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  1. I'll give ti a bit more time to see if anybody needs the full unit then hit you up. Thanks. To that end - y'all shoot me an offer on it if the 350 is too high.
  2. I've been holding onto this thinking I'd start up another salt tank, but I just set up a new 180 fresh so there's no going back for me anytime soon. So - for sale: Spectrapure MaxPure 4-stage RODI. Booster Pump In-Line TDS meter All new filters in the unit. (RO filters have a few months on them) 4 Unopened filters (First stage and an unopened DI) Everything: $350. Pick up in NE Portland. I also have two unopened bags of salt I'll throw in - those Kent bags that come in a box. I'll also toss in a box of odds and ends.
  3. yeesh - yeah that's a lot more than crazing! Hard to see from those first photos. I feel your pain though - I was one of the last people to get a tank from Tenecor. I set up the new 240 and about 2 weeks later had crazing along all the seams, which is pretty quick. I called Tenecor and found out they were out of business and, because I put the deposit down months before, it was past the credit card charge-back time frame. Had a local acrylic tank maker come out and look and he was basically 'get the water out of that immediately.' lol. And that's how a pet store down the street sold a 180 in about 2minutes. I love the look of acrylic though - and man, being able to life and move a 240 with just one other person is great...but scary when you start to see any edge become dynamic. Good luck with it all.
  4. What’s going on with the tank? Is that crazing suddenly new? It’s not uncommon for acrylic tanks to have a little crazing but depending on age Of tank and how suddenly it appeared I’d be more or less worried. Silver lining - you could take this chance to get rid of the ich.
  5. Bevo5

    ATO Pump Suggestion

    Wow thanks for all the great suggestions. I’m going to spend some time researching now. Another issue is it’s a 180g tank. I go through about 3 or so gallons on my 200 each day. This one will have glass tops so I imagine maybe 1 or 2 gallons a day. So have to sort out how much water these pumps can move without needing to be on 24/7.
  6. Bevo5

    ATO Pump Suggestion

    Need some pump suggestions... Got a 2nd tank across the room from my ATO reservoir. I need a pump that can get water across the room - about 15-20 feet and then up into the tank (48in high - no sump). I was thinking something like the pump on the Tunze ATO that uses a really small diameter tube so I can hide it easily - but will that have enough power to get it all the way to the tank? Thanks for any ideas.
  7. Setting up a 180 that has been sitting in my garage. It's a freshwater tank and I'm using a giant EHEIM 2262 filter. I plug it in and it's dripping out of a spot that I know just needs a new O-ring. So I unscrew it, put the new O-ring in (I've got spares) and I'm tightening it up when I remember I forgot a bracket. So I reach in to untighten the pump cover it and turn it the wrong way.....over tightening it. Aaaannnndd....that's when I broke the pump cover. $10 piece of plastic that will now take 5 days to get to me. So no new tank this weekend. Just venting.
  8. Hey all. I have this Rubbermaid full of dry reef rock. It’s been bleached and has been in the Rubbermaid for a good year now. Looking to get rid of it. $25 obo. I keep the Rubbermaid!
  9. Bevo5

    Looking for 48" fluorescent fixture

    Go get a shop light at Home Depot. Run ya about 20 bucks for 2 tubes.
  10. Bevo5

    The Sell Off - The Meat & Potatoes

    This stuff still available?
  11. I know some of you reefers also like african cichlids - so worth a shot posting these here. I'm switching my front tank to Moba and need to move my trio of Kitumba's. 1m2f - 5in on the females, male is larger. One female held for a few days about a month ago. $300. In NE Portland.
  12. Bevo5

    Apex extension chord

    I want to use my apex controller to manage a 2nd tank across the room. My plan is to run that tank off an EB8, but is there an APEX extension chord to hook it up to the home unit? I'm confused by the various options out there...would a regular UBS cable work?
  13. Bevo5


    Glad to hear you are taking the board's advice. Many times people hate the idea of going fallow and just try to muscle through it. The problem is that ich's lifecycle makes it seem like the issue resolves itself. I didn't go fallow once because the ich subsided. Then, I added a couple new fish (after QT) and the ich exploded back. Lesson learned though - the only safe way to ensure no ich is to QT everything, which can be unrealistic. But QT'ing fish with prazi/cupramine is generally the best way to make sure nothing nasty gets in the tank. If I had the means, though, I'd QT every rock and piece of coral I put in the tank since spores can live for a very long time.