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  1. Hello Everyone, Well it's been a long time in the making but it is finally here! The new OTTOMEDIC EVO 7000Z1 Self Regulating, Hands Free, Plug & Play, No manual valves to turn, Protein Skimmer Video was just uploaded couple weeks ago onto YouTube https://youtu.be/06L6hlDUfhc Please check it out to see this new Technology in action with a side by side comparison of this new technology versus the Classic Skimmers you are so familiar with already. Tell me what you think of this new technology? https://www.ottomedic.com
  2. Toad Fish, A wise man once said: People fear what they don't understand. It makes them angry. It makes them say crazy things. It makes them want to burn people at the stake. Don't know why you insist on slander & falsifying statements about me & my invention or what you've seen or read so you my friend have prompted me to end this thread. Signing off now for good. Have a nice day :-)
  3. Hello coloredup & StayPuff You guys bring valid points and I do appreciate your respectfully worded comments! I am not a scientist however I do understand the principles of the production of O2 versus CO2. It's a given fish produce CO2 and invertebrates & corals produce O2. We know in oceans there is a balance of aquatic life producing both not unlike land based plants & animals. Many aquariums have an unbalanced production of the two requiring a means of countering that imbalance. Aeration in the home environment allows for the water to absorb the CO2 you exhale as well as the limited O2 allowed in through open doors & windows. What your concerns are : If your aquarium is unbalanced in the production of CO2 versus O2 then countering that imbalance through aeration is required beyond the natural aeration occurring with the flow of water pouring down into your sump tank. Strictly reef aquariums require CO2 enrichment as I have witnessed at Aquarium Paradise in Lakewood, WA with their CO2 tank system on their display invertebrate tank. Levels of CO2 versus O2 is a guessing game or an educated guess based on the inhabitants. Meaning you can't measure it. If you have an CO2 producing crew and need all the O2/ CO2 exchange you can get & are concerned this skimmer design will hinder that exchange, the answer is so simple. Air pump & air stones in your sump tank can replicate what your current skimmer is exchanging. That way you get the benefit of automation & aeration. It's cheap, fast, & simple. Now if you buy a O2 or CO2 tank system you can connect it to the PRO-TEIN CLEAN protein skimmer and with a single dose from the tank the skimmer will recirculate that dose for days greatly extending the consumption life of the tank! A professor at a state university is in possession of a PRO-TEIN CLEAN TouchLess Plug & Play Model 62525A protein skimmer and has experience & history testing protein skimmers. Him & I are in agreement that his findings will not be published until I have my website up & able to take orders online. Please be patient. Websites are very complicated. Due to the limited units available & the high cost of U.S. labor and the fact that these units are hand made one at a time, combined with the over all start up cost investment over the last 7 years, the cost of patent attorney's & filing patents, event venues, advertising & models not everyone will be able to afford one at first. There are many people paying far more for manual protein skimmers than what the price of this new Automatic one will be. I have a constant flow of inquiry's by email as you can imagine. Hope this helps in your need for info.
  4. Thank you TheClark for informing me about the http://reefbuilders....ound-plug-play/ ! I want to thank president of pnwmas (JManrow) John Manrow for suggesting to look up Bob Fenner, who in turn connected me with Jake Adams at Reef Builders who wrote the article!
  5. Everybody is invited! Admission and Raffle Ticket are Free! Come Win and walk away with a New 6" X 25" Protein Skimmer rated for 400 gallons! Located in the Chinook Banquet room (privately reserved) in the Muckleshoot Casino, Auburn, WA on Sunday December 6th, 2015. Doors open at 2:00PM YouTube link: https://youtu.be/Tv6GI4rw0sg See you there! Allan
  6. Angler, you have an interesting question! The term Oxygenate is misleading. All other current protein skimmer designs draw into the water whatever is in the air of the room the aquarium is in. This includes carbon dioxide, dust, pollen, & in some cases perfumes, air fresheners & cigarette smoke. The owner of sierra Fish & Pets once told me a customer was having health problems with his saltwater aquarium and he thought it may be caused by something in the room air being drawn into his tank through the protein skimmer? The PRO-TEIN CLEAN TouchLess Plug & Play protein skimmer recirculates the same air over & over so not only is it completely silent with No Sucking sounds or sewage odors, it does NOT introduce new contamination continuously into your aquarium like all other models. In fact for the first time ever you can specifically control what air is recirculated by adding what you want such as pure oxygen or carbon dioxide. ​ Aquarium Paradise store in Lakewood saturates a display tank with carbon dioxide because its a soft & hard coral only tank. You can simply detach the rubber tube at top and connect it to your source of preferred air type and it will draw it into the water pump and into the collection chamber where after you reattach the rubber tube will recirculate over & over. Allan
  7. John, It was great talking with you as well last night! I learned a lot from you about pnwmas, the saltwater industry and who some of the important industry people are in the region! I am looking forward to meeting you and other pnwmas members at the show. It's always fun talking with people that have been in the saltwater industry as long as I have. This is very exciting joining the society and putting on this event December 6th at Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA. My protein skimmer makes people scratch their heads as to how it works & I love that! LOL I hope to see a lot of members at the show. The event is free, covered parking is free, raffle tickets are free, & there will be free coffee & tea for guests. So come join us everybody! Allan
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