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  1. Alright, time for a little more info

    I went to Belize with my Parents, sister, Brother, his girlfriend and my beautiful fiancé for a total of two weeks. This was the fourth and final trip for my family. We stayed on the island of San Pedro which is about 30 miles from Belize City, Belize. We stayed about 7 miles north of San Pedro in a house called Playa Blanca Villas. The Island of San Pedro is a fairly safe place. I wouldn't wonder around by yourself but my family and I never felt threatened while exploring town. Belize is not as developed as the states so we definitely did not show our phones, wallets or anything else that would make us a target for theft. We had zero problems and found the people of Belize to be very kind. They also see a ton of tourist on the island so its just everyday stuff to them. 

    They island is absolutely beautiful. The water is a turquoise blue and the edge of the reef is about a quarter mile from the island. It was pretty crazy never seeing waves crash on the shore. They all break at the edge of the barrier reef. The water is between 5-12 feet deep between the edge of the reef and the mainland. 

    While we were there, we snorkeled every single day. The reef is amazing. The size of the coral was breathtaking and made my little tank feel like a little puddle. It was incredible to see an acropora with branches a foot in diameter. The water was a steady 78-80 degrees every day, much better than the Oregon Coast lol. The water visibility was also about 60 feet although the underwater pictures make it look murky. I would say that sea fans were the most common coral we came across. 

    We also did lots of spearfishing, fishing and lobster hunting. Lobster season opened the day before we got there and boy are they yummy  One shoots a lobster with the spear gun to catch them. They poke their heads out of holes in rocks and if they are not shot correctly then they can get away into the rocks. The most we killed in one day was 18!!! We also shot many fish and had some of the best fish tacos I've ever had. 

    My sister and I are both certified scuba divers and we did a two tank local dive through Amigos Del Mar. We dove to a max of about 80 feet and oh my gosh was the reef spectacular. The pictures all turned out horrible because of the blue. My cheap knock off camera couldn't process that amount of blue light because it was so deep. But you can see the growth structure and abundance of corals/fish. We were actually circled by five reef sharks which was pretty creepy. Overall the dives were amazing and I wish my camera could have captured some better photos.

    I know there is more I am forgetting but its late and I'm tired  So if you have any questions about anything regarding my trip just ask!

    Now for some pictures!!!!













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  2. Did you feel safe there? Certainly want to hear more. 

    Once we got to our house, yes we are very safe. We stay on the island of San Pedro which is a huge tourist area and is safe. I can’t speak to the safety of the mainland. And I’ll hopefully have time to do a write up tomorrow :)

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  3. Very exciting!  An enviable trip for any reefer for sure.  How is Belize doing?  Did you see any damaged reef?  Those lobsters should make it in to the PoTM finalists pretty easy. 

    I should enter the lobsters
    It was amazing, this was actually my family’s fourth and last trip there. Although it is my favorite place, it’s Time to go somewhere new :)

    Yes I did see damaged reef. They have what they call elk horn acropora and it was hard to find because most of the colonies were dead. Granted that was in the shallow section of the barrier reef. Once you cross over to the deep side(open ocean) they reef was thriving :)

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  4. Sounds awesome Cody - thanks for sharing. Glad to hear there are at least some places left with viable reefs to visit. Now I just need time, money and some scuba experience

    Don’t worry Sean the snorkeling was amazing also ;)

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  5. I just got back from Belize this past Saturday and the reef was amazing! I went with my family and my beautiful fiancé :) The diving was amazing. There were so many fish and coral! Tons of damsels, tangs, wrasses, triggers, sharks, shrimp, lobsters and so much more. The coral reef was amazing. It was incredible to see acropora the size of my thigh! And so many sea fans! I’ll do a full write up on my whole trip with all the info in case anyone wants to ever visit also. We did tons of fishing, spearfishing, snorkeling, diving, and lobster hunting :) 10/10 recommend visiting Belize if you get the opportunity.

    Now here are a few pictures :)





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  6. Thats just the everyday stuff....................you need to post the single shots as thats where the money is at :laugh: Cody does have some good stuff but  I never did get to see them.....................someone did     :popcorn:

    Takes so much time for single shots

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  7. I’ve decided to take my tank in a Anemone dominated direction. So I’m looking for long tentacle, bubble tip, carpet, seabae, Ritteri, maximinis, everything!

    I’ll be home in a few days and I’m hoping to line up some trades or buys in the next couple weeks. I’ve got tons of zoas, and some lps for trade. Mix of high to low end. Or I’ve got cash :)


    Also, here are some picture because who doesn’t like coral pictures and my post would be boring without them lol




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  8. I have also used flatworm exit before. Works great but takes two or three treatments only days apart.

    And those definitely look like the kind that only eat euphyllia. Bad news is they lay eggs so it’s gonna take a little work to get rid of them. But it can be done!

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  9. Nice additions, really like the Swallowtail.  Always funny to see the names that get assigned to fish.  

    The swallow tail is awesome! Right now she is about a half dollar size, still needs to grow into her coloring a little :)

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  10. Finally tried to take some pictures of my fish. Mad respect to those of you who can take killer fish pictures cuz its HARD!!! 

    A few of the fish have names while others are still developing their names :) 

    Yellow Tang--Timmy

    Blue Tang--Dory (Classic)

    Japanese Swallow Tail-- No name yet

    Blue/Green Chromis---Virgil

    Flame Angle--Grace(Because she doesn't eat coral)

    Green Chromis--No name yet

    Black/White Clowns--Spot and Candy

    Pintail Wrasse--No name yet

    Royal Gramma----- K-Cash

    Blue Damsel---No name yet

    Tilbit Damsel---No name yet 















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  11. I run the 240 and my water level is right at the Black ring with the pump running full speed and the valve arrow to arrow (open all the way)


    It runs really dry that way which is what I prefer. Only been running it for a few months but so far it pulls out some nice crap. I’ll try to snap a pic tonight default_smile.png



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  12. I would agree. Lighting, then check your parameters. And sometimes they just melt after being super happy. If they do melt just let me know and I’ll get you another frag man!

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  13. That is quite the fish collection in there!  Love those pintail wrasses...  Looking forward to seeing some pics of them out of the bags 

    Definitely pushing the stock limit in this tank. Fish count is at 12 I think Super excited though! The pintail is AMAZING! Once they settle in, I’ll break out the DSLR default_smile.png



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  14. More fish going in the system. This is my last batch of fish with some aggressive ones so they are all going in at the same time. Bio load will increase pretty significantly but the system should be able to handle it! Really excited to get some serious movement in the tank!

    Things being added: pintail wrasse, green wrasse, Flame angel, Japanese Yellow swallowtail, royal gramma. Maybe a blue/yellow damsel and a Pink damsel. Yes, some of these will outgrown the tank over time, but that’s ok because I will graduate them to my dads 180 :)674170a5a834b194a8e318f209e9f231.jpg



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