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  1. I think it might be washed out...haha.
  2. Curious can foxfaces get this? I noticed mine has like a mucus shedding off him every few days or so...
  3. Thanks Jorge. Time to sign you up for junk email! Need something to do to keep me busy 😂
  4. I had both skimmers...The Tunze Comline 9004 is the better skimmer of the two. The ghost ones are garbage.
  5. Agree with the two posts above... I’m sure it was a great turn out...Maybe next time just have one of the good old fashion bidding wars on here for us?
  6. Well your not going to get neither. Better post on R2R
  7. Chemiclean works magic for me in the past. last treat was over a week ago left it in the tank for 48 hours with an air pump and I had it everywhere! Rocks Sand and all! I left UV on and Skimmer off...Skimmer is still going nuts!!! Driving me crazy
  8. Want to Buy small Anemone. Under 4-5” would be best. Thanks
  9. I wish I could get rid of my moles! We keep forgetting to tell the exterminator...
  10. Super happy for your Cats! It takes special needs for those little boogers!!! This means a new tank in the works???? Since you’ll have time 😂
  11. Not trying to be a stinker. Anyone that is considering this type of cat please do your research! We have had Bengals and a Savanna cats before. please don’t take my post personal Kim
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