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  1. The old design incorporated too many triangles for an ocean or aquarium theme. This is what I was playing with: The density of the aquatic dwellers was small and most aquatic models have 1,000+ triangles, so I minimized the structure. This is the render: Although, I'd prefer it to have a color feel, such as this: https://sketchfab.com/models/42b6aa9ad71745f3a9abf08a187cf003 Also, news about last land auction: https://dclplazas.com/third-decentraland-auction/
  2. milesmiles902

    Fish room planning

    It's almost better to run a long overflow into the fish room and limit what sound you can. What's your opinion on this? If the return pump can't manage, turn the tank side-ways against the wall for a closer connection and a more open hallway.
  3. Even if it had tid-bits like this: https://sketchfab.com/models/338cfb58457f41078fc8af7730b52482 With a donation link to the Smithsonian or something. Maybe I will talk to our Decentraland neighbor. See if they would be willing to do this for marine awareness.
  4. I'd imagine the plots near the plazas will look like a space with signs, billboards and ads:
  5. I have 2.5 million triangles. Without the aquariums at the bottom: 36,000 triangles. Long story short, it's easier to implement a complex texture, than it is to build a model. My strip around the structure, which I thought would be fish. Might just have to be a texture.
  6. Scene limitation rules# Below are the maximum number of elements allowed allowed in a scene: Triangles: n x 10000 Total amount of triangles for all the models in the scene. Entities: n x 200 Amount of entities in the scene. Bodies: n x 300 Amount of meshes in the scene. Materials: log2(n+1) x 20 Amount of materials in the scene. It includes materials imported as part of models. Textures: log2(n+1) x 10 Amount of textures in the scene. It includes textures imported as part of models. Height: log2(n+1) x 20 Height in meters.
  7. Steps to go Virtual Reality: https://vr.google.com/cardboard/get-cardboard/ Download the free Google Cardboard App Check-out links, such as this: https://skfb.ly/6FWKy -or- use the app
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    I didn't mean for such a riot to appear in this thread. Rank seems to be critical for the stability of this forum. I'll leave this one to the mods. --Please Close--
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    That being said, I feel we all deserve the rank "Top poster!" -or- something similar.
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    True. I stated it wrong because the definition of "LeaderBoard" can be defined in two ways: The tab at the top of every window and the tab within the Leaderboard called "Leaderboard". Following the latter, I believe it to not be post count following this logic: ...this world is so confusing.
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    Post Count: @Michael7979 > @reefnjunkie > @R-3 > @JManrow Although, @Michael7979 == @JManrow != @reefnjunkie != @R-3
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    What is interesting about the trend is it is not post count. Besides, @Emerald525 which is the lead. If you follow the Leader-board of Top Members - Most Posts...it isn't post count: http://www.pnwmas.org/topmembers/?filter=forums_Topic_Post