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  1. Ron

    Vertex in-80 Skimmer

    Still available
  2. Parting with my 75 and everything with it! 75 gallon tank/stand/canopy Reef octo. Skimmer Custom sump Ehime return pump Ocean Revive T247B x2 Gyre 150 Jebao powerhead with controler Fragrack Magfloat glass cleaner Assortment of coral (most of what's pictured) Live sand an rock (mp10, sump light & fish not included) $600 Located in Albany Oregon
  3. Ron

    25 lagoon setup

    Parting with my 25 lagoon, will come with: Tank (no scratches I know of) Custom tall solid stand Jebao powerhead with controler Kessel 150 with goose neck mount Ghost skimmer Magnetic mag float for keeping the glass clean The live sand an some of the rock if wanted. $350 Located in Albany Oregon ~Pictures of under the stand are just to show the space an shelf only~
  4. Ron

    Coral Giveaway!

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  5. Ron

    Dr Tims? Or something better?

    I've got a bottle I'm going to try on the 750
  6. Ron

    Vertex in-80 Skimmer

    Still available.
  7. Decided Black sand isn't for me so selling to fund 5 or 6 other bags lol. $25ea or 5 for $100, let me know how many bags you need Located in Albany Oregon but travel to Portland frequently.
  8. I'm going to try an make it up but it's a maybe at this point.
  9. Well if you wanna give this one a go for now I found a old add with some numbers 4x18x12
  10. Solid question, I'll look this weekend when I'm in storage.
  11. ~SOLD~ Picked up a 135 reef tank posted as a 150 but 72x18x25 is 135 😉 Setup for reef currently with the other 8? Holes blocked off but still can be used if you want to run a nice closed loop system. Comes with a high black stand as well as a stand that sits lower but has a matching canopy in a much desired greenish color 😁 Tank 2 stands an a canopy! Located in Albany Oregon Open to trades on this one because I would like the space in storage back.
  12. Lol well I'm about done for a few so that will change. Both my 90s went last week R3, just 2 75s on hand but if dude comes through, just 1 left but lots of other random tanks still to move.
  13. Ron

    Vertex in-80 Skimmer

    I wouldn't call it Silent.