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  1. milesmiles902

    The start of the new tank

    Huh. I can imagine it is pretty hard to cut a rectangle in the middle of a piece of glass. I don't even know how you would do it. Can't wait to see it come to fruition.
  2. milesmiles902


    Those triple RFA shots are striking. Good job.
  3. milesmiles902

    The start of the new tank

    I have never seen an overflow in the center of a tank. Where did you get it?
  4. Wow I feel like I am already there. Hope this coming event can be just as exciting.
  5. milesmiles902

    Directing drain flow through socks

    I don't know how the sock is mounted, but you might be able to raise it off the water line more. That way there is more surface area out of the water and gravity can do its job. Although, filter socks get dirty. You have to clean them often. I clean mine every 2-3 days.
  6. milesmiles902

    LED diodes

    Jameco and Digikey are good websites to order electronic parts from. Jameco has the option of ordering LEDs one at a time, while Digi-Key is usually many per single order. On a quick search, they both had high-powered LED's in many colors.
  7. milesmiles902

    SOLVE Annual Oregon Beach Cleanup!

    Alright. The time is coming near. After looking through the SOLVE Oregon page, there are three cleanups happening in Lincoln city on the 26th. 03.26.2016 SW 51st Cleanup Lincoln City Volunteers Needed 03.26.2016 Gleneden Beach Wayside Cleanup Lincoln Beach Volunteers Needed 03.26.2016 Road's End Beach Wayside Cleanup Lincoln City Volunteers Needed http://solveoregon.org/get-involved/volunteer-event It seems like they are all from 10am-1pm. Would anyone want to carpool or meet up at one of these locations?
  8. milesmiles902

    Things only a reefkeeper can say

    My socks need to be washed. They are looking a bit crusty. *Removed comment. I like clams, don't get me wrong** Edit: Your eel has only one eye. My tank is full of angels. I'm leaking.
  9. milesmiles902

    February POTM - Winner

    That's awesome. I didn't even know you win a frag for POTM. Congratulations!
  10. milesmiles902

    Rookie reefer

    Welcome! Glad you could join the forum. The events are awesome, you'll love them. The next one is in April at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. http://www.pnwmas.org/topic/37143-april-meeting-oregon-coast-aquariumhatfield-behind-the-scenes-tours/ Hope to see you there!
  11. milesmiles902

    New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    Go Scott! It is awesome that you helped them get their tank setup. Bet the kids appreciate it.
  12. milesmiles902

    A big THANK YOU

    Welcome, I am glad to hear you joined the PNWMAS forum. You'll like the people here. I hope we can make you feel at home.
  13. milesmiles902

    March Meeting-Thanks Darice!!!

    Thanks Darice for having us! It was a good spot to have a monthly meeting. Keep it up! Also, thank you to all the people who cooked food. It tasted great.
  14. milesmiles902

    Shout out to Matty

    You rock Matty! Your heart is full of kindness.
  15. milesmiles902

    Oregon Coast Aquarium Section

    I think this is deserved: Thanks JMan!
  16. milesmiles902

    Hammer coral for sale

    PM sent.
  17. milesmiles902

    Few more acro teasers

    These are stunning. You should submit for March picture of the month. Edit: You did. Haha.
  18. milesmiles902

    Auto Feeder

    http://www.marinedepot.com/Eheim_Feed_Air_Automatic_Feeder_Automatic_Fish_Feeder-Eheim-EH3581-FIFDFEAF-vi.html Really easy to program. Can feed up to four times a day and you can alter the amount of food per feed. It works for me when I tend to disappear and go on an adventure.
  19. milesmiles902

    March 2016 Meet and Greet Frag Swap

    These are the three I am bringing. Idaho Grape (Purple Montipora): Green-ish Birds Nest: Xooanthid:
  20. milesmiles902

    Painting a tank

    Around here the brand Rust-oleam is the most common and has the most variety of colors. I did a light blue coat, probably 3 times and it looks great. As others have said, tape around the tank very well and use a razor-blade as needed. I also like to use a light source to see where light shines through to the thinner parts.
  21. milesmiles902

    WTS - Montiporas Galore!

    I went and bought some corals from Gil&Fin today and was very impressed. Her tanks looked immaculate, the deals were killer, and the person...well...Holly is simply awesome. Happy to do business with you any day of the week. Thank you. Also, did I say her tanks look amazing? :P
  22. milesmiles902


    @Nanoreefer What on your sand is fluorescing? Also, that is an awesome printed canvas.
  23. milesmiles902

    WTS Favia $40

    I'll grab that from you. I'll send a PM now.
  24. milesmiles902

    March 2016 Meet and Greet Hosted by Vis

    Sounds like a good meet. Hope to see you all there.