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  1. wantanewtank

    Hello, again!

    Also have 2 heads of red and blue blastos
  2. wantanewtank

    Hello, again!

    Yes, I have a green & purple torch, many zoas, echinada acan. Green toadstool, gsp, a forest fire digi. Psamacora, favia and a pinkie orange encrusting monti
  3. wantanewtank

    Hello, again!

    Hi Rich I’m Lisa. I’m needing to get out of this very expensive hobby. I’m looking to sell my 33 gal cube. The tank does not have a sump but you can have it drilled. I have an Ecotech MP10, Tunze osmolator ato with extra pump. 5gal acrylic ato resovior. Small algae scrubber. Kessil 160 light with mounting arm. HOB skimmer and reactor are also available. I’m will to also sell my equipment if you are not interested in the tabk
  4. wantanewtank

    Cleaner shrimp

    Just curious why do you want to remove your shrimp? My wrasse ate my shrimp and snails so placing food in a net is a great idea to catch my wrasse and trade her in for snails
  5. wantanewtank

    Flame Hawk and 2 hybrd clowns

    Just a question do flame hawk fish eat cleanup crew?
  6. wantanewtank


    Hey Justin, welcome to the club. Have you decided on the size of your new build?
  7. wantanewtank

    New to reefing -- Recently set up a Reefer XL 425

    Your tank looks like it will soon be a show stopper. Can’t wait to see the progression
  8. wantanewtank

    Live rock

    What brand of salt?
  9. wantanewtank

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt bucket

    The buckets were sturdy, I still have on from about 6 yrs ago.
  10. wantanewtank

    Red Sea Coral Pro Salt bucket

    Idk why Red Sea has made these buckets so flimsy I had the same problem with the blue bucket but the inner bag also broke so lots of the salt was lost in the shipping box.
  11. wantanewtank

    FS Melanaris Wrasse 5”

    After you catch yours you can come here to catch mine. 😂 just kidding but if you live in Vancouver I do need mine caught. Why are you selling your wrasse?
  12. wantanewtank

    Coming soon!

    Why are there posts for things for sale or upcoming events from 2012? How about getting rid of out dated posts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. wantanewtank

    Clownfish need a new home

    Beaverton is too far so you are first
  14. wantanewtank

    Clownfish need a new home

    How big is he and where do you live?
  15. wantanewtank

    WTB Kessil

    What’s your price? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk