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  1. Solid deal, if that was the 25 lagoon it would be mine 😊
  2. If I make a trip up that way soon I'll definitely hit ya up need to stop by Cuttlefish an coral an see what's new..
  3. As in what part of Albany?.. West Albany.
  4. I'll have mine in 3days 😊 Thank you for sharing!..
  5. "NateDawg cannot receive messages"
  6. Do tell me about this cheap $25 wonder light 🧐
  7. That would be amazing an hopefully I can get it growing good so only need a little
  8. Frag tanks up an going an need some Macro to grow an help the system free is a plus but willing to buy if your local or I'll have to buy some my next Portland trip. located in Albany Oregon
  9. Sent you my info. No I jus do a ton of water changes lol.. have a brs dosing setup that would pair nice with that though for $50 (containers an all the goods)
  10. Jus picked this up for my frag tank but even on as low as it will go, its tomuch!. It's got a couple hours on it an it's now considered used so my loss. $79.99 on Amazon $50 open to trade for lps but would ask the trades worth more then the cash price. tanks 90% empty so also open to buy cheap frags if you have something overgrown your looking to trim located in Albany Oregon
  11. I have a rock, you have an ato rez, let's see some pics 😉
  12. Wish I wasn't so far, I could use him (No sps here)
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