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  1. Brian have you heard about Odies Oil? Really good Sh$t! Hard to tell I have made many things and used the odies oil and love it!!!
  2. So I will apologize for screwing up...I don’t delete stuff I post. (Unlike other people 😂) so LazyReefer bought a different one from me.....I guess his pictures doesn’t do justice. Beautiful piece! Sorry Bro
  3. Not to mention anything I believe you got from me as well and I did not charge 150$. Check your PMs and you’ll see the price you paid. If not I apologize...
  4. I think 150 is a bit high as well?
  5. Flash21


    The Master of deleting....
  6. 24” T5 ATI 4 bulb 200$ or 240$ shipped.
  7. Top sold and One Chalice sold. 2nd available and 3 chalices left.
  8. Pick Your Frag... 10$ Each.
  9. Mel Wrasse but they are A$$ Holes!
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