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  1. Free peppermint Shrimp.
  2. Scott will have a 14 for sell in 8 Months. 😂 Someone buy this tank! Ifni had more Room I'd buy it.
  3. Looks like someone's finally gonna upgrade.
  4. Yes Scott will take your 180 for it. Great opportunity to upgrade Jorge.
  5. Yep He's going to lose more Arcos tonight 😝
  6. If you ever have Jorge drop by your place I swear have him look at your tank. He'll send his special powers to your corals. It will weaken his corals at home tho. Haha.
  7. Back Corner of tank. I turned the deflector knozzle towards back wall. Jorge said it might create a gryor affect (Correct me if I heard you you Jorge) corals love the new spot! I'm pretty sure the clown is pissed off at me. Since it's blasting the Anemone he was in. Forcing him to move out of it.
  8. So usually I'm the One that takes all the cords and shoves them behind the stand and calls it a day! After going through many many tanks. I finally wanted to straighten up the mess! Below are before and after pics. This is the photos of the 25 Lagoon. Tomorrow's project will be the 20 Nuvo. After Jorge Dropping by, he gave me a Pointer where to put the New Tunze 6040...It's true he has special powers! He talks to corals! After placing the Power Head in its new spot, immediately all the corals perked right back up!
  9. Friday I stopped by Jeff's. Scored some goodies... And Update Pics are below
  10. That Means Only 6 people are going? 😂 I'm jealous I can't make it! I think the main feature is Corals Corals and Frags.
  11. I saw those the Other day and those are HOT!
  12. Ok I'll bid now. I just found out how Now.
  13. Oh the Pain...only if I knew how to bid.
  14. Frank works Nights not sure of his Schedule... Im sure he'll get back to you. Super nice Guy (only because he Loves V Dubs) Maybe Make a Trip up to him Stop at Rudy's Jeff's And Travis Hit them all up and Buy a Ton of corals!? Just an Idea.
  15. I saw this piece last weekend (in person) All I have to say is WOW! It's Beautiful! Id be bidding ...I'd be afraid I'd kill it!