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  1. Also, you don't have an AC fighting against a chiller. Rarely have I ever seen a chiller placed in an outside area.
  2. Speak of the devil:
  3. What type of temperatures are we talking? What's the lighting situation? Ultimately, AC is the way to go. Although, on a small tank like that a chiller wouldn't be a bad idea. Get one used.
  4. Those are some good photos.
  5. Share the love. Number #2 - Fire Digi.
  6. *bump Just a heads up @Avesreef. Do you have another picture? @nate.hobart.1 You have encrusters! I see them!
  7. I think that depends on the water level and the overflow. I really don't have issues and it's about 3/4" from the top. ...Unless I go crazy with the magnetic scraper. You just have to be slower.
  8. Where did you find them? Give us some background.
  9. What? Why isn't there a place for people who aren't going to vote for how awesome Sirena is?!
  10. 100%. Ammonium or Nitrate compounds will put you on a list. Each of them are bad places to be.
  11. That type of thing was happening to my 75 gallon stand (wish I could show you pics, but I am out of the country). To fix it, I ended up buying some clamps and sheet rock nails and put them in two on each side perpendicular to each other. Then I went and bought some gorilla glue and sealed the inside. Haven't had a problem since.
  12. Potassium chloride isn't regulated. People use it as water conditioners all the time, just like Calcium chloride.
  13. TrailerMann: You've won #1. Congratulations!
  14. If I re-did this video it would have been held over my conscious till the day I died.
  15. Trust me. The next one will be better. I just didn't have the nerve to re-do it...Jeremevan deserves it. As my dad always said, honesty is the best policy. Video.wmv