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  1. I got next dibs if they come back. I'll sweeten the deal to $50!
  2. Got probably 100pounds give it take of the Fiji pink. Tank was freshwater so no pests but will definitely be full of waste to cycle out. free in ne Portland.
  3. Hey thanks y'all - the stuff at home depot is always so rigid that it's always a pain to work with. The stuff Python uses is very easily wrapped up and stored. I'll go try the grow stores - or I'll just bite the bullet and spend the extra $30 on the Python.
  4. I need to run a tube about 50ft from my RODI to the tank. I've been using my Python, but I want to keep that separate. The 5/8ths tube you find at stores is super rigid - whatever type the Python uses is very flexible and easy to manage. I just don't want to spend $70 on it! Anybody know what that tubing might be? Or where to get it bulk...cheaper? Thanks!
  5. I've got an extra APEX Auto Feeder I've never really used. I had dreams of alternating feedings but I gave up on that dream. Box is long gone, but I have the cable/bracket etc. Maybe filled up with food a couple times? $75 in NE Portland?
  6. Hey - yup! Went out to Gresham and left with two of the big blue barrels, drilled and bulkheads installed. He put the holes toward the bottom where there's a bit of an indention, but swore up and down they would hold water. I haven't filled them up yet but I got it all hooked up. Your build is pretty sick....looks great. Mine is basically the same layout, except I added spouts coming off each bucket so I can grab a quick 5g of fresh/salt if I need it. But it isn't exactly "pretty." Maybe one of these days I'll redo it.
  7. I've got two of the big, grey 55 gallon Brute containers that I used for my mixing station. They have holes for 1in bulkheads at the bottom. I have the bulkheads, but you'll need new outside halves because I had to cut them off. And I cut one lid to allow for a salt to be added in. Anyway - $30 for both?
  8. Hey yup! That was the place I was thinking about going to! Probably easiest to just go out there tomorrow and pick 'em up. Thanks.
  9. I’ve had it with my Rubbermaid and the seals leaking If I look at them funny. Anybody have two large (55+) storage tanks with built in spouts? I was going to just go buy two food safe barrels and drill in bulkheads but I’d prefer to find a couple already sealed up and working. thanks.
  10. I’ve got a good deal of rock. Not much of it is super sexy. I was gonna trash it but if you’re in pdx you’re welcome to it
  11. Hey all - thanks for the feedback and ideas. I'm going to write the Wet Spot with a list to see what they might want to do. I need to do that anyway, as I have a group of breeding wild Kitumba Frontosa (another lame freshwater fish!) in another tank that's going to hopefully overrun me with fry soon. ANYWAY. I'll update this post with a full list over the weekend just in case! Thanks again.
  12. I know I know - freshwater. Ugh! Just curious if anybody here is also into Malawi cichlids? I've got a tank of 40 large/colored Peacocks/Haps and I'm itching to change the tank into a FOWLR salt tank. But first, I gotta move these cichlids. Everything has been in there for about two years. All males (except one female that snuck in and has been spitting out weird hybrid babies for a while that all get eaten). Anyway. If interested - hit me up and I'll shoot over a comprehensive list of what all I've got in there. These are some just some quick shots I took of the tank this morning. All of the fish were shipped in from Southeast Cichlids in Georgia, and about half are wild. So for prices will be $30-$50 depending on what you're picking. The wild caught haps will be more than the smaller peacocks, for example.
  13. With the amount of money that is put into the livestock, it makes a lot of sense to take your approach. Definitely good to have heaters and pumps - the two things that will cause real issues when they crap out.
  14. Doing my weekly water change yesterday and all is going great until I try to fire up my return pump....notta. Nothing. Not even a tiny little hum of the motor trying to get going. So that's not good. Luckily, about two years ago I bought a backup and had it stored in the garage just waiting. Thirty minutes of minor plumbing and back in business. Just lucky though. Having to find a new internal pump at 1.5in output etc....under pressure to get everything going again - would've been stressful. SO - buy that backup pump now everyone. I already ordered a new backup. Related - it's a Jebao 12000. When I bought it, I wasn't really sure what kind of quality to expect. Well - it had been up running for about 40 months with MINIMAL routine cleaning. I mean minimal - like - just cleaning out the pre-filter. Quiet and moves a ton of water.
  15. If you have a microscope - even a kid's version - you can spot the difference, and identify, very easily. It's also just fun to take a bit of sand and water and look at it - so many little moving bits/bacteria/etc. Really interesting stuff.
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