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  1. Step up, tip-top and stand strong. This place isn't for the weak. Welcome to the board. I'm from Auburn, Wa.
  2. Also, just to be honest. I have to let the cat out of the bag. I accidentally voted for myself twice during trial testing. -1 pro points
  3. Other examples: https://dclplazas.com/3-new-decentraland-games/
  4. How old are you now? I feel like I have now seen at least four birthdays. Old, really old or pro?
  5. Created with QuizMaker @media (max-width:320px) {.qp_iframe{min-height:843px}}@media (max-width:375px) {.qp_iframe{min-height:843px}}@media (max-width:414px) {.qp_iframe{min-height:823px}}
  6. Your fish are clowning around. I like this idea: Although, if you see them sprint out of the anemone. Get them out. I believe it will probably never happen.
  7. It does look like a bubble tip. I'd accept the fact that they don't always host or pull it out from the corner. Are they hosting in something else?
  8. Let's see a picture of the anemone.
  9. Our voting system only allots 20 voting slots, which I hope will be fixed soon. If not, by the end of the week I'll bring it off-site.
  10. http://www.pnwmas.org/forums/forum/67-share-the-love/
  11. Any advances on our newly improved 20+ voting system? This is the first time in history we've had this many awesome submissions.
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