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  1. I will also green elkhorn branching monti, tri color acro. Added with the list from a few days ago.
    I would like to trade for wish list for the Boys and Girls Club tank. Tyree green toadstool, long polyp brown toadstool, gorgonians (besides brown), or other things you think kids would like. 
    My wishlist Chalices,SPS,  ora stellar stylo, ora pink stylo, green w/blue polyp monti cap, bubble gum digi. I have a big list but I will stop there. 

    I might have a pink gorg for them! I’ll look tomorrow:)

    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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  2. Stuff I’ll have for trade/sale. Nice sized multi polyp frags for the most part. If you want to buy, just pm me with your list and I’ll get you a price.




    Dragons eyes

    Blueberry fields



    Iron mans

    JKR Crab Nebulas

    TGC Beauty and the Beast

    JF Bloodshots

    Eye of raw

    Captain America’s

    Red people eater

    King Midas

    Rainbow Sakuras

    Tyree Rainbows

    Scrambled Eggs

    Bam bams



    TPA Green Galaxies

    Candy Apple Reds

    JF Azkraks



    Black Widow nems



    Kenya tree

    Blue Star polyp



    Birds of paradise birds nest

    Pink birds nest

    Blue digi


    I’m looking for:

    Torches, clams, Scolys, green wall hammer, gold wall hammer, green Bubble Coral, high end zoas, Ritteri anemones, Unique bubble tip anemones, or other bright corals that sway in the flow lol:)

    Just PM me with whatever you’ve got and what you want!



    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....


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  3. Frags for Christmas Party

    Jack o Lantern lepto
    True undata
    Cornbread bling bling cyphastrea
    Cali tort
    Apple berry spongodes
    Green w/red polyp spongodes
    Blue eyed bit### zoas
    Forest fire digitata
    Apple berry Monti
    Pink setosa
    Green psamacora
    Branching green star polyps
    Jason fox sunset style
    Pink boobies chalice
    Torch pink tips green tentacles 
    Torch white tips redish/greenish tentacles 

    I would be interested in Cali tort and the two torches!
    Are you looking for trades or just selling?

    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....

  4. I have 10 different zoa frags with one or more polyps per frag, sorry forgot the last one but every bag there is name written on it, good luck!
    Borneo Death Tap
    Atomic Space Monster
    Rainbow Goblin
    Strawberry Space Monster
    Speckled Rasta
    Alien Anti Venom
    Wrecking Ball
    Radioactive Twizzler


    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....
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  5. I have moved this to the appropriate category (classifieds). And per forum rules you need to list a price for your corals when listing something for sale :) I would recommend just listing everything out and then asking people to PM for pics.
    I am interested to see what you’ve got and what you want for stuff. I’m always looking for a new soft coral! :)

    Sent while trying to get my next coral fix.....

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