 12t waterproof XL-5 2.4GHZ SCT tires the new IO Power cell battery 4amp dc fast charger Extras 2 bottles of oil about 20.00 Big bore shock kit 50.00 tool kit 25.00 car stand 25.00 2 extra power batteries 35 and 45.00 each BRAND NEW not even open I might be missing some other things im asking $300 CASH this thing has been ran down my carper at my place one time everything is brand new. Also has extra stickers. Also ac/DC charger to to play and stay out with your car all day with all 3 batteries. Well over 800.00 into all this and never used im downsizing everything due to my next move posting here before it goes to CL Next week for 400.00 so im offering big discount here. You wont come close to getting all this brand new stuff for this price. Only thing open is the car and it's ready to run for you. Send me a PM if interested ill leave here for a week then going to CL EDIT 240 BUCKS CASH PRICE DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grab this bad boy
  10. If someone wants to pay 40 cash ill toss in all 3 Alkalinity Reagents with it the HANNA ones
  11. This is what they are 3 boxes of them http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/reagents-for-hanna-alkalinity-checker.html
  12. Ok i had some points i used up at local shop got some more Coral Booster this is 64.99 500 ml and brightwell Marine Snow8.99 Both of these are not open I will sell both together as a deal for 40.00 cash Also have 3 brand new boxers of Alkalinity Reagents 6.99 each each box 4 bucks each these are the tested ones and good to go no opened just got all this today Located in Wilsonville PM me