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  1. Had a guy that talked wanting them for two weeks then when the day came...no show.
  2. have a 29 acrylic I can give you.
  3. 301 SOLD 302 still available
  4. Looks like all tanks will be sold so dropping rock down to $1 per pound. Prefer to sell in lots no less than 20 pounds. Easily have over a hundred pounds. Lots of refugium rubble too. Friday through Sunday then it all goes to the fish store.
  5. Breaking down three large aquariums right now and need to sell a large amount of live rock. Mostly Pukani, branch, and large dried coral pieces. Lots of coralline. Also have rocks baseball size to football size covered in soft corals; various palys, mushrooms, devil hand, Kenya tree, etc. Prefer to sell in 20 lb lots and larger. Thinking $2 to $3 a pound with the exception of a few select pieces. A few coolers full shown. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNnRxfPnBk-Rjt7HSQgVQnJCB8XQ68BRTDsfBSQq0xbvkUPvk9p5WQ2QpTA5MJ7eA?key=eGFqVjcwRlNKUEt4WC1aWlUtZjlQV2ZNMmEyNHNR
  6. Ron got the 210 with the sweet custom sump before it ever got posted.
  7. Tanks are currently running as shown in photo but will be disassembled this week. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPVUuR7lL4QIoghlPzT5nkLNw19y4FWq-iwQQLaWdaGBRT4R8Px8JMTqg1wYDAU-Q?key=ZHcyRXVrc21BN0p0RGRyOEJmZWtXbVVlTkdzNFZn
  8. Have two Aqueon 180 gallon aquariums for sale. Both have dual internal overflow setups with overflow and return line in the overflow box. Each tank comes with glass lids also. No stands available. These were built into a wall. $200 each.
  9. Please close this topic. I will list the remaining items individually. Thanks.
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