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  1. dsilvery

    whats left sale

    What is the width of your gyre xf130? I have been looking for this for my 60 gallon to complement my 2 mp10s
  2. dsilvery


    I would start dosing microbacter by brightwell aquatics until the bottle is empty. Next pick up some raw rowaphos and get a media bag and place about a 1/2tsp in the bag and clip in your tank near a powerhead using a veggie CLIP for feeding fish. This will absorb the phosphates and silicates if you are living in Vancouver Wa.
  3. dsilvery

    Where To Purchase A New Tank In Portland?

    I have always dealt with Shane at Caye's Aquarium on about 137th and se division when I lived in Portland Or. He is very knowledgeable and will help along the way to get you started.
  4. dsilvery

    Bubble Algea

    I have used lugols and brightwell aquatics medicoral. I had bubble algae breakout one time. With a combination of tactics including smaller Emerald crabs. I recommend smaller as they sometimes will try to go fishing in your tank if they get too big. I also would create 3 trays of saltwater, one with lugols. Use a scalpel to carefully scrape bubble algae off without breaking bubbles in first bin. Then dip in lugols then in clean saltwater. Repeat until clean.
  5. I work in the medical field doing IT work. I started my 29 gallon back in 2009. After many years I took the plunge and upgraded to a 60 gallon about 3 months ago. This has made the hobby much easier and more forgiving.
  6. dsilvery

    Anyone used. Dr tims fish less cycle?

    I have always used brightwall aquatics Microbacter when starting a new tank to minimize and cycle the tank quicker.