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  1. Ron

    Coral Giveaway!

    share the love
  2. Ron

    Dr Tims? Or something better?

    I've got a bottle I'm going to try on the 750
  3. Ron

    Vertex in-80 Skimmer

    Still available.
  4. Decided Black sand isn't for me so selling to fund 5 or 6 other bags lol. $25ea or 5 for $100, let me know how many bags you need Located in Albany Oregon but travel to Portland frequently.
  5. I'm going to try an make it up but it's a maybe at this point.
  6. Well if you wanna give this one a go for now I found a old add with some numbers 4x18x12
  7. Solid question, I'll look this weekend when I'm in storage.
  8. ~SOLD~ Picked up a 135 reef tank posted as a 150 but 72x18x25 is 135 😉 Setup for reef currently with the other 8? Holes blocked off but still can be used if you want to run a nice closed loop system. Comes with a high black stand as well as a stand that sits lower but has a matching canopy in a much desired greenish color 😁 Tank 2 stands an a canopy! Located in Albany Oregon Open to trades on this one because I would like the space in storage back.
  9. Lol well I'm about done for a few so that will change. Both my 90s went last week R3, just 2 75s on hand but if dude comes through, just 1 left but lots of other random tanks still to move.
  10. Ron

    Vertex in-80 Skimmer

    I wouldn't call it Silent.
  11. Picked this up from another reefer to try out on my 100g but then sold the tank so it's up for grabs. (Note: I did run it for a week an it works as it should) $103.50 (will consider $100 offer 😉) Located in Albany Oregon Specifications: Base dimensions: 11.5"x10.75" Height: 22" Diameter: 5" Wattage: 20 Watts Aquarium Size: 40-80 Gallons
  12. Ron

    100 Gallon Rimless setup

    It's been ~Sold~
  13. Ron

    Potential Suplier for Coral Frag Plugs

    I'm local here in Albany, I'll have to snag some from ya.
  14. Ron

    100 Gallon Rimless setup

    Mid April Bump 😉