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  1. Flash21

    Tank Sitter

    Thanks for all the offers guys! I think between two local Reefers I have it under control. I hope! If something comes up I’ll let you all know.
  2. Flash21

    Tank Sitter

    BuMp...We are leaving in about 29 days and thought I’d give this a bump to see if anyone is willing to help a Fish Nerd out. I have Scott checking up on 18th weekend and Probably the 1st. Id really like someone to come every 4th day or so to check up on. My biggest concern are the ATOs keeping them full. Giving them a hard reset! Willing to Pay in cash, corals or gift. Thanks For Looking.
  3. I welcomed “Bart” to the tank yesterday. Thanks Jeff for the new addition. I hope Bart will make it!
  4. Not to Self never buy a gyre...might be held hostage.
  5. Flash21

    Amazing new shipments!

    It was nice seeing you all! I scored a nice wrasse!!!
  6. How’s the Clowns doing?
  7. Lately I have been dosing and a WC every 2-3weeks. Change Filter every week or so. I run it pretty dirty. For me it’s quite simple I guess I have the touch for nanos.
  8. Thought I’d show off the Nano on how it’s doing. Nothing has died as I have not added any new fish or anything. Last up dates were over 45days
  9. Flash21

    Amazing new shipments!

    Jeff, do you have any six lines? If so can you hold onto the smallest one for me? Thanks
  10. Flash21

    Welcome your 2018/2019 Board Members!

    I’m not much for words and making sense...therefore I will not ramble on. Thanks Everyone!
  11. Flash21

    Flatworms on my torch...

    I’d dose flat worm and like Cody said takes serval times about 4-5 days apart. I wanna say I did a higher dose on mine...it did the trick. The minimum amount was to weak. Good Luck, better to nip them in the butt sooner then later
  12. Flash21

    Who's all going to the Hatfield Marine Science Center? 

    I say we toss all the food aside...cakes and pies only!
  13. Flash21

    Flatworms on my torch...

    That sucks, Just fought them and I’m pest free now! Flat worm X!
  14. Flash21

    Redsea max nano

    Will you accept other currency? I have a bunch of coupons...
  15. Flash21

    Redsea max nano

    Does it come with the packaging?