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  1. Fed them Weekly and they will be fat and happy
  2. Sold To Scott for a Dollar.
  3. Putting Out Feelers to see if anyone wants to buy iPhone 10? Mint Condition...IPhone X 64Gb 400.00$ Cash
  4. Bump... Want this gone...
  5. Flash21

    UV Questions

    Just finished up hooking the UV up... leaving the tank glass and all untouched to see if I can notice a difference. I took photos so I can see what’s the deal with UV.
  6. Flash21

    UV Questions

    Wanna come and plumb mine up this weekend 😂
  7. Looking for Return Pump rated about 300- 500gph. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. I heard Scott is hiring....you’ll fit right in. 😂
  9. Flash21

    UV Questions

    Ok so another dumb question... If I was to plumb up like above picture inline with return pump. How can one tell the GPH flowing through the unit? As it’s all going straight to the tank?! I have my Cor 15 ran at 65%. So if I had ball valves could I crank it down to half way and call it good on the UV input?
  10. Flash21

    UV Questions

    I don’t listen to 🐵... Thanks.
  11. Flash21

    UV Questions

    Does it matter what way I install the unit if I plumb it this way? (Meaning the inlet and outlet up right? Facing down? Facing side ways? Does it matter?)
  12. Flash21

    UV Questions

    Thanks! Would you recommended plumbing into the return or running it off it’s own pump? I have a 40 breeder sump and not sure the best spot to plumb it in.
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