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  1. EdansClownHouse

    FREE Aquarium and equipment TODAY

    Tank is in it's new home and very happy! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!
  2. EdansClownHouse

    Custom Acrylic Clear Mesh Top

    Looks great! Nice job!
  3. EdansClownHouse

    FREE Aquarium and equipment TODAY

    Hey gang, I have moved to CA and I am back in town (Vancouver WA) today. I MUST get rid of my 4 foot x 21 x 17 tall acrylic aquarium (TODAY). I have a few thing to go with it like a protein skimmer, etc. I don't have time to list everything. Pleas call before you head out to check it out. I wouldn't want it gone before you got here. The acrylic is 5/8 thick (bullet proof...lol) even the bottom is same thickness. It is VERY heavy and you must load it your self. It is connected to a sold 4x4 wood stand that was sealed and it great shape. Picture was when tank was new 2 years ago