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  1. Been a little while since my last update! First round of fish are all in and now I need to order more for QT! Kessils arrived and are awesome! Corals are in and everything is working great! The two MP10s are on the back wall set on reef crest at 75 percent. As you can see by the coral rack, I was waiting for my Nem to find a happy spot before placing everything I started him out on his own rock with lots of holes and he seems to like it

    Here are a few quick photos.





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  2. Oh really? And in independence?? That seems way to perfect, are you selling any of those particular frags right now by chance? The drive to independence is much shorter than it is to Hillsboro.

    All the corals in the pic are for sale. And I’ll set aside the particular zoas you are interested. Then snap a pic tomorrow for you!

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  3. I love what you've done here. Pretty awesome from the stand to the tank. I'm curious about how you like the position of the return. I'm going to be drilling my tank soon and am using the same overflow. If you could do it all again, would you put your return there, if not where do you think it'd work better?
    Thanks for documenting your build, it's been awesome to follow.

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Definitely don’t like where it is haha. But in the returns defense I drilled with the wrong drill bit so its 1” instead of 3/4” and it’s impossible to find 1” lock line. So for now I have a 90* elbow on it pushing all my flow straight down the back. It works out because it keeps junk from building up but it’s a pain. Doing it again, I would put it on the back in one of the corners so you can shoot water all the way across.

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  4. Oh man - sorry to hear that Cody - those were amazing.  I should have known not to ask since I hadn't seen any recent pics - my bad :sad:

    Haha it’s all good, it’s how the hobby goes sometimes! Already got a line on another one :) just waiting till the tanks ready.

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  5. Second that - very cool!  I almost hate to ask but how is that sunburst doing?  I know the plan was to get it multiplying but it would look sharp in the display!

    Those are actually both different strains of Rose bubbles! One is just way darker than the other.

    The sunbursts sadly didn’t make it :/ they got out of their basket, got a little torn up and I think a bacterial infection did them in. I tried to get meds and set up a hospital tank but wasn’t fast enough. Was a sad day around here, that’s for sure. Once the display is ready I will try to get another one.

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