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  1. one last quandary are all leds made equal, and are all t5ho made equal, if I do DIY? or should i be cautious and what should I look out for including the photosynthetic parameters.
  2. I am planning to head to home depot next week to see what I can come up with does anyone have any old forum posts or custom DIY t5ho quad or dual lights?
  3. I have a 20 gallon critter tank for free to what ever school near NATO in downtown south Portland. and a 20 gallon tall but the previous owner painted the sides, the paint will come off I am unable to remove it because I am in an apartment complex. Thank you, Brad
  4. Hello trying to start my new tank and $100 is to rich for my blood at the local pet shop. Anyone here trying to get rid of a fish tank aquarium stand I would be willing to drive to you or meet somewhere to pick it up. Thank you so much for helping out a noob! Kind Regards, Brad
  5. Long time fish keeper fresh and salt water new to pnwmas. Portland transplant from California and very glad I did. Had a couple tanks in high school, after a few years break getting back into it, relearning and refreshing. Just purchased a 25gallon tall and as of now leaning towards Coral I would like to do SPS if I can figure out this newfangled LED revolution on a budget. There is a lot of new information I have been reading and learning about so you will see me posting very shortly and hopefully not aggravating the masses with my noob-nature. Look forward to meeting you all looks like a great community.
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