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  1. Used to have this in my 40b frag tank! Good score for whoever picks it up!..
  2. Though I would love to see the new place, my light setup is Gangster 😆🤣 (Kessil isn't hooked up jus needed it off the floor so it doesn't get broken by one of the 3 crazy kids!)
  3. If it didn't have to hang from the ceiling, I would already be on my way 😉
  4. Say your keeping it so I can stop thinking about it, please.. lol
  5. SOLD Other items still available
  6. Solid deal, if that was the 25 lagoon it would be mine 😊
  7. If I make a trip up that way soon I'll definitely hit ya up need to stop by Cuttlefish an coral an see what's new..
  8. As in what part of Albany?.. West Albany.
  9. I'll have mine in 3days 😊 Thank you for sharing!..
  10. "NateDawg cannot receive messages"
  11. Do tell me about this cheap $25 wonder light 🧐
  12. That would be amazing an hopefully I can get it growing good so only need a little
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