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    SPS changes reveal chemistry imbalance

    I just ChemiClean the cyano, then go from there.
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    December Picture of the Month - Hand Drawing

    I needed light blue and a scanner...hm.
  3. milesmiles902

    December Picture of the Month - Hand Drawing

  4. milesmiles902

    December Picture of the Month - Hand Drawing

    ...hm. I might have to pull out a drawing pad. This is competition
  5. milesmiles902

    Disaster button stuck on repeat!

    That's scary. I hope it gets better, Cherany. You don't deserve that.
  6. milesmiles902

    November POTM Winner - Equipment

    November POTM Winner - Raptor72
  7. milesmiles902

    November POTM Voting - Equipment

    Mods - Please lock
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    Typhoon III RODI - $90

    Mods - Please take down this thread.
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    Typhoon III RODI - $90

    Typhoon III - Air, Water & Ice https://airwaterice.com/warranty/ https://airwaterice.com/typhoon-iii-aquarium-rodi.html
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    2018 POTM Winners

    November POTM Winner - Raptor72
  11. milesmiles902

    Metal Halides -OBO-

    2x400W Metal Halides with 2xT12s 1x250W Metal Halides Ballasts included. -OBO-
  12. milesmiles902

    Metal Halides -OBO-

    No one?
  13. milesmiles902

    Typhoon III RODI - $90

  14. milesmiles902

    November POTM Voting - Equipment

    *Bump - Will close tomorrow, Friday at 10 pm.
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    Honestly, I would say this thread deserves to be exhibited in the Gallery
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    Metal Halides -OBO-

  17. milesmiles902

    Typhoon III RODI - $90

  18. Here are the rules:  • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline. This months subject: Some people are about the creatures, some people are about the equipment. Show me the dorkiest, sexiest, most funny picture possible of your equipment. Photoshop and in-picture additions are allowed. Deadline: December 1st 11:59 pm
  19. milesmiles902

    December Picture of the Month - Hand Drawing

    This is my submission:
  20. milesmiles902

    November Picture of the Month - Equipment

    I love the triple pick in a pic? I won't be allowing the video. I'm sorry. It's too cool.
  21. milesmiles902

    75 Gallon Display - 60 Gallon Lagoon

  22. $3000 $2750 for the entire set-up with coral, rock and stands. -OBO- 2 AI 52's with Controller and mounts Reef Octopus Varios-6 with Controller Two MaxSpect Gyres with Controller x130, x150 Aqua Medic Evo-4-Pump Doser 6 Bulb 48" Actinic Lighting System 100+ lbs of Cured Rock Sicce Skimmer Loads and Loads of Coral with clam. 60 Gallon Shallow 60 Gallon Shallow Stand 40 Gallon Glass Sump 75 Gallon 75 Stand SailFin Tang, Regal Tang, Yellow Tank, Pajama Cardinals, Damsels, Multiple Shrimp, Sea Cucumber, Feather dusters, Mangrove Every piece will be cleaned before purchase. https://ibb.co/f6y1wL https://ibb.co/mbDqqf https://ibb.co/myukO0 https://ibb.co/maWAqf https://ibb.co/jK8qqf https://ibb.co/dHFs30 https://ibb.co/bNHiAf https://ibb.co/fFbX30 https://ibb.co/fXMMwL https://ibb.co/ik4Ki0 https://ibb.co/nGuKi0 https://ibb.co/hdwX30 https://ibb.co/hSP8bL https://ibb.co/fvcTbL https://ibb.co/kzPVqf https://ibb.co/do9Vqf https://ibb.co/hKzVqf https://ibb.co/mhvQO0 https://ibb.co/cNvQO0 https://ibb.co/nJNTbL https://ibb.co/fW3ei0 https://ibb.co/ib3ei0 https://ibb.co/kjDvO0 https://ibb.co/kZbtAf https://ibb.co/imAaO0 https://ibb.co/ioY6Vf https://ibb.co/e8sN30 https://ibb.co/etDjGL https://ibb.co/gzz230 https://ibb.co/hXMtAf https://ibb.co/mBnN30 https://ibb.co/jtSdbL https://ibb.co/e3KDAf https://ibb.co/guVWwL https://ibb.co/f4aybL https://ibb.co/h9aybL https://ibb.co/j8FWwL https://ibb.co/bR4230 https://ibb.co/iAOJbL https://ibb.co/ckMRVf https://ibb.co/iLiUi0 https://ibb.co/cYGRVf https://ibb.co/jK8JbL https://ibb.co/g04rwL https://ibb.co/iSW4GL https://ibb.co/mALaO0 https://ibb.co/n57dbL https://ibb.co/iWbFO0 https://ibb.co/ns0aO0 https://ibb.co/gseDAf Thank you for all that helped me move my aquarium. badxgillen - Bert Lexinverts - Andy Exodus - Nick R-3 - Ryan
  23. September POTM Two-time Winner - SuncrestReef