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  1. joshuapd

    Lawnmower blenny

    If the blenny is still available I would like to have it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. joshuapd

    ATS design, possible workshop

    Newby question here: what is ATS??
  3. joshuapd

    WTS Coralife Super Skimmer 65g $50

    This has been sold
  4. For sale: Used Coralife Super Skimmer 65g. Purchased new 10 months ago. Works fine. Has original box, manual and all parts. Can be run as a hang on back or in sump $50 OBO I'm located in NE PDX
  5. joshuapd

    Back in the game: 125 Reef (re)build!

    Gorgeous!! Well done!
  6. joshuapd

    I need cheato

    You are awesome! Thanks!
  7. joshuapd

    I need cheato

    Reminder [emoji51]
  8. joshuapd

    Power outage

    Amazon is sending me a replacement which should get here on Monday. (I merely asked for the adaptor but I guess they're replacing the whole pump). I said I damaged it... but ok. Gotta love that company. 3 days of sump being offline should be ok I would think...
  9. joshuapd

    Power outage

    Jebao DCS-5000 1320GPH Submersible Pump with Controller
  10. joshuapd

    Power outage

    Just now. But of course, I knocked my return pump adaptor into the sump while messing around in the dark. So now return pump isn't working [emoji37] Don't suppose anyone has one of these laying around?
  11. joshuapd

    Power outage

    How cold can the tank get before I start to be in real trouble?
  12. joshuapd

    Power outage

    No power or heat in NE PDX for last 7 hours. Tank temp has fallen to 71. I've resorted to putting tea candles on top of sump to warm bottom of tank. Yikes
  13. joshuapd

    I need cheato

    Yes, I'm planning on coming Saturday. That would be awesome!
  14. joshuapd

    I need cheato

  15. joshuapd

    I need cheato

    Anyone in NE PDX have cheato they wanna get rid of? Setting up refugium Thanks