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  1. 😂...Wc maybe once or twice a month. Change out filter floss every 2-3 weeks. Never ever test anything on it. I think that is the key!
  2. 3.5 Gallon is still rocking and rolling! It got a face lift months ago. Tank was over ran with the shrooms so took a butt load to CnC!
  3. Yes..... Light Bar Return Pump Lid Heater Filter Floss Holders
  4. 11 Month old 50 Gallon AIO WaterBox cleaned and ready to go! 500$ Cash. No Trades I don’t need corals or other tanks.
  5. Skimmer is about 10 months old it was used in my 50 AIO WaterBox. I have to find the magnets...if I can’t find I’ll knock off 10-15$ Like New In perfect working order 120$
  6. Flash21


    I believe Scott had it hooked up to a Dos unit in his tank.
  7. It’s a beautiful piece! Jeff go grab a 🍺
  8. I have two extras at home 😆 Sent From 🛋
  9. Mods please close
  10. Bigger tank? What? Why the secret?
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