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  1. June Picture of the Month

    Waiting on a reply from Roy.
  2. June Picture of the Month

    A lot of good pictures! In this part of the world, less than 4 hours left. In the USA ~24 hours. Get those pics in!
  3. Visiting LFS ediquette

    To be honest, I think a lot of LFS owners enjoy frequent customers. You just have to play nice. I think the things you shouldn't do are: Not reach hands in tanks Not catch your own fish and coral Not ask if you can get the best friends deal on equipment. Definitely hog the owner with questions. Definitely tell the aquarium store owner they are wrong. You read it on a forum.
  4. Getting scuba certified next month!

    Back in my day, we'd classify people like yourself as a BAMF.
  5. Chiller vs AC

    Also, you don't have an AC fighting against a chiller. Rarely have I ever seen a chiller placed in an outside area.
  6. Chiller vs AC

    Speak of the devil:
  7. Chiller vs AC

    What type of temperatures are we talking? What's the lighting situation? Ultimately, AC is the way to go. Although, on a small tank like that a chiller wouldn't be a bad idea. Get one used.
  8. June Meeting Frag Swap!

    Those are some good photos.
  9. Share the love. Number #2 - Fire Digi.
  10. May POTM Winner

    Congratulations to the winner of May 2017 picture of the month, TheClark!!!!
  11. June Picture of the Month

    *bump Just a heads up @Avesreef. Do you have another picture? @nate.hobart.1 You have encrusters! I see them!
  12. Rimless VS Euro-braced?

    I think that depends on the water level and the overflow. I really don't have issues and it's about 3/4" from the top. ...Unless I go crazy with the magnetic scraper. You just have to be slower.
  13. What are these???

    Where did you find them? Give us some background.
  14. June Meeting Food Ideas

    What? Why isn't there a place for people who aren't going to vote for how awesome Sirena is?!
  15. Bayer

    100%. Ammonium or Nitrate compounds will put you on a list. Each of them are bad places to be.
  16. Stand Construction Help!

    That type of thing was happening to my 75 gallon stand (wish I could show you pics, but I am out of the country). To fix it, I ended up buying some clamps and sheet rock nails and put them in two on each side perpendicular to each other. Then I went and bought some gorilla glue and sealed the inside. Haven't had a problem since.
  17. Bayer

    Potassium chloride isn't regulated. People use it as water conditioners all the time, just like Calcium chloride.
  18. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Along with posting, please pick a number representing which euphyllia you want.
  19. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    TrailerMann: You've won #1. Congratulations!
  20. Share the Love: Jack-o-Lantern Leptoseris

    If I re-did this video it would have been held over my conscious till the day I died.
  21. Share the Love: Jack-o-Lantern Leptoseris

    Trust me. The next one will be better. I just didn't have the nerve to re-do it...Jeremevan deserves it. As my dad always said, honesty is the best policy. Video.wmv
  22. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Just a heads up, less than 24 hours left.
  23. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Golly Gee Whiz! That means a lot. Thanks, Spectra!!! How about...uhh...you do a share the love event. Let's keep this ball rolling.
  24. Share the Love: Jack-o-Lantern Leptoseris

    Less than 24 hours left.
  25. Slow day at the office AKA my SPS photo thread

    Pictures like these should be banned from the forum. They make the rest of us look bad.