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  1. pencil urchin - $10 (or one SPS frag) This guy is fat and happy but hes a bulldozer so he's been living in my refugium for a while. I should probably find him a home with more room to wander. (pic not shown, can add on request). spotted (aka yellow) mandarin dragonet - female - $20 (or two SPS frags) I've had her about 3 months, but today she and her tank mate starting fighting so I had to separate them. I had hoped they were male and female but apparently not. Both of their dorsal fin spines remain small like typical females. She feeds readily on live copepods and baby brine shrimp, but I havent tried training her onto frozen food yet. She is active and healthy without any visible problems, other than a bad attitude toward her sister. She's about 1.5 inches long. I can meet anywhere in the Corvallis - Eugene area.
  2. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    Buyer fell through, still have the live mysis available. $20 or will trade for any sps or lps frags.
  3. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    Thanks for your interest and patience with my slow replies. Looks like I have a buyer on PMs interested in both pods and mysis now so wont be able to sell the pods alone. Sorry for stringing you guys along -- I am just ready to be done taking care of these mysis so was eager to sell them, and sold them to the first who messaged me for both. If you are interested in amphipods I can only repeat my recommendation for aquariumdepot and royalreefs. Buying the 1000 packs on BOGO sales is what has worked well for me, and if you split it between two itd come out pretty cheap.
  4. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    No idea if they can live together long term, I keep them separately. My refugium also has high flow (I respectfully disagree with the widespread notions that low turnover through the sump is somehow desirable). I guess I have around 500 gph through the refugium. It also has a ton of macro which I'm sure leaves lots of low flow areas.
  5. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    I have a healthy population in my refugium, they do seem to survive well there.
  6. EMeyer

    Live amphipods & mysis for sale

    I have bought amphipods from both aquariumdepot and royalreefs. I was equally happy with both sources. My rule is only buy when theyre buy one get one free, both sites do this periodically. I buy them in lots of 1000 and keep them in plastic jars with airstones, near my phytoplankton cultures. I feed them crumbled up dried nori, and change water once a week. They last as long as I choose to keep taking care of them and remain too numerous to count. When I've tried starting cultures with the small 15-30 packs that some places sell, they never grew into the large colonies I want as a food supply. But both of the above sources sell big fat bags of 1000 amphipods.
  7. I've been maintaining cultures of live mysis and amphipods for some time now to feed cuttlefish hatchlings. After my last batch of hatchlings didnt do well, I have decided to take a break from cuttlefish for a while... maintaining 4+ different varieties of live plankton was a little bit of a pain. So -- I have for sale or trade two lots of live food 1. ~50-100 live mysis shrimp. 2. ~1000 live amphipods I'd sell either lot for $20 or trade for corals (2 or more frags per lot). Can meet anywhere between Albany and Eugene.
  8. EMeyer

    Help identify unknown pest in my tank

    whoa, from reading that thread this is definitely the same thing! Many thanks. At least now I know what to look for. I knew it had to be either Annelid or Arthropod... My next post will have pictures of the horrible creature. Wish me luck; I'm going in...
  9. EMeyer

    Help identify unknown pest in my tank

    Update -- after removing a ~3 inch section of tube yesterday, it rebuilt it again last night. It makes a beeline from a hole in the rock to my recently placed palys. The palys in question are pink/orange with green centers (they look like that thing people call gobstoppers, although the idea that all palys with the same color morph are the same thing is obviously nonsense). In the past, this unknown predator has also gone after some brightly colored zoanthids (purple face with bright orange skirt and sometimes an orange mouth). It always builds its tube from the hole in the rockwork directly to the zoas or palys, then eats them. It only goes after palys or zoas with interesting colors, especially anything in orange. Last night I looked several times and it was absent... this morning by 5 AM it had completed its tube and eaten several polyps. Tomorrow night I'll scope it out in the middle of the night. If I have to take the rock work apart I will! I think I know which rock it lives in and am curious to see what a freshwater dip will scare out of the rock... I will also take a picture of tonights tube (already tore last night's tube apart) so people can see if theyve ever come across anything similar. Again, its a tube ~1/4" in diameter, made of silk or similar material, adhering to the rock. I have yet to witness the animal itself. A great mystery for this inverts geek. I will find out what this is!
  10. EMeyer

    Help identify unknown pest in my tank

    Not a vermetid. They have calcareous shells, and much smaller. This tube is made of fibrous material. Like silk. And much bigger than vermetids. That more or less narrows it down to an Arthropod or Annelid... but I'm unaware of any that eat polyps. This eats 5-10 polyps a night once it reaches the colony. I will add that there are always lots of amphipods running around the tube, but I am very skeptical they made it. While amphipods do make little tunnels in algae sometimes, this tunnel is seriously 1/4" diameter. Thats not normal. Tonight I'll scope it out after dark...
  11. Alright folks, this has me stumped. I have a pest I've never seen. It lives somewhere in my rocks, and at night, it secretes a fibrous, tough, white tube on the rock. The tube is about 1/4" in diameter, and sometimes a few inches long. The tube always appears starting deep in the rock and ending at a zoanthid or palythoa frag. Which the unknown animal eats. Thats right, a tube-dwelling zoanthid and palythoa predator. I have never heard of such a thing. When I remove the tube, it makes a new one the next day. It seems to have a real taste for the more colorful polyps. Anything with orange is apparently delicious. (I know someone will want a picture but honestly if I posted one people would only see a white tube. There aint much to it.) Anyone ever hear of such a thing? If I can figure out what it is perhaps I can put together a plan for getting rid of it...
  12. EMeyer

    New FB Auctions!

    So happy to hear I'm not the only one. Deleted my FB account about 5 years ago and genuinely consider it one of the best decisions I've ever made. When the rest of the world joins us the world will be a better place!
  13. EMeyer

    Considering buying a 75 or 90 gal

    Thanks for the feedback... on further reflection, a 75 would also work for me. Updating OP to reflect this.
  14. I need to do a deep clean/restart of the display tank (55 gal) and am considering an upgrade while I'm cleaning. Anyone from Albany to Eugene have a 75 or 90 gal or similar youd be interested in selling? Willing to pay standard used equipment prices (50% of the price of a new one, or up to 1$ per gallon) Thanks!
  15. EMeyer

    Baby cuttlefish for sale or trade

    I'll post some updates to my cuttlefish tank thread soon, but the babies described in this post are long gone. Sorry, early cuttlefish development goes quickly, they either die or grow rapidly in the first few days. In this round, I ended up with 4/6 hatch rate and 2/4 survival. The remaining 2 are eating like little monsters and I'll be keeping them. Glad I wasnt able to sell any in time, in hindsight