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  1. Tdaily

    A Special offer :O!!

    Dont know what was up with it. Worked fine when I did payment today, I'm a member now Thanks
  2. Tdaily

    A Special offer :O!!

    Keeps giving me an error when I try to pay?
  3. Tdaily

    Zoas For Sale

    Well just picked up a large order from you, all look AAA+ 9 different varieties all have opened nicely within 15mins!!!!
  4. Tdaily


    I am looking to purchase some zoa's for my 92 gallon corner tank if anyone has some good glowers forsale I work in portland and can travel all over. Thanks
  5. Tdaily

    Emerald's IM Fusion 20 LPS dominated tank!

    Wow those zoa's look good!