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  1. Flash21

    105g build

    Must be Christmas Bonus!
  2. Flash21

    105g build

    1 yr and 49 days from when the tank is wet. I’ll bid 59.34$
  3. Flash21

    Shout to C&C

    Nice Score. We were in today and I as well saw that nice tang.
  4. Flash21

    Name that Shroom

    What the Heck is this shroom? Its a deep purple with orange bubbles....
  5. Flash21

    105g build

    Tanks And Rigs are your worst nightmare! What you driving now a Prius?
  6. Flash21

    105g build

    Will this be a Home Depot build? House Filter isle!
  7. Flash21

    My least favorite part of a build

    Masons Supply might have what your looking for? Never mind. It’s a Reef Product thought it was a cement product.
  8. Flash21

    Skimmer advice

    Thanks Guys for all the help! I placed an order the other day on a skimmer and apex.
  9. Flash21

    Skimmer advice

    Lol...Thanks. I had that IM before and they are garbage. Thanks Tho
  10. Flash21

    Skimmer advice

    Brian are these for AIO tanks? The back of the chamber is 7 by 4 3/4” Thanks
  11. Flash21

    Skimmer advice

    Looking to get a Skimmer for my WaterBox. I was looking at the Tunze 9004 comline. Anyone have any input? Thanks
  12. Flash21

    New here

    Welcome aboard. You’ll find tons of information and awesome people here. I myself consider myself a nano expert in my opinion 😂. (after all I did win the nano build off) CNC And Paradise Corals are my favorite places to hit up
  13. The curse of the nano! Bart didn’t make it. From tne 25 Lagoon to WaterBox transfer...decided to put the clown into the 3.5 instead of WaterBox.
  14. Update: Corals are growing like weeds!