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  1. mag 7 pending Last bump for the Iwaki, listed now on RC
  2. updated with new pics and removed the anemone, who decided to cut himself into a bunch of mini-anemones recently and is therefore no longer for sale.
  3. The mag 7 is used. No problems with it but yes its used.
  4. I have a few creatures I'd like to rehome. Theyre all healthy and happy but no longer well suited for my tanks so I'm hoping someone else in the area has a home for them. I'll take cash or trade for any of them. For trades, I'd be interested in coral frags or inverts (cleaner shrimp and anemone crabs are both on my wish list). I can meet anywhere in the Albany - Eugene area for sale or trade. #1. Spotted dragonet , female. $20. About 1.5-2 inches. Shes been in one of my algal refugia for about 3 months now... bought her as a pair who turned out to be both female, so had to banish her from the display tank. #2. Pencil urchin, $10. Has lived in my tank almost 2 years, been banished to an algal refugium for the last 1.5 because he was a bulldozer in my display. If you've got a tank that could use the attention of an urchin, adopt an urchin today! #4. Giant hermit crab, $5. Nominally this is Clibanarius vittatus, but who knows. He currently lives in a conch shell, to give you some idea of his size. Hasnt caused any problems in my tank except hes so friggin big, when he climbs the rocks he dislodges all the corals and macros in his path. Most interesting behavior is his tendency to climb the hell out of my tank and hang out under my couch for a few hours before being discovered and returned to the tank. I suggest a tank with a lid. #5. Giant zebra turbo snails ($5 each; 3 available). Algae cleaning machines but also bulldozers. I enjoy their work in my frag tank but am tired of having to pick up the frags they knock over.
  5. Last bump before moving this to craigslist and reefcentral. This is a powerhouse of a pump, in perfect unused condition for < 1/2 purchase price... anyone need a big, reliable external pump?
  6. This may be more pump than you need but This pump is a beast (>2000 gph). I'm asking just under half of the new price. Its never left the box, been sitting unopened a couple of years. $200
  7. I have two pumps taking up space, perhaps these would be useful for someone out there. #1 - Iwaki MD-100RLT. This is new and unopened, still in the box. I bought it for a project that never materialized. This is a beast of a pump, and I've personally run these pumps in another system for 5 years 24-7 without a failure. Great pumps. External only. List price is $479, I am asking $200. link to new pump for reference #2 - Danner Mag-drive model 7. This is used but runs with no problems. List price is $89, I am asking $40. (PENDING) link to new pump for reference Can meet anywhere between Corvallis and Eugene.
  8. pencil urchin - $10 (or one SPS frag) This guy is fat and happy but hes a bulldozer so he's been living in my refugium for a while. I should probably find him a home with more room to wander. (pic not shown, can add on request). spotted (aka yellow) mandarin dragonet - female - $20 (or two SPS frags) I've had her about 3 months, but today she and her tank mate starting fighting so I had to separate them. I had hoped they were male and female but apparently not. Both of their dorsal fin spines remain small like typical females. She feeds readily on live copepods and baby brine shrimp, but I havent tried training her onto frozen food yet. She is active and healthy without any visible problems, other than a bad attitude toward her sister. She's about 1.5 inches long. I can meet anywhere in the Corvallis - Eugene area.
  9. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    Buyer fell through, still have the live mysis available. $20 or will trade for any sps or lps frags.
  10. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    Thanks for your interest and patience with my slow replies. Looks like I have a buyer on PMs interested in both pods and mysis now so wont be able to sell the pods alone. Sorry for stringing you guys along -- I am just ready to be done taking care of these mysis so was eager to sell them, and sold them to the first who messaged me for both. If you are interested in amphipods I can only repeat my recommendation for aquariumdepot and royalreefs. Buying the 1000 packs on BOGO sales is what has worked well for me, and if you split it between two itd come out pretty cheap.
  11. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    No idea if they can live together long term, I keep them separately. My refugium also has high flow (I respectfully disagree with the widespread notions that low turnover through the sump is somehow desirable). I guess I have around 500 gph through the refugium. It also has a ton of macro which I'm sure leaves lots of low flow areas.
  12. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    I have a healthy population in my refugium, they do seem to survive well there.
  13. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    I have bought amphipods from both aquariumdepot and royalreefs. I was equally happy with both sources. My rule is only buy when theyre buy one get one free, both sites do this periodically. I buy them in lots of 1000 and keep them in plastic jars with airstones, near my phytoplankton cultures. I feed them crumbled up dried nori, and change water once a week. They last as long as I choose to keep taking care of them and remain too numerous to count. When I've tried starting cultures with the small 15-30 packs that some places sell, they never grew into the large colonies I want as a food supply. But both of the above sources sell big fat bags of 1000 amphipods.