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  1. Ron

    150 Cube tank stand canopy

    Up for November
  2. Ron

    No time for it right now sell off

    I'm still unsure if this is a good or bad thing? lol.
  3. Looks like a solid deal, should go quickly.
  4. Another amazing tank up for grabs! Clean Nuvo SR60 with spin streams (return nozzles) that's in amazing condition! Currently running so buyer can see its leakfree an looks amazing! Currently have 2 of these running so you can see how great they look stocked up!. As a Happy customer, I Recommend Visiting CuttleFish an Corals for equipment as well as healthy fish an coral to stock this beautiful tank! ~Clean tank an stand/both return pumps/nuvo lid with clips~ $450 Located in Albany Oregon
  5. Listed this back in September for a limited time but it's back for the Holidays! Awesome shallow reef tank by Oceans by design "60x20x15" 1/2 Glass an custom built stand built by previous owner. Has a peace of starboard cut to fit the inside for those who wish to run bare bottom. ~Tank an stand only~ $750 Buyer will have to run his/her own plumbing. Located in Albany Oregon (Storage)
  6. Ron

    WTB: HOB Overflow

    I'm sure I have a few as well but I'm down in Albany Oregon.
  7. Ron

    Frag plugs

    He have a price on the small black ones?
  8. Ron

    Excited!! Battle Corals order on way

    Sounds like I need one of these boxs 😊
  9. Ron

    Black Friday sales??

    Jeff up at Cuttle fish and coral had some great deals an grab bags last year I'll be driving up from Albany to Portland Again this year if there doing it.
  10. Ron

    Black Friday sales??

    "The Premium Aquarium"
  11. Ron

    super ultra HUGE garage sale!!!

    Did you SayTanks for sale!? (As I run out the door to hookup the trailer 5days in advance😉)
  12. Ron

    Vertex in-80 Skimmer

    Pending Sale
  13. Looking for a new home for this Lil guy. Hosted the bubble tip Nem that was in the tank so if your looking for a Clown that loves nems, here he is. I'm pretty sure he is a Darwin but not 100% sure. Currently in a QT box so he is easy to catch an doesn't bother my other pair in the tank. $20 or trade for some zoos or other lps. Located in Albany Oregon