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  1. Probably just because of the price point, there spendy, not your asking price but in general
  2. Really like those frag racks..
  3. Let me know if your interested in that sump 😊 47 1/2 long 24 deep an 21 tall. Lights over fragtank are sold.
  4. Yes I actually still owe Youcallmenny for that! 150g an I used it once an I don't think he ever did an it was purchased new.. $80 bucks Also have a smaller one (75g I think) for $50
  5. Group of tanks by the fence were used as sumps on a large system, hold water just dirty, all free!!
  6. Guess I hit my picture limit for the post so I'll change em up tomorrow or as some stuff is claimed lol
  7. Free Sump, someone wanted to extend it, I don't even know but comes with the bulkheads to make it work. Gone
  8. Free 30L I believe, crack on one side, patch or use for parts or something?
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