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  1. Heyo Mods - if this isn't allowed then please remove. But.. I did a bit of advertising work a company called Klarna - and they're doing a thing today/tomorrow where they give stuff away. One of the prizes is a BRS package - I have no clue what it will actually be. I'm not at all involved with any of that or who wins or anything. Anyway - I figure some of my fish friends here might try to win and it would be cool if they did. https://smoooth.klarna.com/aquarium/
  2. Heyo. You’ll very much enjoy having the apex. You can usually find decent deals on used units either here or on other sites. You can get an older model jr for pretty cheap but you’ll eventually want to upgrade. My advice would be to get the apex el and go from there. That will probably run you $400 used. You can get an older model for probably 200 but it won’t have WiFi and that’s a major plus of the new units.
  3. You can certainly choose to live with whatever unwanted pests you want in your tank, but I think it would be pretty low-rent to not to at least tell someone if you're selling a frag or fish or whatever. I think a general rule of thumb would be that if you're wondering if you need to tell someone about something, you probably should. I didn't QT much the first time around and after the tank crashed while trying to go fallow, I decided everything would get QT'd moving forward. So now I've got two QT tanks and everything goes in. Inverts get 30+ days (which might not even be enough), and fish go as long as they need with at least 30 days of copper. So anything I buy from a fellow hobbyist would go in there regardless.
  4. Bevo5


    Yeah I'm debating whether to glue it back together or use the little pieces as new starts around the tank. I've got a lot of empty spaces that could use the coral, but that was also the big centerpiece coral. I might put a few pieces together and move the rest...best of both worlds.
  5. Bevo5


    I have a pretty big frog spawn. Well. I had a pretty big frogspawn. I was moving things around last night and I guess I wasn’t supporting the base enough because it broke off and then I proceeded to break multiple heads off in chunks as I fumbled around to glue it all together. the bad news - my large frogspawn is no more. The good news - I have five chunks of 4 or 5 heads each. I guess I could glue it all back together but now I’m inclined to spread it out around the tank and grow more. So let this be a lesson to everyone - don’t mess with your tanks after a six pack.
  6. I used the flexible PVC tubing you find at hardware stores. The stuff I found was black, and very thick. It works with PVC glue quite well. I will say - that if I had to do it over again I'd probably just run more elbows and keep it all organized with the standard PVC. The flexible stuff was hard to work with and I feel like there's always a bit of tension in the lines because it fights to bend itself back. Does that make sense? BRS did a video testing the pressure/flow loss of elbows and it was minimal. Plus, it looks way more organized and you can keep things out of the way.
  7. Wait - just for closure. Was that not at all the item you bought, or is it just different than the pictures?
  8. Definitely head to Gresham and pick what you like. He has food safe barrels for like $50 and he’ll put a bulkhead on it for $15. Those norwesco and awesome but spendy.
  9. Ah. Yeah didn’t see that last bit!
  10. Could always start cutting up stars yourself. That’s the next level. Or maybe you can find frozen?
  11. How big are the reactors and do they have pumps? Pics?
  12. I was just looking for these today. I didn’t realize they weren’t around yet. Weird. I’ll definitely be grabbing one. I’m plus/minus such a wide range just trying to read the dang colors. This will at least be close.
  13. Bevo5

    Clowning around.

    awesome. i'm wanting to grab some clowns soon. that looks fun
  14. Also doubles as a sand stirrer. So.....just y'all just send in those orders.
  15. That's a smoking deal. I'm trying to figure out where I'd put another tank.
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