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  1. Flash21

    T5 lighting.

    This light will be temp until I decide if I wanna make the T5 plunge or stick with LEDs. If I decide to stay with T5s I’ll get the 36” 4 bulb. I have 99% softies so not to worried about 6bulbs.
  2. Flash21

    T5 lighting.

    I just got done watching a video from advance reefs on the YouTube’s. He had shown 7 different light combos. I really dig the purple plus and blue plus. Just not sure 3 blues and 1 purple? Or what. Each bulb is right at 20$ which is decently priced. Do you think this 24” fixture will be ok for the tank that I listed above?
  3. Flash21

    T5 lighting.

    When do you guys change out bulbs?!
  4. Flash21

    T5 lighting.

    Thanks Guys! I was thinking 2 blue plus 1 coral plus 1 true actinic thoughts? I want pleasing to the eyes but best of all the corals need to like it more than I.
  5. Flash21

    25 Lagoon TurnKey

    Thanks Ron. Yes one light is sitting on the back of the Rim and other one on the AIO plexi. I didn’t want equal on my lighting.
  6. Flash21

    T5 lighting.

    I’m going to barrow a T5 fixture from Scott to put over the new tank I just ordered. It’s a 24” x 4 bulb. I like the more blueish look. Can the reefers with T5s post a pic of there tank and bulb combo. With that being said what bulb combo would you do? (Keep in mind what would you do to achieve a nice blue hue!) This is going over a 50 AIO that is 36” 20” 18”. Thanks
  7. Flash21

    25 Lagoon TurnKey

    It seems like I can’t make up my mind lately. I just ordered my new tank and hope I’ll get confirmation soon on a delivery date. So for now...25 Lagoon tank with everything you need! (Except for ATO!!!) 2 AI primes Stand 25 Lagoon Heater Upgraded Return Pump All for 600$ I will not break up. This is a package deal. So if you want just the lights I’ll sell the lights for 599.98 and you can have the tank for free!
  8. Flash21

    RED SEA 350

    The hack for the Refug is nice. I saw they have filter cups for the Sump which thh is once thing I’ll be after. Need to think of a Top for the tank.
  9. Flash21

    RED SEA 350

    No worries. You gave some good information for anyone reading this. I have a small amount of knowledge on building stuff.
  10. Flash21

    RED SEA 350

    You work with steel! Everything is heavy!
  11. Flash21

    RED SEA 350

  12. Flash21

    RED SEA 350

    Scott is this a trick tip or hack? I will take this is a offer that your helping me? You’ll need to show me how not to drop it. Might as well set it up for me too!
  13. Flash21

    RED SEA 350

    Thanks! I will look into this Return Nozzle!
  14. Flash21

    RED SEA 350

    So Wife and I are going to pick up a Red Sea 350 next weekend. Do any of you have any tips tricks or hacks? Thanks Chris