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    September PNWMAS Meeting

    I'm going to try and make it guys, I am a newbie but this sounds awesome!
  2. buying a tank off craigslist for a super good deal and having to do a hundred water changes due to the owners neglect. On the plus side I may have the worlds hardiest rose bubble anemone and mocha clown. They have been through hell and back. I guess what doesn't kill you does makes you stronger after all haha

    SPS cut to order.

    im moving in 30 days but when i get my tank situated again I will be interested. Those look amazing!
  4. Wow.. where is the all of the above button!

    Lc Scott's Frag Tank

    wow, the tank looks great! What caused your little mother board to blow up sheesh.. doesn't seem right.

    Taking the plunge.. From fresh to salt

    I have removed the bioballs, I have live rock, live sand, and crushed coral. I am running an Aqua Clear foam filter insert where the main intakes are, then I have a chemi pure blue, a protiene skimmer, heater, and crushed coral in the second chamber.. thoughts on that set up? Should I change something up?

    Taking the plunge.. From fresh to salt

    Thanks for the quick response! Yeah addiction is right... I've done freshwater my whole life and lets just say I've been missing out! Love this stuff. after my 3rd 50% water my nitrates are around 90.. so still sky high.
  8. Hey everyone, I am new to the group and its my first time getting salty! I purchased a 29 gallon Biocube off of craigslist. It had everything I needed to get started but it was a little neglected. When i got it the Nitrates were off the chart. Since then I have done three 50% water changes and i have it down to 90.. I am about to do my 4th 50% water change.. I have a mocha clown, rose bubble anemone, and an emerald crab. They all seem to be doing very well, the anemone especially! The stem is longer and the bubbles are longer and fuller. I am new to the reef and salt water thing so i'm trying to keep it simple and as inexpensive as possible! If you have any tips for getting nitrates down faster I would love to hear them, also any tips for a reef beginner would be great! Each time i go to World of Wet Pets for my water I get more excited to get some cool corals and fish but I have to get the tank stable first. Thanks guys!