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  1. Just ask her to keep the frag tank at her house and be like, come on honey, this way we will have quality time "all the time".

    And I think many of us here are addicts in one form or another, it is just a matter of how deep you get into it, I for one ave admitted I have had a problem years ago, and that is the first step.


    I am not yet prepared to take the second step, recognizing a higher power that can restore sanity.

    Right now the higher power I think of is the divers and coral farmers propagating more frags for me to get my hands on...That, gives me sanity.


    hahahaha spoken like a true reef addict. I haven't reached your level yet but give me a few years and I bet I will get there. 

  2. Just throwing this idea out there, but my friend in California says that his club just meets once a month at different sponsors stores to hang out, swap frags, socialize, and buy coral from the shops. I think it would be cool to do that same kind of thing for our meetings if we do not have a set speaker. We could go to places such as Premium Aquarium, Cuttlefish, Critter Cabana, Upscale and others for our meetings. It is great business for them and helps get their names out there to our members. I'm not sure if the sponsors would want to host those event but I think that it would be something good for the next Vender Relations Chair to look into if the sponsors and members are interested.

  3. I only have experience with the apex....but here are my thoughts on it. It's a bit pricier. I remember when I was doing research I asked the same types of questions and someone made the suggestion that you should buy for the controller you'll need in a year, not the one you want to try now. THat is sage advice. I bought the junior and I'm out of expansion modules already. They limit you at 4. Plus, buying all the bits and pieces adds up. I wish I would have started with a higher unit. But anyway...it's expensive.


    Thing is - super easy. Basically plug and play. I had some issues linking my ecotech stuff, but I worked through it with their online forums, and it's all good now. Apex Fusion (their online portal) is awesome. I can access the controller from any device and see all the levels, turn things on/off, reprogram etc. It's great.


    Really the only drawback is the price. Here's the real test though - look and see how many used units and stuff are for sale. You wont find anything. Sure they come up every now and then but they're snatched up just as fast. That should tell you a lot about how much people love these things. 


    Anyway. Go for it. 

    Man the apex does sound pretty awesome, thank you for all the feed back! correct me if I am wrong but the apex website and mobile site work on macs and apple devices right?


    This is kinda like the refugium question, if you can have\afford one why not. There are no negatives to being able to monitor or control things in my opinion. Now is it mandatory, No. many people run very nice tanks without one they just pay more attention to their systems.

    As people have recommended go for something better than a Jr or basic unit as from what I gather you seem like some one who will be upgrading\adding on again soon. Lights, skimmer, sump, frag tank, and now a controller, next is a display tank...

    Someone must have gotten a raise.


    haha I have had so many questions because I am reducing some stuff on my system such as the lights and sump but some of the other questions like this one are long term plans since I do not have my dream system yet due to living in my fraternity. I like to dream of my future system in a couple years. A lot of these questions also apply to my dads tank. He is not very knowledgeable in the saltwater world and he is wanting to get into reefing so I am helping him set his system back up since he was only a fish guy before. He is the kind of guy who likes to just enjoy the tank without doing much to it so I am trying to help him set up a pretty automated tank and figured a controller would be perfect for him. I actually can't set up a frag tank anymore :sad: My roommates said it was to many tanks in our room lol!

    Im going to be working a lot more so I figured I would spoil myself and get a better skimmer and lights for getting into SPS haha.  :D

  4. I am thinking about adding a controller to either my reef or my dads reef but I am not sure if its worth the money. Mostly adding this thread to see what peoples opinions are about their controllers. Would you guys recommend them? Which one? Just let me know what your experience has been with them. 

    Thank you in advance!

  5.  Just ask in the forum. I'm sure someone will be glad to give you some. :)


    Right now, I may have a few large amphipods, but I have mostly Mysis Shrimp, which seem to do great in tanks that are already established with copepods!

    What is the advantage to keeping Mysis shrimp instead of having lots of pods?

  6. I think bare bottom is easier to prevent detritus buildup. I know when I had a remote fuge and finally removed it there was lots of detritus at the bottom (even with a filter sock and skimmer before it). If you have the chaeto tumble it avoids this and grows the ball 360 degrees around. I don't personally tumble mine but don't keep sand either to avoid any buildup. As said, both methods work.


    Pods can be bought or you can get some cheato from the share thread from someone who has them already. Also some keep "pod condos" that can be transferred to others tanks to seed them with pods.

    Thank you for your input! I think I'm going to leave it bare bottom!  hmm never thought of keeping pod condos. Going to have to do that so when its my time I can share the love!


     Just ask in the forum. I'm sure someone will be glad to give you some. :)


    Right now, I may have a few large amphipods, but I have mostly Mysis Shrimp, which seem to do great in tanks that are already established with copepods!

    Once I have my refugium all set up I will defiantly hit up the people of PNWMAS for some pods!

  7. The bare bottom/substrate debate really doesn't have a right or wrong answer. I have kept both. For ease of maintenance, bare bottom may be better. I like substrate for aesthetic reasons and for burrowing organisms. It is all a matter of personal preference. If you have a refugium, it would seem best to have the pods.  I don't see a point of having so much current in a refugium that the Chaeto tumbles. You can stock it with pods(copepods, amphipods), although eventually they will usually find their way into your tank!

    Sounds good to me! Thank you!

    One another note, where do you guys get pods for your refugiums? The only place I have found them is at my LFS but they are a pretty penny.

  8. I can't see any reason why to be against having a refugium if you are going to take care of it properly.


    With the space you have I would probably go with a bare bottom chaetomorpha refugium. I would skip sand and rock all together. IME there is just not enough benefit in pod production from that small of space that you would see a noticeable difference to warrant the extra care that adding rock and sand would require. If you stick with just the chaetomorpha you can get a large benefit from the nutrient breakdown without the risks of creating a "sink".Pods will still grow like crazy in chaeto as well, so your not sacrificing to much there IME. But as far as products like Miracle mud and what not, you won't see enough of a benefit in a refugium that small to warrant it.


    The largest benefit will be the breakdown of nutrients, which will also help your protein skimmer to work much more efficiently.


    If you are carbon dosing you may get to a point like me that even with heavy feeding of your system you are unable to keep any algae alive in your refugium. If that happens, then a refugium will be of little benefit to you.





    On top of a those good reasons to have one, it's nice to have an area for more delicate organisms like tiny feather dusters, etc., that would normally be eaten in the display tank. I'm moving the small amount of Xenia to just my refugium, before it gets a chance to take over the tank! I have some awesome large fluorescent green Palys in the too, that Mandinga gave me. I know they have strong palytoxin, so that seemed the best place for them. I'm definitely a refugium fan. Go for it! I had tons of pods in there, but they ended up being overtaken by Mysis Shrimp. It's still a good tradeoff.  They mostly eat copepods, and there are still a lot of Gammarus (amphipods). Refugiums take on a life of their own!


    Thank you both for all the information!! I know that JME said to keep it bare bottom with just chaeto but what is your two cents JManrow? Also, should I have the cheato tumbling? Stock it with pods or what? 

  9. I know that this topic could go either way but I am going to be building a new sump for my 55 gallon tank and I'm trying to decide if it is worth adding a refugium to it. I currently have a refugium set up on my system but my new protein skimmer doesn't fit so I need a new sump. I have read a lot on the subject but there are so many people for them and against them. It would be about 10 gallons of refugium. 

    What do you guys think??

  10. I'd stay away from the eggcrate-at first it'll be good but fast forward at some point it will house unwanted algae. Hopefully your fortunate and you want aquire a frag that has that one bubble algae you miss and then it'll start growing in the squares.


    And if it truly will be frags only Id go bare bottom, easier to maintain and less problematic-that's just my experiences. You might get away with a 25 watt heater unles the 75 is tiny or isn't in the tank area-more space for frags :)


    Everything wlse sounds ok.


    Frag tanks are a cool way to experiment


    Thank you for the feed back! Should I just set the frags on the bottom of the tank then instead of egg crate or what? the 75 watt heater is super thin (size of a pencil thick) so it hardly takes up any room  :rolleyes:

    What would you recommend for lighting?

  11. I am looking into setting up a small frag tank for growing mostly zoas and I am thinking about using a mr aqua 11.4 gallon tank. 


    Filtration: 2 aqua clear HOB filters. One with media and the other modified to be a fuge. Looking to get a smaller HOB protein skimmer in a couple weeks. 


    Heater: 75watt cobalt heater


    Powerhead: hydro 180 gallon pump


    Lighting: not sure yet, ideas??


    Bare bottom tank with raised egg crate. 


    That is what I have thought of so far. If you guys could throw in your two cents it would be greatly appreciated! 


  12. There are many zoa collectors out and about, where is that Sasquatch? You may have noticed I have a few types myself, maybe if you took another look you may see something you like. I love to trade but if you were wanting to spend some cash then I may be able to work that out as well. If you do see Bret, Softy, Squatch, Bomber, Clark, Or Jack snag a zoa I don't have and we can go from there.

    Oh trust me, I have not forgot about you my friend. I was planning on coming to check out your stuff sometime soon! I'll shoot you a PM. 

  13. If you are ever up here in PDX area, i know there are quite a few zoas available from various people....   maybe you and Bomber can hook up.... he is in Bend.


    I am sure there are others in your area with some stuff for you.... hopefully they will chime in!  GL!

    I will be in the PDX area on the 16th! 


    I have mind blowing palys, cherry charmers, mohalks and possibly some fruit loops!



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    Shoot me a PM of your prices.