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  1. Flash21

    Upgrade time!

    How long will the counter stay clutter free? I give it a week and you won’t be able to see the top 😂
  2. Flash21

    Sunkist Bounce & Breaker

    Everything Is pending .... I have one other Sunkist but this one would be a gamble for someone and it won’t be cheap. I know mods will say price so this is a price out of my butt...so PM me 100000$
  3. Flash21

    Sunkist Bounce & Breaker

    It’s like when you pick your nose and your not sure if it’s a booger or a tater tot...you lost yet? One is 1/8” and other is 3/16” or so.
  4. 2 sunkists bounces I have 2 babies that are booger sized... A litte bigger than a quarter priced at 110 each booger sized ones each at 30$ 1 Jaw Breaker 130$ Thanks for Looking
  5. Flash21

    Spectras 100

    I’ll start the bid at 297.00 on the green trachy!
  6. Flash21

    Mushroom naming contest

    Orange Dirty Bastard
  7. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    With a purple hue? It’s more smooth as well and not texture like my bounces.
  8. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    I think these shrooms will be in the lock box. Unless I get a good offer on them 😂.
  9. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    I have to cut the other two off the rack when my new rack comes Monday 🙂.
  10. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    Yes it is...this shroom appeared out of the blue...next to my jaw breaker and bounce. The base is like a jaw breaker but purple with bounce bubbles. (BTW. I have Three of them)
  11. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    No way...
  12. Flash21

    Shroom ID

    So after many many months of trying to figure out what shroom I have, thought I’d ask... The base is purple Orange bubbles and appear perhaps might have white bubbles as well.
  13. Flash21

    Coral For Sell

    Please Close. I will make a new thread in a month or so. Brian I have your Monti! Just keep me up to date on when you’d like to get Mark I have yours as well! Happy Holidays