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  1. I can take a tape to it when I get home to give you a rough idea..
  2. Honestly I'm not sure.. It fits in the spot a filter sock would go..
  3. Ron

    25 lagoon Tank an stand

    It's been Sold.
  4. Ron

    Reefer 350 For sale

    I have a cadlights 50 cube with a trigger sump,white ai prime, bubble mag curve 5 an quite DC return pump. Don't need your lights. Or a full frag tank setup with Ai primes an a 100g sump.
  5. Have had this over my Redsea tank just to light it up an might even toss it on my 210 that will be posted for sale but if anyone needs a big light that has bright whites or just blues scoop this big light up!. It's on my 6ft tank without the legs being pulled out so will fit a bigger tank if needed. Would be great for a fish only tank or large QT setup. $80 Located in Albany Oregon
  6. AUQA Shield UV Sterilizer - Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget - Midsize 11W Used for a few months on my SR60, sold the tank an buyer was on a budget so this is for sale. Fits on the left or right side of a AIO tank. $40 Located in Albany Oregon Have 2 innovative marine skimmers for sale as well.
  7. Have 3 up for grabs Red Sea $35 H2 ocean $30 ATC $25 Will make a deal if someone wants all 3 for any reason. Open to Coral trades Located in Albany Oregon
  8. Sorry I missed this lol, I have a 40b drilled on the side (was a sump) Located in Albany
  9. Yes I am located in Albany Oregon. Buyers of the tanks didnt wanna spend the difference to buy the tanks with the skimmers. 😜
  10. I don't have a shop 😂 But yes they came off of previously used tanks(used).
  11. I have the mid size ($60)an the large ($120) Located in Albany