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  1. milesmiles902

    Few more acro teasers

    These are stunning. You should submit for March picture of the month. Edit: You did. Haha.
  2. milesmiles902

    Auto Feeder

    http://www.marinedepot.com/Eheim_Feed_Air_Automatic_Feeder_Automatic_Fish_Feeder-Eheim-EH3581-FIFDFEAF-vi.html Really easy to program. Can feed up to four times a day and you can alter the amount of food per feed. It works for me when I tend to disappear and go on an adventure.
  3. milesmiles902

    March 2016 Meet and Greet Frag Swap

    These are the three I am bringing. Idaho Grape (Purple Montipora): Green-ish Birds Nest: Xooanthid:
  4. milesmiles902

    Painting a tank

    Around here the brand Rust-oleam is the most common and has the most variety of colors. I did a light blue coat, probably 3 times and it looks great. As others have said, tape around the tank very well and use a razor-blade as needed. I also like to use a light source to see where light shines through to the thinner parts.
  5. milesmiles902

    WTS - Montiporas Galore!

    I went and bought some corals from Gil&Fin today and was very impressed. Her tanks looked immaculate, the deals were killer, and the person...well...Holly is simply awesome. Happy to do business with you any day of the week. Thank you. Also, did I say her tanks look amazing? :P
  6. milesmiles902


    @Nanoreefer What on your sand is fluorescing? Also, that is an awesome printed canvas.
  7. milesmiles902

    WTS Favia $40

    I'll grab that from you. I'll send a PM now.
  8. milesmiles902

    March 2016 Meet and Greet Hosted by Vis

    Sounds like a good meet. Hope to see you all there.
  9. milesmiles902

    Drilling multiple aquariums

    Hello everyone! I have some aquariums that I want to drill for overflows and link together. I have never drilled an aquarium and I know that there is a chance of the glass cracking. So, I am looking for a reef calculator for the thickness of glass needed for the size overflow hole. I imagine there are specific rules for the thickness of glass that can be drilled and what the size hole should be. Just can't find it. With calipers, glass thickness is: 0.225 inches = ~1/4 inch 0.145 inches = ~1/7 inch I have checked for tempering of the glass with a polarizing filter, and very few are tempered. Any other tips people have? I want to figure this out before I order a circular bit for drilling.
  10. milesmiles902

    Drilling multiple aquariums

    Alright. Thanks for the help everyone! I am going to make this happen and it seems easier than I made it out to be. Appreciate all the advice and wish me luck.
  11. milesmiles902

    SOLVE Annual Oregon Beach Cleanup!

    I don't believe this. 200 years for a bag of Oreo's? I can eat one of those in under 5 minutes. Ok. How about we venture out to Zone 6 on the 26th? It sounds like you have experience with going there.
  12. milesmiles902

    FS: Samsung nx300 camera

    That's a deal.
  13. milesmiles902

    Drilling multiple aquariums

    Huh. Didn't know that. I did read that thinner glass is easier to cut when the RPM's are high, compared to thicker glass. If that is the case, I guess I'll order a 1 1/8" bit and a 1 3/4" bit for both the overflow and return. Any other opinions?
  14. milesmiles902

    Help with DIY LED wiring!

    Could you use the one that is together and working as a guide? I would also go and look up a schematic of the model you have. Although, it might be hard to find. A voltmeter is always handy for wiring or soldering of anything.
  15. milesmiles902


    I can honestly say...in my time on this forum. I have never seen such an amazing series of pictures. You do an outstanding job.
  16. milesmiles902

    2016 Bob Moore Frag Swap in Tukwila (Seattle)

    This event was amazing! Here are some of the highlights. As we entered the room, people were already bustling to get the corals they wanted. I had never been to a frag swap, but after this one I know I will go again. The event had pretty much anything you wanted. Vendors from all over Washington came to join. Look it is Marc Levenson from Melev's Reef. He gave a great talk about how to setup a fish room. I would have to say even after the long car ride. It was sooooo worth it. I would advise it to anyone. Plus, I snagged some pretty awesome corals from the raffle.
  17. milesmiles902

    30G w/ stand, sump, pump

    Whoa! That is a snag.
  18. milesmiles902

    The Premium Aquarium LPS Grow Out

    @badxgillen That looks mighty professional. Can't wait to start the grow-out.
  19. milesmiles902

    Test kits

    It depends on what you are testing for. I think some test kits provide a level of accuracy that is needed, while others are just over the top. Either way, you'll be paying for the level of accuracy. I use the Reef Master Test Kit by API for most of the common things tested (pH, NO3-, NO2- and NH3), but I also have a single calcium test kit by API. For more specific things like magnesium and alkalinity I use a Red Sea test kit. I have dabbled with the API phosphate test kit, but I am color blind and can't use it effectively. Some people swear by it, others don't.
  20. milesmiles902

    2016 Bob Moore Frag Swap in Tukwila (Seattle)

    Last call for carpooling from Corvallis, OR to the frag swap. We will be leaving here at ~5-6am om Saturday. If you live anywhere on the I-5 corridor, I would be happy to pick you up. 2 spots left.
  21. milesmiles902

    SOLVE Annual Oregon Beach Cleanup!

    After speaking with some Oregon residents, born and raised. I hear Zone 2, 6 and 7 are pretty sweet, with some being more touristy. I am coming from Corvallis and 6/7 are closer, but where everyone else is coming from? Also, what are your opinions on cleaning those zones?
  22. milesmiles902

    New Nem!

    That is a beautiful organism right there.
  23. milesmiles902

    Meeting Topics and Frequency Poll

    @Pledosophy I think there is a lot of truth to what you said. Outside of what was voted on in this thread, there is much we could do. I really like the idea of beach cleanup or educating the public of some type. Both of those are things that I think that PNWMAS should do at least 2 times a year. Whether that be on a meet day or not, it is important to do outreach. I also think that meetings at local organizations i.e. marine aquariums, research facilities, manufacturing companies are great. I would love to learn about how people build aquarium lights or acrylic aquariums. Not only do we each have our own experiences with these topics, but can contribute as we learn about how other people do it. How professionals do it. Also, consistency is important. I think it would be good to plan out a year of what people think we should do. I know I am not arranging it, and it is hard to plan ahead, but having a schedule where we know 4 months down the line we will have this speaker, or in a month we will be at NOAA getting a tour. For me, when I can plan ahead I have a higher probability of making it. In my opinion, I really like it when frags are raffled off or given away. I would be ok with that happening every meeting, I am not sure if an all out frag swap should happen every meeting (since I haven't been here that long), but can see why it wouldn't be appealing every meeting. Something I would love to see is an auction. We need to have a monthly meeting where people donate frags and they are auctioned off. All the money goes to some type of charity or non-profit that truly needs it. The forum is full of good people doing good things. i am glad I can chime in and let you know what I have to say. Thank you.
  24. milesmiles902

    Share the Love....( Matt V sps )

    Share the Love!
  25. milesmiles902

    Hey All

    You have done a great job with that aquarium. +1