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  1. Any new heads on the Rainbow ones?
  2. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    I love Carrot Cake. I have not had a good Banana Cream Cake in ages! Maybe we need a meeting full of Cakes!
  3. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    I like the cake topic more than the heater topic now. R-3 what’s your preference? Krux what’s your also?
  4. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Scott had this in his Fridge...
  5. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

  6. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Scott look in the fridge there’s cake in there.
  7. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Back to topic... everything of now is doing well. So far one coral gone. Since heater farted I have changed 25 Gallons.
  8. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    I’m not liable to say...part of the secret service section on what I do.
  9. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    I will look into this! Thanks! Much more reasonable. Thanks Krux!!!
  10. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    I hate people that’s why I’m in construction!
  11. Flash21

    ALBERTAREEF.. I found your new tank!!!

    I have the glass cups to move it. (There not the cheap ones either!)
  12. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Well every heater is under 100 so what’s your point never to heat a tank? I cant justify to buy three controllers as I have three tanks, ain’t gonna happen. Texting while groggy and just woke up don’t take this personal!
  13. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Came back from the local FW shop closer and they have decent equipment. Stuck with the brand I have always used Jagger Eheim.
  14. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    Nope. I’m a plain guy when it comes to tank controllers. It never reached a extreme temp in the tank....it just farted and done.
  15. Flash21

    Heaters (colbalt)

    I’m headed to upscales to get a new heater. After that another 5 Gallon WC. I’m thankful this happened when I was home. I would hate to see the wife’s tank nuked! Would have been a lot of corals down the tube! Time will tell. 4 corals are 50\50 as of now. 3 flower pots and the torch