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  1. Thanks R3...Just waiting for a PM Reply!
  2. Ron Pm me price if you wouldn’t mind.
  3. Looking to buy a 10-20 AIO Tank. Thanks
  4. Updates? I suggest to just buy the trust rusty eheim heaters. They have been around for awhile. After seeing this, I dug up my old thread on when this happened to me.
  5. I had the same thing happen...do a water change ASAP. Those heaters are crap! I myself was right next to the tank as well. I had 3-4 corals die I believe.
  6. If you decide to part out I’d consider to buy Tank Only.
  7. Well win it! You’ll just give me the Bill!
  8. Bidding on unicorn poops and Bret is throwing In The zoas for free to bring up the heat in the bidding war. Correct?!
  9. 50.3 WaterMelon is doing good! After 2 plus months I finally hooked up my doser and installed some other equipment on the tank. Cleared some coral clutter for more coral clutter to come. Enjoy the pics...
  10. Can we bid backwards? Of minimum of 2$?
  11. This is a really really nice piece!!!
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