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  1. fishboys

    Swim bladder

    I have a wrasse that I believe has a swim bladder issue. Does anyone know where I can buy the medicine to try and treat it with. If anyone has some I can purchase from them that would also help? Also any help would great as I've never had to treat a fish in any way shape or form. . thank you very much.
  2. fishboys

    Rainbow bubble tip

    I am back in town and apoligize for not getting back to anyone who called. I don't have my messages set up on m phone so text me at the number above. It's $25 unless you pick it up tomorrow, then it's $20 but only tomorrow . I am in west linn and not interested in trades unless you have high end frags of sps and then I would add cash to the deal.
  3. fishboys

    crazy worm growth

    I have some sort of feather growing out of a piece of sps coral. I love The coral. It hasn't seemed to bother it enough to make me want to cut it out yet.
  4. fishboys

    Rainbow bubble tip

    I will take another picture later when my whites turn off.
  5. fishboys

    Rainbow bubble tip

    This is $30 if you pick up before tomorrow at 10am it will be $25. I will be out of town after that. 971 sixfourfive ninetjree nine5 text me if interested. Thanks, Troy.
  6. I hope all is well. I had the same issue during the snow storm this year.
  7. fishboys

    Sweet spot

    How long has it taken to get your tank through to a sweet spot? I have been noticing that everything at first seems to be a struggle. Then things seem to smooth out for awhile and you start thinking oh this reef keeping is easy. A few months later you start looking close at your corals and you see some type of unwanted pest then your fighting that as your tank slides back almost to where you started 6 months later things are back on track. Back on easy street. Then your not able to balance who knows what in your tank or maybe an algae outbreak of some kind starts . Well now your trying to fight that back all the while your corals suffer except for most softies. I forgot to mention about adding a fish from a LFS. That's a dice game shoot at best., ich or jumpers or bullies non eaters you get idea. Finally your back on track and everything is going great, so if you've been lucky enough to reach this point, how long did it take? And maybe a more important question. How long did it last?
  8. fishboys

    BRS Group Buy

    Probably really soon since I just dropped $300.00
  9. fishboys

    PNWMAS Auction time Rainbows in Spain

    neither. I just wanted it bumped up.
  10. fishboys

    PNWMAS Auction time Rainbows in Spain

    when does this end?
  11. fishboys

    Protein Skimmer

    Keep an eye on on here. Your sure to find one that will work well at a reasonable price.
  12. fishboys

    I like sticks

    A few more for now. Nothing fancy.
  13. fishboys

    I like sticks

    These are some other pics
  14. fishboys

    Aquatop RC24G

    That takes me back. Kinda sucks kids won't ever know about a drive in movie.