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  1. I can't see any reason why to be against having a refugium if you are going to take care of it properly.


    With the space you have I would probably go with a bare bottom chaetomorpha refugium. I would skip sand and rock all together. IME there is just not enough benefit in pod production from that small of space that you would see a noticeable difference to warrant the extra care that adding rock and sand would require. If you stick with just the chaetomorpha you can get a large benefit from the nutrient breakdown without the risks of creating a "sink".Pods will still grow like crazy in chaeto as well, so your not sacrificing to much there IME. But as far as products like Miracle mud and what not, you won't see enough of a benefit in a refugium that small to warrant it.


    The largest benefit will be the breakdown of nutrients, which will also help your protein skimmer to work much more efficiently.


    If you are carbon dosing you may get to a point like me that even with heavy feeding of your system you are unable to keep any algae alive in your refugium. If that happens, then a refugium will be of little benefit to you.





    On top of a those good reasons to have one, it's nice to have an area for more delicate organisms like tiny feather dusters, etc., that would normally be eaten in the display tank. I'm moving the small amount of Xenia to just my refugium, before it gets a chance to take over the tank! I have some awesome large fluorescent green Palys in the too, that Mandinga gave me. I know they have strong palytoxin, so that seemed the best place for them. I'm definitely a refugium fan. Go for it! I had tons of pods in there, but they ended up being overtaken by Mysis Shrimp. It's still a good tradeoff.  They mostly eat copepods, and there are still a lot of Gammarus (amphipods). Refugiums take on a life of their own!


    Thank you both for all the information!! I know that JME said to keep it bare bottom with just chaeto but what is your two cents JManrow? Also, should I have the cheato tumbling? Stock it with pods or what? 

  2. I know that this topic could go either way but I am going to be building a new sump for my 55 gallon tank and I'm trying to decide if it is worth adding a refugium to it. I currently have a refugium set up on my system but my new protein skimmer doesn't fit so I need a new sump. I have read a lot on the subject but there are so many people for them and against them. It would be about 10 gallons of refugium. 

    What do you guys think??

  3. I'd stay away from the eggcrate-at first it'll be good but fast forward at some point it will house unwanted algae. Hopefully your fortunate and you want aquire a frag that has that one bubble algae you miss and then it'll start growing in the squares.


    And if it truly will be frags only Id go bare bottom, easier to maintain and less problematic-that's just my experiences. You might get away with a 25 watt heater unles the 75 is tiny or isn't in the tank area-more space for frags :)


    Everything wlse sounds ok.


    Frag tanks are a cool way to experiment


    Thank you for the feed back! Should I just set the frags on the bottom of the tank then instead of egg crate or what? the 75 watt heater is super thin (size of a pencil thick) so it hardly takes up any room  :rolleyes:

    What would you recommend for lighting?

  4. I am looking into setting up a small frag tank for growing mostly zoas and I am thinking about using a mr aqua 11.4 gallon tank. 


    Filtration: 2 aqua clear HOB filters. One with media and the other modified to be a fuge. Looking to get a smaller HOB protein skimmer in a couple weeks. 


    Heater: 75watt cobalt heater


    Powerhead: hydro 180 gallon pump


    Lighting: not sure yet, ideas??


    Bare bottom tank with raised egg crate. 


    That is what I have thought of so far. If you guys could throw in your two cents it would be greatly appreciated! 


  5. There are many zoa collectors out and about, where is that Sasquatch? You may have noticed I have a few types myself, maybe if you took another look you may see something you like. I love to trade but if you were wanting to spend some cash then I may be able to work that out as well. If you do see Bret, Softy, Squatch, Bomber, Clark, Or Jack snag a zoa I don't have and we can go from there.

    Oh trust me, I have not forgot about you my friend. I was planning on coming to check out your stuff sometime soon! I'll shoot you a PM. 

  6. If you are ever up here in PDX area, i know there are quite a few zoas available from various people....   maybe you and Bomber can hook up.... he is in Bend.


    I am sure there are others in your area with some stuff for you.... hopefully they will chime in!  GL!

    I will be in the PDX area on the 16th! 


    I have mind blowing palys, cherry charmers, mohalks and possibly some fruit loops!



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    Shoot me a PM of your prices.

  7. I am looking to get some new zoas or polyps. I only have kiwis, armor of gods, and eagle eyes.

    I'm open to all kinds so just let me know what you have and how much you want for a frag. 

    Just shoot me a PM and a picture if you can  :D

  8. I am looking to get a new skimmer for my system and I figured instead of just buying an expensive brand new one, I would see if any of you have one for sale first.

    I am looking for a skimmer that will do about 125 gallons well (my system is a 55 with 15 gallon sump).

    Currently I am looking at getting either Bubble mag curve 5 or 7. Another option I am looking at is a Super Reef Octopus skimmer of some sort. Does anybody have one they wouldn't mind selling?


    I am open to different makes and models so just let me know what you have and how much you want for it. 



  9. Thank you everyone for your input! I'll have to keep watching the tank and see how it does. Might have to move some rocks around to create low flow areas for my LPS. 

  10. I plan to make the tank mostly SPS/zoas so if I remove my LPS would I be golden flow wise? I'm slowly transitioning to SPS and want to try and make the least amount of errors I can haha.

  11. Sorry for yet another question but I just can't resist because I know there are so many knowledgable people on here!


    How much flow is too much flow for a zoa/paly, a hammer, and mostly SPS reef tank? I am running a standard 55 gallon tank and right now my flow comes from my return pump (1000 GPH I believe) and a Jabeo RW-8. I have the RW-8 set on else mode which is a randomized setting of increasing and decreasing flow. The RW-8 is on the right wall of my tank and blows across the entire tank. I feel like there is a ton of flow in the tank at times and that it might almost be to much flow but I am not sure. Just looking for some different peoples input on how much flow I should have. 


    Thanks in advance!

  12. I am slowly making my way into the world of SPS coral and I feel as though I need to upgrade my skimmer.

    I have a 55 gallon tank with about a 15 gallon sump/fuge. I am currently running a CPR CY192 skimmer/sump combo and I don't feel like it is good enough. 

    I am not exactly sure what skimmer I should get and how big it should be (i was thinking somewhere in the 125 gallon rating range?). I was hoping that the kind people of PNWMAS would flood me with ideas and knowledge and possibly a solid deal on a skimmer if anyone has an extra one laying around. :fingerscrossed:


    Thanks in advance for your help!

  13. The fixture is a Coralife 48 Inch Aqualight Pro, 2x150W HQI MH Lamp + 2x96W PC + 3x1W Lunar LED. 


    I would like to either sell this fixture or trade it for some other equipment, preferably a skimmer but I am open to offers. I have been using the fixture above my mixed reef tank and it works awesome! Now it is time to upgrade to LEDs! :D  

    It also comes with a hanging kit, the stock legs, two straight pin to square pin converters for the PC, and 5 extra Bulbs! two 10K and three 20K. There are currently 20 K bulbs in the fixture. 


    I am looking for $250 for everything but I am open to offers. 





  14. I am currently running a CPR cy192 sump/protein skimmer on my 55 gallon tank (about 20 gallons worth of fuge and sump water also). I feel as though it is not pulling enough skim and that my tank might be suffering as a consequence but I am not sure. Does anyone have any experience with these all in one sump/fuges?  I got the set up as a package when i bought the system so i do not know that much about it. If I do need to get a new skimmer does anyone have one they wouldn't mind parting with? I would prefer to get one used so its less of a blow to the budget.