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  1. We have cards!!

    Whoo! Cats!
  2. Something BIG is coming October 14!!!

    Me either! What is it?! Tell me!
  3. August Annual BBQ! Swap Meet and Raffles Galore!!

    Game of thrones.
  4. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Just shoot me a date.
  5. Here are my Triton results

    Nah, those phosphates are rocking. 0.09 mg/L = 0.09 ppm. I can't say much about the rest. Edit: They are 0.009 ppm. That might be a bit low.
  6. Here are my Triton results

    Those don't really look bad. A lot of halogens are low, but meh. Fresh sea salt should fix that. Do you think it could be bugs?
  7. Here are my Triton results

    404 Error. Try it again. I'd love to see.
  8. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Oh, and any PVC or bulk heads that might be required. I am unsure on your plumbing and if it is cemented in, but go to your local fish store and grab what you might need. Plumbing is a pain to not have when you need it.
  9. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Albertareef has it right. Do it quickly and be prepared. You'd be surprised what can happen when you are moving a little piece of the ocean. I have moved a 29/75 gallon tanks before and it is a pretty straightforward process, but nerve racking. If it is within the same town and during the summer, I don't think you will have to worry about temperature issues. All I did was, Make sure the location the tank is going is ready to go. I.e. doorways cleared, 20% fresh saltwater up to temp (with extra, just in case), extra buckets, pre-washed sand, multiple power strips etc. Drain old tank and put livestock in labeled buckets and separated appropriately. In my experience, I've had more fish die than corals in moving because of stress. So, I'd catch the fish last and it's easier to net them with there is 6 inch of water left. The sand is a pain because it is full of detritus. I've always replaced at least 50% of the sand and kept some of the top layer for the bacteria. Then thrown the rest in another bucket with water to sift for inverts after I re-setup the tank. Transport tank to new location. Setup tank, put pre-washed sand in, add a little old sand, put the rock in with coral and lastly, add the fish. I bet you could do the move in two-four hours. If you need any help, let me know. I am close enough to Salem that it wouldn't be an issue.
  10. 2017 POTM Winners

    May - Euphyllia: TheClark June - Encruster: jonas503 July - Sand Bed: SaltyJay
  11. July POTM Winner

    July's picture of the month winner is: SaltyJay
  12. August Picture of the Month - Symbiosis

    Gosh, what a tough crowd. Symbiosis: noun Def- Symbiosis is any type of a close and long-term biological interaction between two different biological organisms, be it mutualistic, commensalistic, or parasitic
  13. August Picture of the Month - Symbiosis

    If I can't see the organisms without a microscope. It's not counted.
  14. Here are the rules: • One photo entry per person • Pic has to be taken by YOU • Must be in by the posted deadline • Must follow subject guidelines for the month Winners will be determined based on voting poll results after submission deadline. This months subject: Symbiosis of at least two critters. I'm going to be strict for this POTM. Please make sure it is at least two critters that are working together for the greater cause. Not two fish feeding, not a starfish on a snail and definitely not bristle-worms eating leftovers. Real symbiosis. You will be disqualified otherwise. Deadline: I am going to try to be better on this one. September 1st
  15. JULY POTM - Voting

    Three days from now I will close this poll.