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  1. Aquavitro 'Fuel'

    I used this when I had my bio cube up and running a few years ago. I did notice a little more algae on the glass but like youcallmenny said, that’s kinda the point. Not sure if it had anything to do with it but I did win an sps grow out competition while I was dosing my tank with it.
  2. WTS salt + 2 part mix

  3. WTS salt + 2 part mix

    I wish I would have remembered to post it before I was up there this past weekend. I have some frozen mysis/calanus and pellets that I can throw in too.
  4. WTS salt + 2 part mix

    I have a brand new 175g bucket of Red Sea coral pro salt and a brand new 1/2 gallon box of BRS 2 part mix. Also have a half full 500ml bottle of acropower, a half full bottle of microbacter7, and a brand new bottle of brightwell's lugol's iodine solution. $40 takes all. Located in Springfield. Can't deliver but will hold with PayPal payment.
  5. Livestock for sale

    Price drop on the rock flower -$30 I'll be at Golden basket in a few hours if anybody wants it let me know as I'll be leaving soon.
  6. Livestock for sale

    Everything is gone except for the rock flower anemone and the psammacora.
  7. Livestock for sale

    So with most of my corals gone now I can start to sell off what's left of my livestock. I will be in Tigard at Golden basket on Saturday around noon so I can meet up with anyone wanting to buy anything. Please text for pics (541)852-1060 4-5" zoa rock with rainbow sakuras, Japanese emeralds, asd rainbow shazaams, and some blue/red zoas-$30 4-5" zoa rock with nuclear green palys, cats eye zoas, and armegeddons-$30 Ultra rock flower anemone on large rock (about 8"x10")with lava lamp mushroom-$50 Gladiator clownfish-$15 Small spotted mandarin(eats frozen)-$10 Clean up crew (10 asstd. hermit crabs, 2 emerald crabs, 3 trochus snails, 2 bumble bee snails, fighting conch, black sand sifting cucumber, tiger tail cucumber,1 peppermint shrimp)-$15 1" frag green branching psammacora and a 1" frag of orange encrusting psammacora-$10 1" frag rainbow monti-$10
  8. WTS Zoas and more!

    All items except for the rainbow monti and 4-5" rock have been sold. I will start a new thread with updated items. Will have more livestock for sale.
  9. WTS Zoas and more!

    Yup, priced to move. I think I paid $125 for a two polyp frag of the Jubilees and at least twice as much as I'm asking for everything else.
  10. WTS Zoas and more!

    Hey Cody, it's nice knowing everything went to a good home. Glad everyhting is doing well.
  11. WTS Zoas and more!

    I am breaking down my tank and have some nice livestock left that I would like to sell. I am located in Springfield and cannot deliver. Photobucket is giving me problems so please text for pics. (541)852-1060 4p ASD Hyper Jubilees-$40 5p ASD Hyper Jubilees-$50 30+p gatorades-$35 20+p LC pink krakens-$30 3p rastas-$10 7-8p sunny d's-$15 5-6p raptors rainbows-$10 1 1/2" frag Jason fox day glow favia-$30 1" frag RMF Biohazard acro-$15 1" rainbow monti-$10 4-5" rock with nuclear green palys, cats eye zoas and armegeddon zoas-$30
  12. Corals for sale

    Sorry guys, I should mention I'm located in Springfield.
  13. Corals for sale

    Pm sent
  14. Corals for sale

    Fungia plate sold Wilsoni sold Also have the following corals available. 10p sunny d's-$40 8p candy apple reds-$50 4p java chaos-$35 6p vivid rainbows-$30 2p vamps in drag-$20 15p LCD pink krakens-$50 Can send pics upon request. Feel free to make offers.
  15. Corals for sale

    Yup, will do Robert.