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  1. I like the plug on plug idea. Never seen that before.
  2. I think I got an something to trade. Let me go look around.
  3. Thanks for posting. It was worth another look.
  4. That's the app I am familiar with.
  5. No. That honestly sounds a lot harder. Try just moving the sump you have through the top of the stand. If you have a stand similar to ChrisQ, it looks like it would work. Do you have pictures of the stand frame?
  6. If the overflow isn't sealed, then you might be able to take it apart and move the tank. With a 29 gallon, you could just empty some water out and move it to where you can slide the sump in from the top.
  7. Kind of hard to tell. It either is getting chewed up by something else in the tank -or- it's just trying to grab the substrate.
  8. What I actually meant to say was tomorrow. Anything you see I am willing to trade or frag:
  9. Thank you!!! I was just pointing out my stupidity. I'll get some posts up tonight. Let's see some trading.
  10. I've never seen a hermit do damage to an anemone, but it wouldn't hurt. In my pico tank, I have a hermit that crawls into my rose bubble and takes any sort of food. I had to feed the crab before I feed the 'nem, so I brought it home to a larger tank. Now it crawls into my rock flower and I still have to feed the crab before the 'nem. Just have to be aware of what they are doing. We all got to eat.
  11. http://www.reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-02/rhf/ The cheapest way is to just make your own solutions. Calcium will precipitate with any carbonates, so they usually don't sell them as an all in one. Just as Higher Thinking pointed out. Bulk reef supply also sells mix your own calcium and alkalinity solutions. I've only heard good results. Otherwise, just go to any petstore and look for a calcium dosing solution that only has Calcium Chloride. That should do the job too.
  12. I moved it from a high flow, high light area to a low flow, low light area and they all got much bigger in size. Got 16 polyps so far.
  13. I´ve also heard that if you grind up the shrimp shells fine enough, it will substitute for adding gelatin. It isn´t always fun to shuck 30-40 shrimp, unless they are for food.
  14. You could always try adding a supplement to current foods. I have made my own food, but never to enhance color. Usually it was because fish food is a lot cheaper if you make it.
  15. Are we planning to do a frag tank? It would be great to see one, but I know they are a lot of work.
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