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  1. Nice ricordea in stock

    I think it was the first 2 I bid on (didn't win) one of his FB auctions, I'm sure he probably has more though.
  2. Nice ricordea in stock

    Love all 4 😊
  3. Thanks Ron!

    Thanks guys! Love the hobby an all the cool people I've had the pleasure of meeting in it!.
  4. New sump from wanareef

    I'm actually looking for a sump for my cube, your old one still usable?
  5. Small blizzard or Picasso w/rainbow bubblectip

    I wouldn't mind having that, shoot me some pictures when you can an a time line on when ya need it picked up...
  6. would like to sale corals

    Interested in the Torch
  7. Looking for some moonlight so gonna try the apex led kit with my Kessils so in need of the LSM module if anyone has one not in use. I'll be up in Portland tomorrow (February 3rd) so pickup from Albany Oregon up to Vancouver WA is possible Always looking for Torchs if anyone has any 😊
  8. Zach’s 110Gal Mix Reef Part out SALE!

    Price on the skimmer?..
  9. Apex Eb8 Bar

    ~SOLD~ Currently have 3 but only going to run 2 so one is up for grabs. located in Albany Oregon Looking to purchase a apex lsm module if anyone has one for sale.
  10. Apex $300