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    Another newish noob here!

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I checked out a few of the members here and am I correct to assume most people here are in OR? I know there is a Puget Sound Aquarium Society around here but I haven't been able to attend any event yet. I work on weekends and evenings. I guess that makes it hard for me to go to any meetings or get togethers.
  2. GoGo98102

    Another newish noob here!

    I used to be into aquariums when I was a teenager, before Internet and knew anything about cycling the tank. Last year I started to get back into this hobby again. I started with a 20g long planted tank and now I have a 150g mixed reef and 7 other freshwater tanks. When I was a teen in the 80s, I had a couple saltwater tanks. I didn't know what I was doing and tanks got wiped sooner or later. Last Nov I started my first saltwater tank after 30 years. I knew I should've started slow but a few fish and coral fell on my laps within the first couple weeks, so to speak. I started to have SPS and LPS right away. Luckily they all survived and growing pretty fast. Now I have no room in my 150g because I over stock the fish and coral. LOL I live in south part of Seattle and would love to make some friends who are in the area and perhaps trade some corals. Thanks!