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  1. Your best bet would be to Cruise over to the wet spot and pick up some bristlenose. They usually have decent size albinos. IMO they’re the best algae eaters. Fancies never do much to the algae I’ve found. Royals are awesome though.
  2. Hey sorry, they’re all gone.
  3. I ordered way too much. I've probably got a few thousand in a bucket and I don't want to these to the fish forever. I can make little bags and leave em outside if anybody wants to grab one? Hit me up. - I'm in NE portland.
  4. Anybody got a lead on a live brine or feeder worms in Portland? Thanks.
  5. Will you take a 24 pack of double ply?
  6. Bevo5


    Wow that’s a great deal.
  7. I’m very much wanting to sit on a roof deck and drink some pints.
  8. Hey, please make sure she knows how much the random strangers on your reef forum appreciate everything she’s doing.
  9. Anybody have a stand for the coralife 29/32 biocube laying around? Let me know. Thanks.
  10. Yikes - good catch. Sometimes I catch things I've done and just have a 'wow, i'm an idiot' moment. So many of the issues are self-inflicted wounds in this hobby. Like turning everything back on after a water change. I have to go through each switch on the apex and make sure it's done like 10 times. Super OCD.
  11. Sounds like y'all should give it a shot and report the findings!
  12. That was fun - I don't have a tank ready for the corals yet, but it was fun to watch.
  13. I don't have a full understanding of what exactly it is - but it's some sort of byproduct of the salt and builds up over time. It's harmless and common and should chip off pretty easily.
  14. Hey thanks all - all great options. I just sent a couple PM's to check plumbing size and stuff. Love the community here - always helpful!
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