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  1. I feel bad my friend you're doing too much, thank you Jorge
  2. Tim

    SPS Frag pack

    Frank and I go way back, you only grow the best acro
  3. She looking good nicely done Jorge
  4. I will have 300 gallons tank for sale it was made by envision, I only will be selling the tank, stand, hood, so don't ask me for other equipment cause I will need it for my next project. Price is $1,500 or best offer
  5. It was nice to see you this morning, remember to save me a nice size frag
  6. Thank you Jorge for taking over, I feel so much better now.
  7. Tim

    Acro keeper

    Thank you Kim for all your precious times. Please close thread mod Those who really want to be part of this already contacted me and thank you for your manners and once again I apologize Ken for being late. Tim
  8. Tim

    Acro keeper

    The Mille is not the grow out is just another I want to show and was hoping to see everyone and break the news that I got a another odd ball which I will of course have to make our club proud, reeffamers interested and he want to see how it developed in captivity, but with this kind of rare Mille there is no doubt
  9. Tim

    Acro keeper

    Thank you Brad, I was hoping to show off this new rainbow Mille I got and soon will be LE, this is the most beautiful Mille I ever see, and this is what a true rainbow millepora look, Aussie acro is not bad after all
  10. Tim

    Acro keeper

    Thank you Brad
  11. Tim

    Acro keeper

    Sorry Ken it took me longer to get home then I was expecting, I was hoping to show off the future LE rainbow Mille and as I will need some help from friends to babysit some of my favorites corals, well basically we put our house on the market and it got sold the second day and I have no choice but to tear down my tank for now, so any help I much appreciate. Tim
  12. Tim

    Acro keeper

    Home now
  13. Tim

    Acro keeper

    I'm heading back home now, sorry no seafood today we end up trying to fix the motor all day instead of out in the bay pulling rings, anyway I'll be home at 6 please bring your own bag or container for the frag
  14. Tim

    Acro keeper

    Oops my bad 15147 se Myra ln clackamas 97015