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  1. Sps Frags FS

    Hello PNWMAS. I am moving out of state very soon and would like to scrape up a few extra bucks to offset the cost of moving the tank! I LIVE IN SEATTLE, NOT PORTLAND (Sorry in advance ) I am willing to sell frag packs of the following Sps Corals at fair prices. I won't cut them until I have confirmed payment, or can do it in person. I also would rather not sell individual frags as I am quite busy with moving, thanks for understanding. Pink Lemonade Sunset Millipora "Stylasters" Black Tonga Millipora 500 Efflo Green Slimer Purple Slimer Blue Voodoo Red Planet ORA Blue Bottlebrush ORA Dark Blue Millipora ORA Deepwater No Name Purple w/ Green Tips Blue Tipped Tenius Forest Fire Digi Blue German Digi BC No Name Yellow Acro Yellow Spongodes * Looks like a yellow Digitata Tyree Flower Petal Montipora Montipora Undata Red Montipora *All frags will be 3/4-1 ich depending on the colony, unless you prefer larger. I can mount on plugs if you like. This excludes the Montipora, as they would be larger. Pm me and I can give you a pack price, I would rather not sell individually so don't want to price individually.
  2. Equipment for sale

    Oh now I see it haha oops. Can yo ship? Otherwise I might be going to Bend this weekend, I live in Seattle.
  3. Equipment for sale

    I am interested in all 3 checkers. You have a price in mind?
  4. RBTAs FS Cheap!

    I can't sorry, just trying to share the live locally Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  5. RBTAs FS Cheap!

  6. RBTAs FS Cheap!

    Your are more then welcome to come take a look. Not a massive selection of zoas and palys but I can drag anything I have. Text me if your interested in coming by. 4257603488 Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  7. WTB RODI (or Rent me your unit)

    I have an older unit that I used to use, works pretty good, may need new filters at some point. I live in Columbia City Seattle, just north of Renton. $25 bucks? I can meetup any day this week or weekend.
  8. RBTAs FS Cheap!

    I have 5 RBTAs and they keep splitting. Would like to sell 3-4 of them. 10$ each or whatever your willing to trade works for me. I also have a handful of other sps, zoas, palys, ect I can snip while your here. I live in South Seattle. Come get em!
  9. Stand Construction Help!

    Whats a biscuit? Like the plastic things in Ikea furniture? I should have screwed the frame, and then pinned all the trim. Was my first real woodworking project. I will definitely update the thread when I take the thing down.
  10. Stand Construction Help!

    There are no screws anywhere in the stand. I just used whats often called a "pinner" , its a small nail gun used for finish carpentry. I had to use quite a bit of nails, as they are pretty small.
  11. Stand Construction Help!

    I like the idea of putting the piece on the bottom. I would have to redo the trim, but that is not impossible. I never really thought of that, with the sump inside! That seems like my best option to hold things together, without having to completely start over.
  12. Stand Construction Help!

    I did add this at the time of construction, but it could still rack the other direction I guess. Its only 1/2" plywood, and goes 2/3 the way up. I think the corners separating is more attributed to the weight. Weird thought, but I have insanely high flow in this display, all of which is directed toward the front wall of the tank. Could this pressure of water moving in this direction cause the stand to lean outwards?
  13. Stand Construction Help!

    Thanks a bunch! I originally didn't do that across the back because I wanted more air to cool the sump section, but given it lying against the wall I guess thats probably not necessary.
  14. Stand Construction Help!

  15. Stand Construction Help!

    Thanks for all the responses sorry for the delay I was out of town all weekend. I may be interested in this option depending on what something like this would cost. I am having a hard time parting with the one though because I am into it about $500 and weeks worth of labor. Plus, I built the whole light fixture from scratch, and its made of the same materials and stained to match. The frame is made of poplar, and I recognize the racking issue as this thing is 38" tall. all the corners are covered with maple trim, as well as the bottom and the top. The top has a large piece of maple used as a crown to hide the base of the tank. The sump is a perfect fit inside the thing, meaning I had to slide it over the sump when I set it up. The doors are just attached with hinges and have glass inserts, so they do nothing structurally. I attached a picture from when I built it below. I live in Seattle. Yes, the tank is completely level, its rimless so that was a must! And thank you, I just hope I can keep it. Glad this thread is getting some attention, all the experienced opinions are appreciated!