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  1. Squidapus

    About that meet tomorrow...

    Alright, thanks!
  2. Hello! I think I've only really made a single post on here before, so you probably don't know me, yet. I am going to try to attend the meet tomorrow. I am friends with Sasquatch (I'm not sure if he shares his real name or not) and he's been trying to get me to come to one of your meets for a long time. I know it's rather short notice, but should I bring any food? As for my tank, it's pretty small, about 8 gal, so I don't have a lot to offer, but I do have a couple little green nems (Majanos?) and a small frag of GSP that are trade-able. If anyone was interested, I am a bit of a weird one and I am looking for some brittle stars. Just tiny ones. I'm also always interested in cowries and stomatellas. I'll try to bring some cash, or if it's not too short notice, if anyone wants to arrange something. I'm told that most of the things that I like are things that people are usually trying to get rid of. I also have a decent sized rock of Xanthella that I would like to trade for some Xenia. Although I probably wont bring it unless I set up a trade first. I can share pics of things if anyone is interested. Haha, on that note, if anyone wants any tiny starfish, I have about a million. I would assume that they're pretty common, but I have enough to give some away. I don't know their specific name, but I know that they are safe for softy things. I'll probably bring a bunch of these and the three tiny things I have for spur of the moment trades. I'm not really sure how these meets tend to go~
  3. Squidapus

    Hello, I'm new ^^

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I don't have any pictures of the tank yet (there isn't much in it, anyway), and I will definitely keep that in mind about the Xenias. Someone did donate a few (I believe their name was Gill and Fin? Thanks a ton, by the way!) and I have them in the corner of the tank. Sasquatch has warned me about how they take over, but hopefully I've got them in a good spot for keeping them under control. How fast do they tend to grow? Depending on how quick they are, I may eventually take someone else up on their offer to get some Xenia/GSP off their hands.
  4. Squidapus

    Hello, I'm new ^^

    Thanks ^^
  5. Squidapus

    Hello, I'm new ^^

    Heya everyone! I just started cycling my tank about 2 weeks ago and I totally can't wait to get fish. I am friends with Sasquatch and he is teaching me how to set up and care for my tank. Somehow I have fallen in love with Xenias (or as I like to refer to them, "winky things"), even though he says they are not exactly very popular. Sasquatch says he will be attending a meeting tomorrow and if anyone has any white pulsing Xenia (or I read that they can come in blue?) that they're willing to part with, please bring it. I don't really like being that person who asks for handouts, so I'll send him with a little something, but I'm not completely against the idea of free Xenia. I'd accompany him to the meeting myself, but unfortunately I work all day and cannot make it. :( It's a little short notice, I know, so in that instance, I can also meet someone in Beaverton. I don't have a car, but we could probably meet at World of Wet Pets, off of Beaverton-hillsdale highway, since it's in walking distance for me. Getting the Xenias is something I want to do before I buy any fish and hopefully it will make my tank look less empty. Trying to combat the urge to name the rocks... ^^;