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  1. I am looking to set up a frat tank around the end of June and I'm starting to plan it all out. Does anyone on here have a frag tank they wouldn't mind selling? The other option I am considering is using a hydroponics flood table, 2'x4'.




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  2. I recently just build a new sump system for my tank and upgraded my skimmer so I no longer need this bad boy. I have used this setup for almost a year and it has treated me well. The skimmer pump was replaced in October.
    It is a CPR CY192 sump/skimmer combo.
    The skimmer is rated to 100 gallons and features a drip plate for adding media.
    It can be found on Marine Depot if you want more details/reviews and it is on sale for for $357.67. I'm looking to get $150 obo. I'm also open to trades, just let me know what you've got.
    I can bring it to the meeting this weekend.


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  3. I have some stuff I am looking to trade or sell at the meeting this month if anyone is interested :)


    Zoos: AOG, kiwi zoas, sunny D, and eagle eyes.


    Softys: purple hairy mushrooms and bright green mushrooms.


    LPS: metallic green frogspawn, metallic green hammer and then a purple and green oops one which is a mix between frogspawn and hammer


    Here are a few pics, they are a couple months old so everything has grown out quite a bit. Let me know if you wanna see pictures of anything else!

    Thanks for looking!




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  4. As most of the people will agree it is all about quality lights, flow, parameters, and stability.


    Those are the basics though, I want to hear what some set ups look like. What kind of lighting they run, what they dose, what they use for flow, basically how they run their system.  :)  Kind of just create a bank of SPS knowledge for people looking to get into the SPS world so that they can be prepared as possible and have the best fighting chance at a successful SPS reef :)


    Everyone says that you just need flow, good lights, and stability but never elaborate on how they have achieved those things in their own reefs.

  5. I looked through our SPS thread and couldn't find thread like this so I thought it would be a good one for all of us new guys looking to get into SPS and even for some of you more experienced reefers out there! This is a thread for you to share what you do to be successful. Please tell us your dosing, lighting type and schedule, what levels you shoot for, all the way to the frequency of your water changes, aquarium size, and everything else in between! Please only post your specs and info if you meet the following requirements.

    1. You are successful at growing most/many types of sps corals.
    2. You have been successful for an extended period of time. (more than a year at least)
    3. You are successful at producing the BEST colors from your sps corals. (no brownies) 
    4. You have successful colonies of sps corals and not just frags.

    Don't get me wrong. I know new people can be successful but in this particular thread I am looking for those with the criteria above that will share their experience for all.

    Also if you will please share a photo of your sps aquarium and some advice you have for people looking to join the world of SPS corals! The best way to learn is through others mistakes, so please share! 

    I know there are tons of you on this forum with amazing SPS tanks so please let us know how you do it! :icon_bow:  :icon_bow: 

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  6. Don't break the chain still goes on, before and after Jeff mentioned it, it's that most people just share the love with no strings attached. Man that sounded a little funny.

    I have a Yellow Porites,Larry Jackson Tricolor, and a Gumby Tortuosa out there on DBTC that has really brought some nice colored corals to many many peoples tanks. We can always start more threads with that in mind but I tend to trade or just give things away. Now that you mention it maybe we should start up at least a couple more Don't Break The Chain threads here soon, did they get lost during the data issue?.


    Who wants some DBTC porites!

    I would also love to jump on this DBTC when you start your thread for it! :) Might even have enough zoas for my own DBTC in a couple weeks :fingerscrossed: