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  1. fishboys

    Gauging interest-200 per frag

    I have had my eye on that for awhile now. 😎
  2. fishboys

    Large snail

    Your other snail won't be as tired.
  3. fishboys

    Large snail

    Came from Daniks tank when he tore it down.
  4. fishboys

    Large snail

    Two small anails in trade?
  5. fishboys

    Large snail

    I would like to sell this snail. $10 cash or trade for a few smaller snail or crabs. Please don't be offended if this is too much to ask for it. I have no idea of the actual value and I am in no way trying to take somebody for a $10 bill. It's maybe 3+" tall and bigger around than a golf ball. It's much better to text me. Troy nine7onesixfour593ninefive
  6. fishboys

    Terrible picture

    But I thinks its cool colors. The baby ones are so very cool in person.
  7. fishboys


    that's how old I feel when I wake up in the morning.
  8. fishboys

    what tongs are the best?

    It was nice to see you both. Its nice to actually get to talk about other passions than the tanks. At this point in my life I am not a huge drinker but love tasting it and helping others find things they will enjoy.
  9. fishboys

    what tongs are the best?

    I am here until 8
  10. fishboys

    what tongs are the best?

    I've got a few to choose from. Take your pick.
  11. fishboys

    New tank

    It was a change over. Had a little algea bloom. Then my lights quit working for 3 days, and poof algea be gone. Faulty plug. (Duh on my end) but it worked out.
  12. fishboys

    New tank

  13. fishboys

    New tank

  14. fishboys

    New tank

    Red sea 425 XL. I thought is needed a squamosa to get things going.