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  1. milesmiles902

    Need some input

    I like your temporary setup. It was a good choice.
  2. milesmiles902

    New Tank Lemonade Versa 42

    Is it going to be a hinged door or pull off wood cover?
  3. milesmiles902

    Smart Phone Clip On Pocket Micrsocope - Great Pest ID Tool

    This is really a neat contraption. In reality, a 60x microscope would be pretty darn expensive compared to this.
  4. milesmiles902

    Saltwater Mix Pump/Powerhead

    One thing I have learned about using a pump as a salt mixer is that it is very harsh. Eventually the pump begins to make agitating noises because of the salt not all being in solution. I would advise an older pump or powerhead for salt mixing.
  5. milesmiles902

    Titration test for KH

    **Unless you are doing this by mass. I think you could pull it off that way. Just need a pretty accurate scale.
  6. milesmiles902

    Titration test for KH

    Were you using analytical glassware when attempting this? Or just drops? I have a feeling when talking about something like a titration it is important to be as accurate as possible.
  7. milesmiles902

    Home-made frag rack!!

    You did a great job.
  8. milesmiles902

    DIY simmer delay timer

    I think an APEX would be nice, I just have been spending my money on other aquarium stuff.
  9. milesmiles902

    Water change made easy

    I always forget. Many of you keep your aquariums at room temp. The only time my tank is at room temp is when it's summer time :P My RODI is near freezing when it comes out because it is in the garage. I always have to heat it before I make my salt.
  10. milesmiles902

    DIY Auto Top Help

    Relays are pretty handy. You will need another power source though. I imagine a low volt battery would work. In the past I have used an arduino mega for the power source. That one I posted does have a max of 0.5 amp and 100V switching voltage, or in total 50 watts switching power. Just keep the pump small and there shouldn't be any issues. As a safety, use a second float switch. I have never setup a RO/DI auto topoff. What are peoples opinions of that kind of setup?
  11. milesmiles902

    Help hanging lights

    Do you mean something like this? It is a pretty good idea. I have seen stuff like that done on videos, but never me personally.
  12. milesmiles902

    DIY simmer delay timer

    No. no no. The steps before getting an APEX are timers, then arduino, then raspberry pi, then APEX. One does not just jump from timers to an APEX. I do think there is a lot of benefit to using an arduino reef controller, or raspberry pi. Although, it does require programming. Everytime I get one going, I move and have to rip out my old one. Forget my code....yada yada. It is a cheap alternative.
  13. milesmiles902

    Help hanging lights

    Whenever I have had to hang lights, it was always hooks. Then I came along to these: http://www.thelashop.com/gardening-accessories-1-pairs-yoyo-grow-light-hangers-150lbs.html?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-ZSzBRDp3ITHm5KO_JYBEiQA1JjHHNgSO-h4qlbzKZuuwGrDlA-NEW2CPlGAWJr9msnXqHMaAs1U8P8HAQ On a stand like that, I am unsure. If you don't want to just tie a string around a leg or arm, then maybe a magnet. There are some fairly strong neodymium magnets that when distributed across four hooks could hold a light. Most of the images of your light look like it has legs. Could it sit on your sump?
  14. milesmiles902

    Water change made easy

    That's still too much work....nah, I am just kidding. It is a pretty nice system. I really like the balance of ingoing and outgoing water with the ballvalve. How do you get the water up to temperature? It seemed like you just had warm water ready to enter the tank.
  15. milesmiles902

    diy temperature monitor

    I couldn't figure it out. Is this measuring room temperature or tank temperature? In the video he spoke of a heating and cooling plug? Please help me out.
  16. milesmiles902

    DIY simmer delay timer

    That is one proffesional looking design you have there. I am going to try this myself during winter break. Thanks!
  17. milesmiles902

    DIY Auto Top Help

    I think you can do it for even cheaper than that if you enjoy DIY. I went one similar to these: http://www.tmart.com/Liquid-Water-Level-Sensor-Right-Angle-Float-Switch_p100472.html?cc=USD&fixed_price=us_us&gclid=Cj0KEQiA-ZSzBRDp3ITHm5KO_JYBEiQA1JjHHOkhZFjrIxZsAdKq-GD2e9zBgaB29ng9M717mZU8vngaAojI8P8HAQ It is really cheap compared to many alternatives. I then found an old pump and spliced the wire of the plug, soldered it, and heatshrinked the wires to waterproof it. Now I just have a bucket that has water with a hose into my tank, when the water level is low, the float switch starts the circuit and pumps in fresh H20. Some people do a double float valve, that will shutoff the pump if it gets too high, but I just leave the sump empty enough to accommodate a bucket if need be. Single point safety is a bad thing. Most definitely. I can always post pictures of my system if you want. Edit: The setup works, but be warned. It isn't the most electrically stable setup. Keep those fish alive.