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  1. milesmiles902

    June POTM Voting - Round 2

    I really appreciate the closing thread notice. Thank you for everything you do for the forum and club.
  2. milesmiles902

    Enter: Belly of beast

    Looking good!
  3. milesmiles902

    Captive Bred Blue Hippo Tangs! Now a reality!

    Perfect timing for Finding Dory.
  4. milesmiles902

    3D printing and reefing

    That's pretty cool. I definitely see 3D-printers changing the way we do reefing. I was looking on thingiverse.com the other day and saw that they had a protein skimmer. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:285874 You just need to buy the cast acrylic and pump. It would be great for a pico skimmer because it can be scaled to size and an airstone could be used as an alternative to the pump. Good job on the build. Keep them coming.
  5. I am gladly willing to jump on this. Please put me down for one with the cell phone attachment.
  6. milesmiles902

    Live feeder copepods: Tigriopus californicus cultures

    Okie doke. Right now it is just sitting outside, but it does get direct sunlight for about 4 hours a day. Might be too much for them. Thanks for the help guys. Anyone looking for tigriopus cultures should most definitely talk to the AquaticEngineer.
  7. I got a couple reasonable frags for donation. Count me in! I'll bring them the morning of.
  8. milesmiles902

    My BC-29

    Nice pictures!
  9. milesmiles902

    Live feeder copepods: Tigriopus californicus cultures

    At the moment, mine seem to love being outside.
  10. milesmiles902

    Live feeder copepods: Tigriopus californicus cultures

    What's the light period and temperature you use? I am a little unsure.
  11. milesmiles902

    Seahorse guy moved from SoCal

    Welcome. Share the seahorse love.
  12. milesmiles902

    New TFT tank in Saint Helens

    Some future marine biologists right there.
  13. milesmiles902

    Algae scrubber

    Good Job!
  14. milesmiles902

    Live feeder copepods: Tigriopus californicus cultures

    The tigers look good. Thanks again.
  15. milesmiles902


    Was that rock from Rolekii's tank?
  16. milesmiles902

    New Deck almost done !! Thanks Wegotjs!!

    Looking good!!!
  17. Also, what type of PAR is everyone keeping theirs under? Mine stopped coming out as much when I switched to LED's.
  18. Mine's not looking too good. It is thriving, but never wants to come out. I can't seem to find a place it likes. If it comes back full-force I will post a picture, but I am definitely backing out of this competition.
  19. milesmiles902

    New Here

  20. milesmiles902

    Live feeder copepods: Tigriopus californicus cultures

    I will definitely grab one. Anyone else want me to grab one for them? I will try for Sunday before a get-together.
  21. milesmiles902

    Completely new to the reef world.

    Hey Vance! Welcome! I am glad to see that you were willing to make an account with PNWMAS. We love DIY projects and are more than happy to help out with any plans or questions you may have. Local fish stores (LFS) are also a good place to start. It would be good to start looking around the LFS and decide what type of corals you may want, because each one is a little different and you might as well if you are designing a setup. Ask the store questions, ask us questions. Someone around here is bound to know the answerl Can't wait to see this develop. See you around, Miles
  22. milesmiles902

    Quantum PAR Meter / Muli-Test Meter Booking Thread

    I forfeit all my rights to the new PAR meter. Holly has it now.
  23. milesmiles902

    So New the Word Newbie Doesn't Even Apply

    Any pictures? The larger the better, but I have heard of someone who is new getting a 280. I think it is definitely manageable, but the learning curve would be steep. If you have any questions, there are some knowledgeable people around that probably could help. Hope to see you at a meeting.
  24. Here is the head count: