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  1. Sorry for the slow updates, been very busy. I believe I have all samples in hand for people from this forum. Still waiting on a few others. My best update is - I am nearly done with the big cycling experiment, and have a bunch of samples in hand from that! The good news thats obvious right away is that the tanks behaved very differently in terms of nutrient cycling, so it appears I was able to avoid major problems with cross contamination. I'll post real updates in the next few days...
  2. This stuff is like magic. I had a batch of zoa frags I'd neglected that were totally covered in blue cloves -- couldnt even see the zoas anymore. I dipped them in a strong dose of this product for about an hour, then rinsed and returned to the tank... I checked them today and theyre clean again, all the BCP died and the zoas are happy. I've been too nervous to treat a whole tank because I have lots of weird inverts I dont want to kill. But the dip worked so well, I think I'm gonna start dipping rocks. (I am one of those foolish people who actually bought BCP once upon a time... )
  3. I have an educational account with a wholesaler, who imports this from a mariculture facility in Tonga. I have also been frustrated by the lack of actual live rock in the market currently! On that note, I recently also bought some of this stuff https://www.liverocknreef.com/catalog/live-rock-specials-with-shipping-included./fiji-saltwater-live-rock-7915.html Its by far the nicest live rock I've seen in the last five years, it has all the growth of real live rock, thick sponges and coralline and tunicates. The only downside is that its fake rock (cement / rubble / shells) instead of actual dead corals. If anyone else is looking for a bunch of live rock with actual life on it, that stuff is great. What I am selling here is genuine live rock (dead corals with encrusting growth on it), but not as much growth as the Fiji stuff. Still, beautiful colors and lots of life. I have several potential buyers lined up in PMs (first come first serve), so I am pretty sure this is sold.
  4. After struggling to get enough live rock for a project, I suddenly find myself with a little more than I need. This weighs in at 3.5 lbs but is low density so it takes up more space than the weight would suggest. I'd sell this rock for $40 or trade for coral frags. This is imported from Tonga, shipped damp, and has been stored in good conditions since arrival (underwater with good circulation). Its very low density and porous, being more or less hollow coral branches. Its got a lot of good coralline growth. The size would be appropriate for a nano. I have no place to put this currently except in a sump, and it seems to pretty for a sump so I figured I'd see if anyone else needs nano rock...
  5. Sure, message me your email address and I'll send you details for a kit. In your case, I'll also ship the kit itself (the others already received their kits).
  6. I see Sean's order now too, so that makes 5. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I've received 4 orders and mailed you shipping envelopes (Greg, Nate, Eric, and Mike). Everyone else who received a sampling kit, please register and place a (free!) order when you have a chance, or message me if you are having any difficulties. Thanks again, -Eli
  8. Thanks - yeah, you were on the "I misread your email address list". I tracked down correct addresses and resent the emails just now, so please let me know if you don't get it soon.
  9. You can sample anytime you like, and store the sample in the sterile sample bag until the shipping envelope arrives. The fixed samples are fine for a few days at room temperature. For longer storage, a standard household freezer is fine (usually ~ -10 to -20­°C). I mailed your shipping envelope out today. (This is a useful test of my shipping system, and so far it looks like its working with automated labels and tracking numbers etc. I'll be grateful to hear any feedback on this stuff. I am an e-commerce noob) I've seen 3 orders so far.. if anyone else is having any difficulties with the website or if you got a sample kit but not an email, please don't hesitate to contact me. -Eli
  10. Hi all, It was great meeting a bunch of you at today's PNWMAS meeting at The Premium Aquarium. Thanks again to Garrett, Robert, and Andy for giving me the chance to introduce the company and recruit your participation in this project. I'm making this post as a central place to distribute information about the free microbiome analysis kits many of you received today. I've also sent this information in an email. If you got one of these kits, here are the next steps: 1. Register an account at https://aquabiomics.com/login/ 2. Order a free "Snapshot" analysis (analysis of a single sample) at https://aquabiomics.com/order-snapshot/ . This will enable me to automatically send you a correctly addressed prepaid shipping envelope. Important: during checkout, make sure to enter the coupon code I sent by email. This will make it free, so you don't even need to enter financial info. 3. Sample your aquarium using the kit I gave you today. There are instructions in the kit, and at https://aquabiomics.com/sampling-instructions/ 4. Register your sample in the online database, at https://aquabiomics.com/register-sample/ 5. When your prepaid shipping envelope arrives in the mail, send your sample back to me by mail and I will contact you when the results are ready. Thank you again for participating in this project. I'll post updates here as it develops. -Eli
  11. Hi all, Anyone got bryopsis? I got some from zoa frags a while back, and bought some lettuce sea slugs to eradicate it. They did such a good job that I now worry they may starve. So I'm looking to grow some bryopsis as food... but the little buggers ate all mine. So, anyone got a chunk you can sell? Thanks!
  12. Thank you, sorry for lack of clarity. I am trying to upgrade my existing 29 gal (30") with something larger that is still no more than 30" x 18". I've seen 37 and 40 gallon tanks listed with that footprint but never in real life, only on the internet. Thanks!
  13. Yeah, breeders don't fit. I have read about 40 talls that fit but never actually found one.
  14. I definitely agree that paying attention to the health of your animals is more important than numbers. And I'm not taking any stand on what spectrum or PAR is needed for coral health. I have too much still to learn in this area. That said, the reason I like PAR meters is blue light. This is the one area where we specifically cannot trust our eyes. Tanks lit with heavily blue spectra look so dim to my eyes, but then I throw a PAR meter on and realize its >200, instead of the <50 it looked like.
  15. Hi all, I'm looking for a tank no more than 33" long and no more than 22" wide. I have read about some 37, 36 bowfront, and 40 gallon tanks in this size range but never found one for sale. Anyone have a tank in this size range you'd like to sell? Thanks, -Eli [edited to clarify dimensions and volumes]
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