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  1. Yup I'll be there if anyone has any lps, I could use some to help fill my little 25 lagoon
  2. Didn't see anything about Raffle items posted (what they are) 🤷‍♂️
  3. Most of em are gone, my 25 lagoon is a keeper though an thought about this one for my living room till I can pickup a waterbox 80.4 or another 48x24x12 rimless tank. Hillsboro is a drive though lol..
  4. If you have enough growth, you should be able to just brake a branch off.. it's always ideal to let things heal before selling em.
  5. Looking at getting a Waterbox 80.4 so this needs to go! ~$1900~ (tank/stand/sump)
  6. Sent you a PM on the Waterbox
  7. What area are you in?. Awesome, I'm in Albany an could just drive up to Salem.
  8. Well if we are talking this thread, I didn't say I was looking to trade. I apologize if your offended I looked in your other post an seen your asking price an I'm sorry I don't have any coral to trade. Again, thank you for putting it out there though happy reefing
  9. No intrest at $30 per head. Thank you though
  10. Also have a 60 gallon rimless cube with stand an sump for $300.. Just using it as a holding tank currently but sold jus about everything out of it..
  11. The only brand new sump in that lot lol.. $350. Box is in the storage unit as well.. all the rest of em are under $100 some $20-50..
  12. Have a few but I'm not gonna take the time to measure em all an take detailed pics. Your welcome to come down an take a look if you see something that might work for ya.
  13. It's been sold, thank you for your interest though.
  14. Looking for some cheaper $10 frags if anyone has a large colony there looking to spair a head or more off of. Tanks to flat, need something that moves around lol. Let me know what's available. Located in albany Oregon but can travel
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