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  1. No joke, I had to start using my toes to count flakes! ..
  2. Would be worth it to you to buy as a package an sell the tank but if you wanna buy the stand an sump for $200, I'm sure the tank will sell easy for $50-$100
  3. Tanks 48x24x10 I believe. Older pics (in storage now)
  4. Got this drained for the most part an ready to go. Tank/stand/sump an the sand inside can go with or I can scoop it all out. Corner overflow an bottom drilled. Stand could use another coat of paint, inside is still the wood color. $old Also have a floating like canopy that attaches to the back an comes up over the top (no pics currently) that's for sale. $50 White ai prime none hd with mount $100 Bubble mag curve 5 $old Simplicity 120 dc skimmer $100 Mp40 QD $old Titanium heater an controller $old Flipper max (the big boy) $45 DC return pump ran on my 50 Cadlights $40 Mp10 $100ea West coast chiller brand new $100 orphek atlantik v4 x2 with mounts an director $1400 Frag tank an stand $275 Lots of other stuff, probably have it if you need it, hit me up. If you want it delivered, you pay for the gas Located in albany Oregon
  5. 1 bag of pink an 1 of special left. $20ea.
  6. Oh lol.. well got my story too 😉
  7. Not without, have 2 1/2 (ones jus turning water with powerheads) actually. 25 lagoon, 30 nuvo an 60 rimless (holding tank forsale)
  8. I'll add a bucket of dry rock to this as well to sweeten the deal...
  9. Yup, moved it to the holding tank. If I can get my rock flower an nem off, the big branch peace I picked up for $80 alone can go with it.
  10. Rimless 60 cube Tank/stand/sump/plumbing $275 or $300 with the rock!
  11. All Sold but 1 white one im gonna hold onto incase someone wants to buy my 50g Cadlights cube an needs a light.
  12. Tank an stand $400 Tank stand an sump $475 Bubble mag curve 5 $120
  13. Ahhhhhh wish I was gonna be able to make the meet today, don't have any blue digi.
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