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  1. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Anything is possible...you should snap a pic and post it so everyone has a visual. Unless this is a Special Ops.
  2. Odd Request - Need A Hole In Steel 4" Pipe

    Why not Drill the outside of pipe? Can you set like a Drip pan rigged to a pole so your not using blocks and all? Then you can catch all the shavings. Pipe Fitters do that all the time in clean rooms. Call Charter Mechanical they will do it for a hefty price or even a Sprinkler Fitter?! (Viking)
  3. 20 Nuvo

    Sold. Please Close. Thanks Rick for picking up!
  4. IM Reactor

    Missing Pump, throwing in a small pump that works ok. All parts are there just not in pic 50$
  5. Someone buy it so I can buy the Plate!!!
  6. 20 Nuvo

    Pending. I have a IM reactor I’m gonna post...I bought from Randall. Comes with a pump, but not the right one. 50$
  7. Where you located? Utters have been on my list. Just looked at Profile. A little far for my tastes. If anyone else has some?!
  8. 20 Nuvo

    I have a 20 Nuvo that has been setting empty for about a month. I had plans with it but having one more tank is a no go. It was Kim’s old tank. Not sure how old it is... Comes with a Return Pump and Tank I’m only aware of a Small Chip on right Corner. 75$ obo.
  9. NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!

    Wish I could have made it! Thanks to Scott for picking me up my corals!
  10. 200 gallon deep dimension

    Lesson Learned...not to post while drinking. Haha.
  11. Need some replacement lighting help.

    The OR are just a tad bit more and I highly recommend them!
  12. NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!

    Holy Batman! I hope I can make this one.
  13. Clam sale weekend!

    We had went to Jeff's today and wow the selection is top notch! Thanks Again for the scores today.
  14. 25 Lagoon Tank(s)