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  1. Ron

    25 Lagoon TurnKey

    Hey, one light sits up higher then the other 😉 Great deal on a turn key system, best of luck on the sale
  2. Ron

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt bucket

    The buckets definitely are thin but that bag feels thick. Was actually selling 2 but the buyer only wanted the 1 due to the damaged bucket so figured with me going up north tomorrow, maybe someone needs it.
  3. Ron

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt bucket

    It's in a bag, if it was loose I would have a mess forsure. The bucket is still sealed an hasn't been opened.
  4. ~SOLD~ Have a bucket of the amazing Coral pro salt I don't need if anyone is interested. The bucket was damaged but it's only the plastic outside, it's still sealed but will open for the buyer to verify everything is soft. Live in Albany Oregon but I'll be up in Vancouver Washington tomorrow 9/13/18 an can bring it.
  5. Well hey now if you wanna donate those kessils to a new build I have going I'll pick em up Thursday when I'm in Portland! Lol 😉
  6. Ron

    150 Cube tank stand canopy

    Just a heads up, this isn't "Or Best Offer" Love this tank an feel it's worth what I'm asking
  7. Don't we all? 😉
  8. Tons of hits the last 2 weeks but no takers yet.
  9. Bringing this post back up from page 17... Still have the beast resting in storage an the 150 DD in the garage, both need new forever homes..
  10. Sounds like you have some good stuff.. Any pictures to share?